Solved! 6 OHM Speakers and 6 Ohm Reviever.

Jan 17, 2019
Hi Audioholics,

I’m looking to purchase a pioneer lx 503 receiver to power up my Jensen elite 404/303/202 inwall speakers in my theatre room.

This receiver specs are as below.
180 WATTS PER CH (6 OHMS, 1 KHz, THD 1.0% 1 Ch Driven)

The Jenson speaker specs are below.
140W RMS / 140W RMS 6 Ohms.

Will I be able to run the speakers at full power with no loss of sound and not damage the amp or the speakers?
Should I be looking for an amp that is 8 ohms for best results?

Assistance required.

Thank you.

All I have to say is if I have a dedicated theater room, I would use nothing less than dedicated power amplifier that honestly spec ALL CHANNELS DRIVEN, not that 1 ch driven nonsense. Is telling you 180 with 1 ch. are you EVER going to run only 1 ch?


Oct 22, 2016
You can use that receiver for 6 ohms speakers. It is a higher quality signal. But I would not mix 8 ohm speakers with 6 ohm speakers.
Jan 17, 2019
Jsmithpa - yeah from what I’ve seen around with receiver specs I usually see (2 channel driven) not sure why this only says one channel driven.

Does this mean if it was 2 channel driven it would be half of 180w (90w)

Any recommendations for receivers that are all channel driven that would suit my jenson setup.
The Jensons are rated for 140w RMS.
When they rate a receiver 1 channel driven they are trying to exaggerate the power rating of the receiver. Even a stereo rating will degrade when you use all the channels hard. A separate amp won't usually degrade much when you drive all the channels. The way they present the power specs there is literally no way to know the actual amount of power the receiver will put out under normal operation.
The receiver will probably work fine with the Jensens. It will probably put out somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-70 watts per channel. Won't be as loud as they can max out but should be loud enough.
For $1000 I would really suggest you consider a Marantz SR5013. Better sound quality and more honest ratings. Denon would be better too.
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