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  1. K

    Question Pioneer Elite SC-07 Basic I just dumb?!

    I'm not sure if I'm just...dumb...or what, but I'm having absolutely zero luck getting this Pioneer Elite SC-07 receiver properly configured to handle audio from my TV (Hisense U6G). I can get audio through Toslink but HDMI... no such luck. Is there any definitive test so I can know if the...
  2. crawdish

    Solved! What car stereo should I get?

    Been chugging along in my old gen 3 Toyota 4Runner. It's an old car, but still runs like the day I bought it. The seats may be torn, but I'm far from giving it up any time soon! A few years back I upgraded to a touch screen Pioneer stereo in an attempt to bring the car into the 21st century. It...
  3. K

    Solved! Receiver OHM for speaker OHM

    My Yamaha RX-V371 receiver can be set at 6 or 8 OHM. Is it safe to connect two Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 speakers to it, & if it is, should I set the receiver at 6 or 8 OHM? (I live in a high rise which was wired in the 1980’s). I don’t know an OHM from a flower pot, (but I don’t need or want to...
  4. C

    Solved! Pioneer elite remote only works with vol and power button on ant mode

    Hooked up ant to cut cable. Remote only works for vol and power. Pioneer elite plasma tv
  5. J

    Pioneer DM-40's not turning on

    Ive had these speaker for the last serveral months and ive been enjoying them, other than the power saving 'feature' that turns them off after not using them. Then when audio is played they come back on (with some significant delay) normally i just set my volume to 100 and quickly turn it down...
  6. S

    Dvd tuner converter

    Pioneer stereo dvd hook to another pioneer with tuner and dvd player to hook to digital stream converter box to hook to vizio 40 inch flat screen?
  7. R

    pioneer hdmi mutes when switching inputs on tv

    When I power on my system with Pioneer AV receiver and Samsung smart TV my receiver digital audio icon is always blinking and doesn't pass audio. I almost always have to switch to next HDMI input on receiver and then back to "wake it up" and get audio. Sources are all HDMI to TV and then 1...
  8. M

    Solved! Subwoofer pre out on amp to rca red and white on the subwoofer or line out rca red and white on amp to subwoofer aux in

    My amp (Pioneer SX 10 AE) has a Sub pre out and also rca red and white line out which I can connect to my Subwoofer (Logitech Z533). The sub has rca red and white inputs and also aux in. When connecting an rca y adapter from sub pre out to just the rca white on the woofer the bass sounds just...
  9. R

    Hi recently i bought samsung UHD 8 series smart TV... My previous Samsung Smart TV connected in Pioneer receiver. Now the new

    Hi previously I used Samsung smart TV connected single HDMI to my pioneer receiver and optical cable out in TV and in pioneer receiver. In the receiver BD HDMI connected amazon firecube and DVD connected apple TV. SAT/CAB connected setup box. When I change the mode it was working. Recently...
  10. S

    Solved! 6 OHM Speakers and 6 Ohm Reviever.

    Hi Audioholics, I’m looking to purchase a pioneer lx 503 receiver to power up my Jensen elite 404/303/202 inwall speakers in my theatre room. This receiver specs are as below. 180 WATTS PER CH (6 OHMS, 1 KHz, THD 1.0% 1 Ch Driven) The Jenson speaker specs are below. 140W RMS / 140W RMS 6...
  11. H

    Solved! CD input works with a Aux input?

    I am looking at the Pioneer VSX-D514-K for 5.1 surround. It doesnt have Aux input but it does have CD input. Would it work if I just connect a Aux Input (red and white male & aux male connection) inside? Thank you in advance for any input. I was looking for the cheapest 8ohms / 5.1 channel /...
  12. N

    Solved! Subwoofer goes where?

    I just bought a used Pioneer vsx-7500s audio/video stereo receiver. I am trying to connect an RCA subwoofer to it but there is no subwoofer input in the back. The subwoofer has the option to use the black and red wires (hi-level input.. output) or a low level input wire... on the receiver I have...
  13. R

    Solved! Have a Pioneer LaserDisc player with coaxial output how do I hook it up to a smart TV

    I have a Pioneer LaserDisc player how he has coaxial output for the signal what do I
  14. B

    Solved! Can the Pioneer vsx-532 be turned on and off by my TCL tv?

    I recently got this new Pioneer to replace a Yamaha tuner. That one had HDMI in and out, but not an ARC option. So, I decided to get a new receiver to utilize smart tv audio at full range, instead of using the Optical out. The optical however, did allow my new TCL tv to control the volume as...
  15. R

    How to connect Pioneer to TV?

    I have pioneer set which doesn't have optical and HDMI input but my TV have only HDMI input.I want to get the audio sound in my home speeker. Please advice
  16. J

    Remote does not reset pio. 103

    Remote to a 103 elite by pioneer. Does not reset
  17. E

    Solved! Control not working

    I was new to having reciever pioneer vsx-521-k I now have managed to do something and only part of my remote is working, no band selection no bass, treble but master volume
  18. M

    Solved! Pioneer remote 9606 stop working has new battery

    Pioneer remote cxe9606 stop working has new battery????
  19. D

    Solved! Vizeo TV and Pioneer REceiver

    How do I hook up a Vizeo TV (Model VW32L) to a pioneer receiver (Model VSX-D508)? I want my TV sound to run through my receiver/speakers.
  20. K

    Solved! Fire Cube + AVR + Projector 4k Issue

    I have an Amazon Fire Cube connected to a Pioneer SC-LX501 Elite receiver that outputs to a Sony VPLVW600ES 4K Projector. With the Fire Cube connected to one of the receivers 3 HDCP 2.2 ports, I get no picture and a notification from the receiver saying my tv/device isn't HDCP 2.2 compatible...
  21. Q

    Solved! Pioneer VSX-325 TV Input Suddenly C1 Rather than H

    My Pioneer receiver has been working for the last year. Suddenly the TV input is displaying C1 or 01 instead of H. I reset the receiver and the Samsung smart TV. I made sure that the optic audio cable was properly installed on TV and receiver, and that it wasn't bumped out. There is no "signal...
  22. T

    Built-in ceiling speakers

    Hi, I bought a house with buit in speakers in ceiling and walls. Altogether there are 9 rooms which has two speakers each. Wires from each room comes out in entertainment room. I have 9.1 channel Pioneer receiver (and a 7.1). I tested all speakers individually by connecting them to receiver and...
  23. C

    Solved! my pioneer cld-1070 will not play disc

    my laser disc turns on, put upon pressing play nothing happened. the pay number goes to 000
  24. P

    Pioneer Elite VSX-LX103 & Samsung CEC/ARC Issue

    Help please, I am struggling with the HDMI Passthru and ARC... My setup is a Spectrum cable box running into Pioneer Elite VSX-LX103, and out of the Pioneer to Samsung F8500 Plasma Smart TV. I want to setup two actions/activities: First being "Watch TV" which turns on only the cable box and...
  25. TaintedGG

    Help with Speaker/amp setup

    Hi, I have Bose Freespace 3 speaker setup currently running off a mono amp through the 100v line but I recently acquired an older 5.1 A/V receiver ( Pioneer VSX-517-K). I want to set up the speakers so they are stereo. I can set up the Bose Freespace in order to work stereo as shown in the...
  26. B

    Solved! Help sounds bad

    I have two Audiobahn 12 dual voice coil and a Pioneer 900 watt GM a 5602 amplifier I ran both speakers parallel 4 to 2 ohm the amp Cuts in and out going to protection mode I do it to one speaker and it works fine hook both of them up and it cuts out does anybody have any suggestions also I run...
  27. S

    help me plz

    i have 2 12s hooked to a 800 watt pioneer amp all went well for 6 mnts now all of sudden bass power in minimal at best and when i turn the bass boost knob the sub move in and out as i turn the knob im stuck all parts were new 6mnts ago was working fine then all of sudden low power
  28. A

    Solved! How to connect old Pioneer surround sound system to LG TV + Nintendo Switch?

    I have inherited a surround system from a sibling who moved away. It's a Pioneer XV-DV252 with a DVD/CD Receiver and no HDMI input/output. I've attached a photo of the ports on the back of the receiver: The receiver can connect to my LG 32LH35FD TV through component...
  29. S

    Solved! I want to connect my pioneer cld1200 laser disc player to a new 65" hisense 4k UHF TV how can I do it

    I want to connect my pioneer cld 1200 laser disc player to a new hisense 65" 4k UHF TV how do I do it
  30. K

    Solved! HDMI to old monitor help

    I have an old Pioneer plasma display, a 50-inch industrial one that doesn't have HDMI inputs, but has vga, component and DVI inputs. I am able to run a Wii U through it by using an HDMI to DVI cord, and the sound through an old stereo. I just got a new receiver (Pioneer VSX 1131) and was hoping...
  31. P

    Pioneer HTZ-424DVD won't turn on. Tech say it needs a new motherboard. Is that right?

    A few weeks ago, the control unit lost power while playing music and wouldn't turn on. No lights, no sounds. It's only been used as speakers to the TV or phones in the 5 years I've had it. Brought it to a service center and they said the issue is with the motherboard with a bill that's hard to...
  32. K

    i have a vsx515 pioneer reciever and i cant get any sound from the rear speakers

    No sound from rear speakers
  33. H

    Solved! How I fix my psw10 subwoofer that won’t be on pioneer av receiver

    I having pioneer av receiver issues with a my psw10 subwoofer not working on Cable Satellite setting
  34. M

    Pioneer speaker cable or connectors

    Good afternoon all. Could anyone help me with a problem i just cannot find an answer for I have a mcs 737 blue ray player and some nice cambridge audio speakers i want to connect but i cant. The plugs on the back of the pioneer i just cannot find looking here in the uk...i can find plenty of...
  35. I

    Solved! How do I fix a 'sub fail' error on my amp?

    How do I fix a sub fail error on my pioneer vsx-824 av receiver? It was working fine before this and today when I on the amp the error 'sub fail' came on. Ive remove all the speaker and sub wires and even tried to reset the amp but nothing worked. Any idea on how to fix it?
  36. K

    Solved! No audio. Dish box, Pioneer receiver (VSX-321) and an Epson projector connected by HDMI cables

    Have a set up consisting of a Dish box connected to Pioneer receiver VSK-321) connected to Epson projector by HDMI cables that was working. Suddenly, the audio has stopped. It will come on sometimes and go off all by itself. Any ideas on what could be the problem? This is driving me crazy...
  37. F

    Solved! so i have skar 1500 wat 1ohm stable amp and i have 1 pioneer 12" svc sub 400 wat i wana add 1 more sub but i wana be able to

    Help please so i have skar 1500 wat 1ohm stable amp and i have 1 pioneer 12" svc sub 400 wat i wana add 1 more sub but i wana be able to
  38. D

    Solved! Sound Bar vs AV Receiver

    So... my wife has decided she doesnt like our current home theater setup and would rather have a sound bar. Our current setup is a Pioneer VSX-532 paired up with 2 Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers and a Pioneer SW8-MK2 subwoofer. Our great room is just not able to use surround sound at all...
  39. M

    Can I use a Kicker amp on a Pioneer sub?

    So I have a Kicker 43CXA6001 Mono Amplifier and I got a Pioneer TS-W253R sub for free from a friend and I am wondering If i can plug in the pioneer sub to the kicker amp
  40. V

    How to Connecting 5.1 speakers to lepy 2 channel audio amplifier?

    Hi, I have a pioneer home theatre system who's av receiver is totally dead and now i am figuring out how do i reuse the speakers which the system consist. So i saw the lepy mini amplifier which has 2 channel output and i want to connect my speakers to it is that possible how can i achieve this...
  41. X

    Solved! Old Surround Sound system is dying, can anyone recommend me what's good?

    I've had a Pioneer X-360 (HTS-GS1) for over a decade now, it's been a wonderful five speaker surround sound system, but for reasons unknown the control unit has started randomly switching settings without my input, which naturally causes a blip in the audio and also disables the back speakers...
  42. R

    How do I hook up an older model pioneer receiver to my New Philips smart tv. I have antenna no cable box

    I need to connect my older model surround reciever, pioneer to my New Philips smart tv. I have antenna no cable box. Help
  43. E

    Samsung Hdmi arc to Pioneer Receiver problems

    Have a new Samsung q65 tv with Hdmi Arc and a Pioneer vsx 1019 ah Receiver not Arc compatible (I am guessing on this, bought in 2009 and worked great on Samsung 55 in), when hooked up with HDMI cables, the TV does not have sound and it does not even see the pioneer receiver at all. I have tried...
  44. W

    Solved! Not working sub in music and movies.

    Hi, I have pioneer sc-lx78 and paired it up with jamo home cinema set. The sub is jamo d8sub. The problem is that the sub works only in the demo or mcaccpro. When I play movies or music it just sits there in standby. I have searched hours in the settings and found nothing. Please help.
  45. R

    Pioneer rt 707 to marantz sr 5012

    pioneer rt 707 reel-to-reel wanting to use it to play & record with a marantz sr 5012. Any ideas?
  46. B

    Pioneer VSX-LX302 Help

    Hi, complete newb here who is trying to setup his home theater. I have a brand new Pioneer VSX-LX302 receiver with Definitive ProCinema 600 5.1 surround speakers. I have verified the speakers and sub work on another system. But I can't get any sound out of the Pioneer receiver. I have completed...
  47. P

    sound issue with pioneer vsx lx53 connected to tv with hdmi

    Hello there. please help if you can! I first ran the advanced mcacc on the receiver with the setup mike and the result was great with my 7.1 speaker system. The bass from the subwoofer was to boomy though, and I decided to run the whole thing again plus the other steps with the mcacc. The result...
  48. A

    The volume controls on my Pioneer VSX-820 Remote AXD7583 are not working. The power button and source buttons are working, bu

    The volume controls on my Pioneer VSX-820 Remote AXD7583 are not working. The power button and source buttons are working, bu
  49. R

    B speaker option

    Hi. I lost my B speaker option on my Pioneer vsx-53tx receiver. Only A appears. B was for my backyard speakers. I had Option A, option A + B, and option B. Now I only have option A appear on the receiver. Anyone know how to get B back?
  50. B

    Vizio TV will not display Pioneer Reciever

    I have had no issues displaying on my Vizio TV until I tried to set up an old Pioneer VSX-95TXH reciever. I have my Xbox and Switch in the HDMI inputs and an HDMI cable from the Output to the TV input. When I turn on a device the TV looks like it connects and does not show 'searching for...
  51. Thines_1

    Suitable amp for Pioneer CS-C400A

    I have this Pioneer CS-C400A lying around.. so i thought of using it as bookshelf speaker. Can i know what amp is suitable for it? Its 70watts and 8ohms impedance. I need an amp that has aux input or Bluetooth and cheap. If possible all the stuffs i need to get it running such as the connecting...
  52. S

    Pioneer Home Theatre

    Hi guys. I was wondering which of those 2 pioneer home theatre systems is better? One is BCS-424 and the other is MCS-737.
  53. D

    Connecting Powered speakers to receiver

    Have just purchased a Pioneer VSX-821 receiver with front speaker pre-out RCA connections. Have Mackie HR-824 M1 speakers and connect the speakers to the receiver with an XLR to RCA cable. Just get hum and no sound. What settings do I need to make with the receiver, etc to get these speakers...
  54. V

    How can i reuse my home theatre speakers who's dvd is not working?

    I have pioneer htz-575dv home theatre system. The problem with it is the dvd which came along with is no working it is totally dead,and now my speakers are lying around just like that. I don't know how can i use them with other DVD's because there might be connectivity problem and voltage...
  55. D

    I have an older hitachi flat screen that is ran by a tower im trying to hook my pioneer dvd player up to it but i cant seem to

    Needing tech help from anyone knowledgable
  56. W

    Connecting 2 pioneer 300 CD players

    Looking for help on connecting 2 pioneer PDf27 301 cd changers to operate together from one cd remote. Pioneer instructions are contradictory, mis-leading.
  57. S

    how much is my pioneer pdp 435-pu worth

    my room mate wants to purchase my TV and i don't know what to sell it for
  58. G

    Can’t get surround to work with MXQ PRO and Pioneer Elite SC-81

    Please help. Connected with HDMI from Mxqi to receiver to tv. Only plays thru 2 speakers (center).
  59. A

    New car subwoofer and amplifier not working

    I recently bought a Pioneer GM D9601 Amplifier and a Pioneer TS-W261S4 subwoofer. Im wiring them to a 2014 Mini Cooper and as I'm using the stock head unit I have cut into the the rear speaker wires and ran a speaker wire to an adaptor allowing me to plug them into the RCA input on my amp. The...
  60. R

    Solved! How to select a specific folder on Pioneer car stereo

    Hie guys I have a usb stick with folders grouped by genre i.e rap house etc, how can I select a specific folder to play at a given time.I have a deh-1050 unit and I find that it just starts with the first folder added on the stick then i have to skip tracks to the folder i want to play