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  1. J

    Sharp Aquos LC-70LE650U

    This TV has the fault code at power up - 2 slow followed by 5 flashes. Replacing the power supply and/or the T-Con card with new cards has no effect to the fault. However, lifting both the SC5301 and SC5302 ribbon cables from the T-Con card allows the TV to power up, backlight the panel and...
  2. S

    My Acer Laptop wont charge without the battery on. Please assist ASAP

    I have tried plugin the charger to power up, but it basically won't power up. The laptop battery did malfunction, so I ain't using it anymore.
  3. F

    Touch screen not working

    When I power up, the touch screen functions normally. As soon as I enter my password and press Return I can control the cursor only with an external mouse. What have I done wrong please?
  4. T

    Toshiba Powerup problem

    My toshiba laptop got damp and will not power up
  5. M

    Laptop won't power up after windows 7 starter update interrupted

    Laptop won't power up after windows 7 starter update interrupted 1. power cord plugged in and gives green light. Have held down power button for 60seconds. It just will not turn on. 2. Samsung np n102 http://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-n102sp-10-1-atom-n2100-2-gb-ram-320-gb-hdd/specs/ 3...
  6. C

    Toshiba c55-a 5302 won't power up

    I've replaced the power adapter and the battery on it it it will not do anything. I will not turn on and can not be used
  7. M

    Should I recycle my Gateway NV52

    My gateway nv52 would not power up tried everything I could find on different threads, I thought maybe the power button. When I opened it I saw there were some damaged wires were the hinge to the screen is and another thin wire completely sheared off. Should I take it to get repaired or just put...
  8. D

    Laptop turns on. Screen does not power up but fan and hard drive spinning.

    I have a HP Laptop here that has been sitting in a bag for about a year now. Nobody has switched it on during this time and it was working perfectly before. Now when you power it up the fans start immediately and the hard drive spins but the screen remains completely blank. Shortly after the...
  9. T

    Nextbook7 quad-core 32 gb reset reboot

    My nextbook froze now blinks at power up but doesn't power up just blinks no charge no buttons work can I fix this I really want my tablet to start up help me please
  10. J

    have a macbook air with issues. tried to reset OS and now when i power up all i get is flashing ? on a folder? please help!!!

    got a used macbook air for my sister. it has some power issues. Tried to reset the os at best buy. and it worked till i got home. Now when i power it up all i get is a blank screen with a flashing ? on a folder. Please help.
  11. K

    Won't power up

    On off light is on constantly but the screen stays blank I've had the laptop about 1 month if it's something simple it would be better to sort out myself than using the warranty
  12. S

    Black screen no cursor

    Power up have black screen no cursor can here the fans etc.tried an external monitor ,still black screen
  13. G

    My toshiba won't power up no lights only fan working

    My toshiba won't power up. No lights only fan working
  14. B

    No signal hell

    Everything has worked for years. Now, turn everything on and tv says no signal. Have checked connections, chords, power up sequence. Nothing works. Cable tv sound is there but no picture. Samsung plasma.
  15. M

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which will not allow for a factory reset, how do I reset to factory settings?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which will not allow for a factory reset. I have held down the power, up volume and home buttons. The screen shows the samsung title, then turns black, then the cycle begins again. This continues endlessly. The android icon never shows. I have also tried holding the...
  16. L

    Sony Vaio - Not powering up, perhaps mobo?

    I have a Sony Vaio VPCSA and it doesn't want to power up at all. It was working fine and then we heard a bit of "poof" and then it was dead. Reckon the motherboard would be dead?
  17. F

    Brand New Lenovo 900 Laptop wont turn on after working for a few hours.

    I just opened my new lenovo 900 and began setting it up for a co-worker. i let it do windows updates, came back to it and for some reason the password i set was not working. I attempted several times to log in then decided to reboot to try to get to the reset utility to factory restore the...
  18. R

    Asus k55vm not turning on (power light and fan is on)

    Hi I have 2year old k55vm-sx86d I recently received the caddy for the second hdd I was checking the bios for the detection of the drive (not detected) The problem with k55vm- the power on green is on no other lights are moving or anything not even NumLock(how did that happened I put a bios...
  19. J

    Laptop won't start.

    When I power up my laptop, the fans turn on, And it sounds like it's starting up, but the screen stays black. It usually gets very warm when doing this. If you press the power button when it's doing this, it beeps and immediately shuts down. If you leave it long enough, it will usually boot up...
  20. H

    No Power B50

    B50 lenovo laptop wont power up? green light comes on for 5 secs then goes out and nothing with charger and without??? Any idea's please
  21. L

    Help! Laptop keeps turning itself off

    Hi, I have a Samsung rv511, when I press the power button within 3 seconds it turns itself off.. Nothing comes on screen the fansd power up then it turns itself off? I've tried the ram when there is no ram inside all the lights and fans power up but again.. nothing on screen ect
  22. J

    A1226 MacBook with dark screen

    I have inherited an old A1226 that will produce a chime at power up, but the screen doesn't light up. I have connected the display to a working A1226, and the display works OK, so that's not it. I substituted the "Left I/O card" from the good A1226, and the bad computer was not fixed. So I...
  23. S

    My Samsung tab A wont turn on and feels hot won't come on using reset + volume up. Please help

    My samsung tab A was on charge I went to use it and was overly hot and will not power up. I've tried holding reset button and volume up but this doesn't work. Please help anyone
  24. M

    Toshiba laptop startup issue

    Hello I own Toshiba Satellite C55-C1984. Immediatlty after I turn on my laptop, it turns off... and then turns on again after few seconds with no apparent reason. Should I worry about this?
  25. G

    please delete this

    please delete this
  26. S

    toshiba a205-5825 blinks orange twice then blue once

    will not power up, gives repeating sequence orange orange blue, orange orange blue.
  27. M

    Toshiba satellite l350 won't power up no light nothing .....What is the cause of that?

    I turn off my laptop a night and the next morning it won't come on ....No lights nothing ...
  28. M

    Dell Studio 1558 won't power up

    Hi guys, The story so far... December 2015 Display disappears, all Dell Studios suffer from this after 4-5 years due to GPU overheating. Baked the MB, I carried on till end of January. January 2016 Baked a second time, carried on till end of March. April 2016 The computer will no longer...
  29. B

    Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 2-15D will not power up, no green light on power button,

    Tested power cord and supply, OK, tried reset sequence of 10 second intervals and 30 seconds on etc, no go, any ideas?
  30. R

    ZTE Maven won't power up, battery is non-removable. Now what???

    My ZTE Maven was purchased less than 3 weeks ago. I powered it off last night, and I cannot get it to power up this morning. You keep saying take the battery out, but the instructions say the battery is non-removable. Now what?
  31. B

    Lenovo x250 won't power up

    Took out battery. Hit power button 10 times etc but no signs of life except for power button flashes green 3 times before nothing else happens. Tried to start with battery removed. No luck. Ideas appreciated!
  32. L

    HP Elitebook 8770w Not Booting and Has No Video

    Hello. I have an Elitebook 8770w that is not booting nor outputting video. Immediately after plugging in the AC adapter, the machine powers up on its own and the fans run at 100%. In addition, the keyboard backlighting briefly works. Front panel LEDs on solid are power and hard drive, with the...
  33. M

    toshiba satellite NB15T wont start up. power led flashes 5 times when i press power button..any thoughts???

    I have a Toshiba laptop that will not power up. toshiba satellite NB15T wont start up. power led flashes 5 times when i press power button..any thoughts???
  34. A

    Acer lap top not working

    Replaced fan. Put it all back together. Once I put the battery in and opened the top, the screen flashed a couple of times then went blank. Couldn't get it to power up after that. Took it back apart. Found the main/large plug to the mother board loose. It was not pushed in tight and seated...
  35. Sharcs

    What the hell are these?

    My friend's laptop would not power up so he gave it to me to fix it. I already knew that the problem was not the battery or the power chord, so I decided to start off by resetting the bios by removing the cmos battery temporarily. When I took the laptop apart I found these clips loose inside...
  36. T

    42 inch dead after power surge.

    Hello. My 42 inch went dead after a power surge last month and won't power up. I removed the back and found a blown fuse. I replaced the fuse and it blew like a firecracker. Any suggestions?
  37. M

    my acer travelmate P256 - M won't start up

    last night my laptop was open on itunes playing music and then it stopped playing and the screen went black i plugged the charger in and the red charging light came on but when i pressed the power up button the blue light came on for a few seconds before going and the screen was unresponsive...
  38. M

    New Battery Problems

    Just got a new battery for Toshiba Satellite L875-7110. Laptop will not power up with it installed, even with the adapter plugged in. Any ideas? This old battery is shot (it drains in less than 15 minutes!) Both batteries are Li-ion DC 10.8v.
  39. S

    HP envy m6 will not turn on after reassembly

    I took apart my Hp envy m6 laptop to remove the screen so that I could change the lid as it was scratched. I carefully removed all of the components and closely followed HP's repair manual for the machine. I have verified that everything is connected correctly during reassembly by referencing a...
  40. C

    Failed to power up after putting on sleep

    Hi Everyone, I have a Toshiba satellite C55D A5108 laptop I am running an upgraded Windows 10 pro and everything was working fine after yesterday my battery was critically low and I put it on sleep after that I carry it in my bag. Later that day I try to connect my charger it just show the...
  41. J

    computer dont power up after reseting cmos

    i changed the cmos battery of an hp laptop then when i tried to power up nothing happened i followed the steps from one of the questions here that said to reset the cmos again and disconect all except ram and cpu after that the computer turned on but not at all it just started the fan and some...
  42. D

    Toshiba satellite blinking leds lights no power up

    I have just replaced a screen and top lid for a Toshiba tecra r850. It use to work before these repairs. The lights I get is 2 orange light blinks and then 2 green light blinks. I hope its not the motherboard as it was working before these repairs.
  43. R

    Asus F201E boat error

    pls guys need help, My asus F201E notebook keeps on going to setup on power up. the operating system doesn't load. on each power up, it goes straight to setup. pls help what can i do to fix that plssss...
  44. E

    Dell Inspiron 7720 - Does not Power Up

    The system was operating ok, but I heard a pop/crackle while using it and it immediately powered off. The system was slightly hotter then normal so I allowed it to cool down and when I pressed the power button the system was unresponsive (no sound/power indicator/etc) Also the power cable light...
  45. A

    after power outage tv will not power up

    After the power goes off the tv will not power up . We. Have unplug for a day 24 hrs. And it will reset sometimes my panasonic 50" 3 years old what's up with this?
  46. P

    Hi, I am using Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 laptop. Can we power up this one without battery and only on AC adapter main power?? Re

    Hi, I am using Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 laptop. Can we power up this one without battery and only on AC adapter main power?? Recently my battery got dead and I am not able to start it on main power to use it without battery. Please help. Thanks in advane.
  47. S

    I have an Acer Aspire V3-111. The screen wont turn on. When I power up all it does is show a black screen. Occasionally I can

    Help with acer aspire v3-111.I have an Acer Aspire V3-111. The screen wont turn on. When I power up all it does is show a black screen. Occasionally I can get to the acer screen but that is as fat as it goes. Help please!
  48. R

    ASUS X5521M will not power up

    This laptop is about a year old. The "charging" light (green) is on when plugged in. It has an integrated battery, so I can't try pulling it to re-set. There does not appear to be a pin re-set anywhere and it is inconsistently working. I tried to power it up last night and got nothing. This...
  49. M

    Lenovo B570 Won't Power Up :-(

    Hi, My HDMI Cable fell apart while it was plug in to my laptop and my laptop went dead. I have tried to power it up with and without the power cable in. Still no joy after an hour. please can anybody help me. Is it a fuse.....or has the motherboard...
  50. A

    Lenovo Laptop G50-80 won't power on

    Laptop won't power on with or without battery.when i press power on button,lights blinks once. Charging is fine and charging light also turn on when i connect to charger. Also try Draining static charge procedure
  51. A

    My acer 4736 notebook will powerup with the power adaptor and battery in place, but it will not power up full to load windows

    Please help!....My Acer 4736 Laptop will power up with battery and power adaptor connected to the power supply. But it will not power up and load windows 7, only half way and shuts down when working on its fully charged battery without the adaptor connect to the power supply. It is a new battery...
  52. G

    Help me! Asus laptop screen does not function

    I have a Asus laptop a450c. I tried to switch it on then the power works but the monitor doesn't function at all. I tried to press caps lock but it didn't function too. I tried to open the CD but it didn't function. I only know that the laptop is turned on and hear fan spinning. Others don't...
  53. M

    black screen. no power up

    Black screen light on. No noise
  54. M

    Didn't plug in laptop on first power up...?

    I just received my Asus gaming laptop, and on the instructions, it says to ensure that it is connected to a grounded power adapter before turning it on for the first time. I turned it on without plugging in anything for the first time. Everything is working fine. It went into "Drive Power State...
  55. T

    I have a dell inspiron 15 7000 series 4k . When i power up or wake from sleep the screen is on but black. Screen works fine.

    I need to get this fixed. Laptop screen is on but black. Not a hardware problem with screen because somtimes it works. Works with external monitor somtimes also. I checked ram and also checked static.
  56. B

    My Asus model x550c will not power up after replacing power adaptar.

    Hi, My parrot chomped my power cord so I had to replace it. When I plug the new adapter in, there is no power,even the orange light that comes on to show its charging is not on. Any idea what the cause could be and how do I fix it.. Thanks in advance. Asus Model X550C
  57. J

    i can't get my device to power up

    i can't get my notebook to come on, the green light lights up showing its charging theres also another green light lit up that looks like a lightbulb, what does that mean
  58. F

    toshiba satellite power up

    My Toshiba satellite powers on and off quickly and will not boot up as soon as fan comes on it shuts down
  59. S

    Gateway NV53A latop screen wont power up

    So I had my laptop put away for a few months until I got a new charging port. I managed to install the new charging port but when I turned on the laptop the screen was pitch black. It seem like the screen itself wasn't getting any power since it wasn't even lighting up. I was able to use a...