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    Solved! Asus Zenpad Z8s tablet wont power up when i have it plugged into the charger led blinks red

    My asus tablet wont power up and led light blinks red when charger is plugged in
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    Solved! 6 OHM Speakers and 6 Ohm Reviever.

    Hi Audioholics, I’m looking to purchase a pioneer lx 503 receiver to power up my Jensen elite 404/303/202 inwall speakers in my theatre room. This receiver specs are as below. 180 WATTS PER CH (6 OHMS, 1 KHz, THD 1.0% 1 Ch Driven) The Jenson speaker specs are below. 140W RMS / 140W RMS 6...
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    Solved! ASUS Laptop power/ start up issues

    I have an ASUS Zenbook UX 305L i7 which is giving issues: I have to physically open it up, disconnect and re-connect the battery and "jump start" it with the charger to power up every time. I understand this is a common defect on ASUS laptops. Can anyone suggest a remedy please? TIA
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    Solved! Asus Won’t Power Up

    my asus laptop usually runs just fine. recently, i’ll put my laptop in my backpack (fully charged) and walk to class and when I need it, it refuses to start. this happened once before winter break and i rushes back to my apartment, plugged it in, and it started up— it took a bit for it to run...
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    No power won’t turn on

    The tv will not power up
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    Solved! Dead Dell 7000

    My Dell won't power up. No lights. I tried with a brand new charger. Still no power. I'm not a tech expert. Thank you.
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    65 inch led vizio tv

    65 inch led vizio tv here ...power up vizio logo stays on like it should then vizio logo comes on the screen and after about 10 seconds the screen goes from good to flickering blue and black and a little yellow and the backlights are on as well only problem is the flickering ...is this t con...
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    Solved! have an ONKYO TX NR646 7.1 i want to use another external amplifier for the FRONT L and R to power up my 2 DS18 PRO10", total

    have an ONKYO TX NR646 7.1 i want to use another external amplifier for the FRONT L and R to power up my 2 DS18 PRO10"/channel(300W each), total of around 700watts (plus the tweeter)/rms /channel.since ONKYO only offers about around 120Watts/channel.any suggestion....i can use the PRE OUTS for...
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    The power button of my headset is not working, The headset is fully charged but it won't power up and won't let me connect it

    i have a sentry BT825 headphone bluetooth. I was able to use it yesterday for a few hours but when I tried to pair it with my S7 edge my headset won't power up and won't connect with my phone. i tried to reboot my phone hoping the bluetooth will somehow pair with the headset but when I pressed...
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    Solved! No power pop up

    My lenoovo g40-70 won't power up nor come on nor show light and I be tried to power boot the lapto its not still functioning please help
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    My Hp envy 17 won't power up. The power button blinks every 5 seconds but nothing happens. I've held the button down, removed

    Need help for Hp envy that wont power up
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    C870D won't power up

    I've tried taking the battery out, disconnecting AC power, holding the power button for 30-60 seconds three times...nothing. Any ideas?
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    Solved! Lenovo Thinkpd W541 will not power up, power LED blinks 3 times

    Lenovo Thinkpd W541 will not power up, power LED blinks 3 times. Have tried to disconnect CMOS battery, Memory and Harddisk. Still same issue. Any suggestions?
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    Solved! LC32LB216U 8 flashes at power up. No picture.

    Sharp unit. Where can I find information on what the code is when it powers up. Red flashes 8 times, goes to blue, but no picture, no sound.
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    Solved! Acer aspire M battery bad how to operate?

    My Acer Aspire M will not power up w the battery removed
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    Dell latitude 7280 will not power up, doesn't have removable battery help!

    Dell latitude 7280 will not power up, doesn't have removable battery help! No removable/accessible battery. No lights come on. Nothing happens when I depress power button. Have plugged, unplugged, changed chargers to no avail. Did I say help?
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    Solved! My asus x551m won’t turn on. It’s charged, the lights green, but no power up. The battery is internal, how can I get it to

    Won’t turn on! Black screen, no power up noise. Fully charged, green light comes on when pushing power button.. please help
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    Power up my HP laptop and goes to an automatic fix. Let run for 10 hrs and 11% complete omg.

    Screen says repairing drive c.....took 10 hrs to get to 11% complete so I gave up. Alternatively it says diagnosing to fix errors which may take over an hour.....after 5 hours I gave up. Can't turn computer on past these 2 notices.
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    Won't power up

    Fiesta phone by LG
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    i have a 73 inch mitsubishi tv wd73733 wont power up

    I have a 73 inch mitsubishi tv wd73733 that won't power up any suggestions replaced balancer, and replaced new bulb?
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    Toshiba satellite refuses to power up

    My Toshiba Satellite L70-C has not been working for over a month and it stores all my work and data on it. I have been trying to fix this problem but I can't seem to find a solution. I've tried all those take out the batteries and holding the power button I have already done it with the RAM and...
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    No power up

    My toshiba L775 turns on, 2 white lights stay on, one orange lights up then off, battery light flashes orange. Ive done the reset a hundred times and no change. Plz help
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    Solved! Won't power up

    I just got the RCA tablet with keyboard. It started the windows updates then went black..do I have to leave it in the charger for a number of mins ..or is there a certain sequence that I have to do to get it to come on? Please help
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    My laptop show a green light and will not power up

    My laptop show a green light in front and will not power up Been changed up show green light on charger as well
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    Laptop charger indicator is on, but won't turn on

    Guys I need help. When I want to start my laptop Acer , it doesn't power up. When I push the power button, a blue LED bulb Indicator stays for 5 secs then goes off. Also its shows that the battery is charging, but unfortunately won't power up. Removed battery, plugged in charger, now it won't...
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    I have a galaxy S7 i received a text i opened it and i tried to back out the screen froze,i tried powering down still a froze

    i need ideas on how to get my galaxy s7 to turn on after a suspicious text
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    My ellipsis tablet keeps flashing the power up screen but wont power up

    I charged my tablet overnight, when I turned it on it would get to the ellipsis power up screen but does not power all the way up. What can I do?
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    Kindle Fire HD

    Kindle screen stays black after powering on screen. I hear the power up sounds. After powering up the only way to get screen to come alive is to repeatedly press the power button over and over for sometimes minutes on end. Obviously a sleep/wake issue. Any way to fix?
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    Toshiba satellite will not power up

    My toshiba satellite L70-C will not power up anymore. It last worked 3 days ago. I had to do a quick errand so I left my computer on. It past about 30 minutes when I came back to my computer. It was still on and working. Then I went to get something and came back to my computer. I thought my...
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    Power,(what color wire)

    Wanting to power up c5 bose speakers, what color wire to the amp gets the 12v
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    Acer R14 is not powering up, blank screen, what can I do to fix it?

    Laptop r14 acer, won't power up at all. What can I do to get it to come on? Have already tried to hit power, volume up, and home key. Any other suggestions?
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    How to power up an HTC One M7 with a destroyed power button?

    The power button on my HTC One M7 is completely gone and I can't get the phone to switch on. I have the back removed. Is there a way to power up from inside?
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    Error: clock watchdog timeout

    Freezing PC ( Toshiba model name satellite C50-B-13N) won't power up to desktop. I tried to install another op system and I got a notification on screen saying ERROR CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT. what could be the problem and possible solution. Thanks
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    Freezing PC won't power up to desktop

    So after my PC diagnoses itself I get options like restart, refresh or reset or continue to windows I've tried all the options but PC won't power up to desktop along the way it just freezes. What could be the problem and possible solution. Thanks
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    My Toshiba will power up, all lights come on, fan runs, no a/C bartery to remove, but the screen stays black

    Looking for an inexpensive way to fix this issue
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    hitachi LE49S508 TV will not power up

    Hitachi LE49S508 will not power up. The power indicator light will not turn on either. It is a dead set. Can anyone help?
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    laptop comes on then shuts down does not power up

    My Acer aspire one laptop comes o n then shuts down without powering up.
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    my brand new Android phone arrived today and it will not turn on or charge...I've tried volume up/down

    Can't get my new android phone to power up....tried all the suggestions and nothing.
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    restore my tablet

    When I power up the sylvania android netbook, it loads the Sylvania image and stays there. Any help available for this problem what bottom do I hold to restore my tablet
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    Looking for a portable power source/station/jump starter to power up 2 active speakers and a xone 92 mixer

    Hi friends, I need a portable power source to connect 2 KRK Rockit 5 active speakers (each 100W Power Consumption) and a Xone 92 mixer. I want to DJ on the beach and I'm planning on doing this once or twice a week. Some people have recommended to use deep cycle batteries into a power inverter...
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    Should I take the risk?

    I'm looking at some Asus ROG that doesn't power up i want an "On the go" gaming on the budget for simple games and I found this laptop http:// I know how to fix computers and I fixed many dead computers but I'm a little worried it would need a new motherboard I wanna keep a low price as low...
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    how to power on a gateway nv53

    Hi, Trying to help a friend, who is NOT here to tell me, how do I power up ths laptop ??????????? Thank you...Regards, Donald
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    Lenovo G40-30 Wont Power-up

    Hello, My friend's laptop has been working great then last week, it won't start-up anymore. I checked and this is what I noticed. Physical appearance without any problem, no burning smell, and clean. When pressing the power button, the battery and power lights blinks then nothing happens. I...
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    I put the charger adapter the satellite pro C50 A series Toshiba lap top . I try to power up and the it lit up saying leading

    My laptop will not go on. It lights up leading innovation and shuts off. What can be wrong with it
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    My dell inspiron 14 7000 wont power on

    My dell inspiron 14 7000 wont power up like not even a sound of the fan or anything from my laptop wont open but it's charging when i connect the charger it's charging but i still can't open it. I can't remove the battery since it's screwed inside its not easily removable as i need to take off...
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    reset the bios on a toshiba satellite laptop

    how do I reset the bios on a Toshiba laptop, when I power up the laptop I get nothing but a dim light and the fans running, thanks
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    My ZTE N9 130 Wont turn on passed the ZTE POWERED BY Android screen

    the red light comes on and the phone will power up to the ZTE POWERED BY Android screen and then it goes black what can I do to fix it??
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    Solved! Competely dead toshiba satellite c-55

    It will not turn on, took battery out and tried to power up with A/C, NOTHING. Took back off to verify no lose connections, ALL GOOD, tried to install different motherboard, NOTHING. HELP I cannot afford a new laptop.
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    Psu pc supply amp

    Car amp takes more amps when hooked to larger second amp all dead then wait, power up. I used car battery and 2 amp slow charge. It freakin whailz now. Second computer supply didnt even turn on amp til i put battery in loop
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    Sony tv x900e

    new tv wont power up out of the box
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    I have just purchased a Adat Xt20 Cosmetics . dose not seem to have been in a rack. But when i power up the tape logic switc

    When powering up it sometimes comes alive and sometimes not. When it does power up only the Tape Logik Switches illuminate ( But should not until selected) and the main display panel remains blank. I can hear internal motors active. I have only just purchased the Deck. Brian Hatt.
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    Black Screen and White Underscore

    I shut down my computer regularly, and I’ve never had any problems until now. When I try to power up my laptop, the Bytespeed logo pops up as usual, but then it goes to a black screen with a white underscore flashing in upper-left hand corner. No commands work, Ctrl/Alt/Dlt just resets the black...
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    Won't power up

    When I power my Acer aspire 7560 fans come on DVD turns then it shuts down? What can cause this
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    Lenovo Thinkpad T520 - Some keyboard keys (b, n, space) and Power button are not working

    So a few months ago I moved out and I forgot my laptop in sleep mode for a few days. When I tried to open it, I couldn't succeed. I put the charger in, kept pressing the Power button, nothing happened. Eventually, I managed to boot it by removing the battery and the charger, remove the CMOS...
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    I just got given a Toshiba satellite laptop had to buy a universal power supply I plugged it in but it won't power up or show

    I plugged my Toshiba in to a universal power supply but it won't power up or show any lights
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    Power Button Is Lit While Plugged, But Laptop Does Not Power Up

    My HP 840 Eitebook will not power up. However when the Cord is plugged into the laptop, the power button stays lit up. I have tried removing the battery, pushing the power button for 30 seconds, and trying to power up, but I am unsuccessful after that process. Thoughts or suggestions?
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    Hi. fan keeps turning,but screen does not power up, Display does not power up,checked hard disk,Ram.

    fan keeps turning,but screen does not power up,Display does not power up,checked hard disk,Ram. sometimes everything it works normal. The machine is Fujitsu Lifebook U series
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    2011 Macbook Pro won't turn on

    Hi, I've got 2011 Macbook Pro that doesn't want to turn on. I've had it turn on a few times, and work like normal. Funny thing is once it turns off it generally won't come back on except by chance. I've tried all the resets, and tried it with every ram/slot combination. I've also tried it...