Question Possible to have screen pinning + sleep while inactive together on Lenovo Tab M8?

Mar 6, 2024
Hello! I am using a Lenovo M Tab 8 as a video player in an art exhibition. What I would like is for the tablet to sleep after 10 minutes or so, but wake up (raise to wake) when it is picked up, (keep) play(ing) the screen-pinned Video Looper, and then go back to sleep after 10 minutes or so, just to conserve battery (but wake up when the next person picks it up). There is no account associated with the device (meaning no sensitive information). I have it largely working--screen pinning Video Looper--but that appears to count as "activity" and the device doesn't seem to go to sleep. This is acceptable if it's the only way, but not ideal as it will require frequent recharging. Is there a way to combine all these things--a pinned app and sleeping after inactivity?

I looked at a kiosk app, but at $15 per device, and there are three tablets in question, that seemed unnecessarily costly for this project.

It's using Android 10

Thanks for help!