Pioneer speaker cable or connectors

Oct 27, 2018
Good afternoon all.
Could anyone help me with a problem i just cannot find an answer for
I have a mcs 737 blue ray player and some nice cambridge audio speakers i want to connect but i cant.
The plugs on the back of the pioneer i just cannot find looking here in the uk...i can find plenty of samsung ones but nill on the pioneer side,il attach a rear photo so you can see them.
Speaker cable with the connections would be ace but just the connectors would be a bonus id just have to try and find out which terminal is the + somehow

Can't help with the factory connectors. Maybe Pioneer will have them. A connector like this would work.
To determine which terminal is positive isn't too hard. Play any music with a heavy kick drum. When the speaker polarity is correct the woofer will move out when the kick drum is played. If you have a passive sub or one with speaker level inputs I would use that since the kick drum will be most prominent there. The front left or right should work too.
If your sub is line level input only you will need a speaker to line level converter to connect the sub to that BD-HTS.
Dude, as long as u think "out of the box" the solution is obvious. Can't find exact, these proprietary connectors? shouldn't stop you to the least. It just matter of making contacts right. Picture not clear enough but looks like round holes to me, it wants a proper sized "barrel" shaped pins to go into there, so find some bared copper solid wires in the toolsbox whatever, snip the insulation, stick it in there and the right size will counter some resistance to plug in but will go in with some twist and THAT's your connector, now all you have to do is to snip a 2" section of that solid copper wire and attach it to your speakers wires, got a soldering iron? Just winding bared speaker wires to the solid copper and add some shrink tubing on top may hold it enough without soldering, not as secured but maybe good enough to work. Make MacGyver proud.