Is it bad for laptop screen to get hot from waking form sleep when closed?


Jul 28, 2008
Hi all,

I was just wondering if you can advise on something.

My new laptop keeps waking itself from sleep in my bag. As far as I can tell, the screen comes on and does not turn off and the laptop stays on until it runs out of battery (about 9 hours). This causes the screen and laptop in general to get very hot, as it is in my bag and in a laptop sleeve.

I wondered if it was bad for the screen to get this hot? I know the components can handle it, otherwise the laptop would shut down. But I am worried about the screen.

It is the Asus UX303LA-R4338H. It has a LCD panel (matte, non-touch, if that makes a difference). Windows 8.1.

As for the waking up: I think it might have been waking after 3 hours to go in to hibernate, so I have turned off hibernation in power settings (but I am yet to try this latest change). I have no tasks scheduled to wake the laptop, all devices bar the keyboard aren't allowed to wake it, can't be woken by internet, etc. What is curious is that it when this happens it does not sleep after 15 minutes or turn off the display after 5 minutes, as per my settings. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

1. Is this bad for laptop screen/elsewhere on the laptop to be on, in a closed environment, and this hot for 9 hours?
2. Any further ideas why it might be turning on and then not sleeping after 15 minutes?



Jul 28, 2008

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply.

I was putting it to sleep manually.

Is there a way to tell if the screen, CPU, or motherboard was damaged?



If it's not working should give you a clue if it was damaged :)

If system works same as it did, it should be fine, although small stresses to the system can add up over time and cause a full failure in the future. No way to test for that though.
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