Pioneer VSX-LX302 Help

Sep 19, 2018
Hi, complete newb here who is trying to setup his home theater. I have a brand new Pioneer VSX-LX302 receiver with Definitive ProCinema 600 5.1 surround speakers. I have verified the speakers and sub work on another system. But I can't get any sound out of the Pioneer receiver. I have completed the initial setup but when it does a speaker test, I only get a semi-loud "clicking" noise from what seems to be the center speaker. Am I doing something wrong or is the receiver faulty from the factory? Any help appreciated. Thx!
The clicking noise is the test signal that the receiver uses to set itself up.
You need to make sure that the speakers are hooked up to the correct speaker terminals and that the bare wire is making contact with the metal part in the terminal. Sometimes it's not clear that you are. You may need to strip back a bit more insulation from each conductor.
The sub doesn't use speaker wire so make sure that the volume on the sub is turned up and that the AC outlet you plugged it into is live.
Many AVRs have on screen instructions but check the owners manual too.
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