Vizio TV will not display Pioneer Reciever


Sep 6, 2016
I have had no issues displaying on my Vizio TV until I tried to set up an old Pioneer VSX-95TXH reciever. I have my Xbox and Switch in the HDMI inputs and an HDMI cable from the Output to the TV input. When I turn on a device the TV looks like it connects and does not show 'searching for signal'. Every couple of seconds the top bar that displays the input and resolution will blink away and come back.

I have done lots of troubleshooting so far. The inputs connect directly to my TV just fine. I also tried using a different HDMI cable to the TV and that did not work. I even displayed the receiver on to a computer monitor and it worked fine. For some reason the receiver is not wanted to display anything on my TV. I believe my TV is a D series Vizio but I am not positive.

Thanks so much to anyone who has any feedback
If the receiver is a VSX-94 TXH it is may not pass the full video resolution of the TV. I think it's limited to 1080p and the HDMI is 1.3a which may be a problem too.
I would connect the consoles directly to the TV and connect the audio output of the TV to the receiver.