Question samsung tab A screen intermittan black

May 16, 2023
My Samsung tab A (SM-T295) screen intermittently goes black with a dark gray to black flashing. If you reboot the screen works again. This process happens randomly, but does seem to only be when in use. If it sits with screen off, the tab will "wake-up" and work. When using the tab within 10 minutes or so the screen just goes black. It always comes back on after reboot. A reset has been done x2 one with reset screen (power button vol up) and one with smart switch. It seems to be totally random, in safe mode and normal mode. No new apps installed, this in on a fresh untouched install (twice ). It had 2019 software and reset without internet access then reset with smart switch with the newest firmware downloaded.
Mine played up quite a bit so took it in to have the battery replaced. It a bit of moisture ingress from spilled cola drink as well ... so it got a minor service.

Try installing DroidKit as it has a backscreen fix in the App ... and uninstall any rogue apps as well.

I still have an older Galaxy Tab 2 ... still going !!


Jan 4, 2019
It sounds like you're experiencing a persistent issue with the screen on your Samsung Tab A (SM-T295). Despite performing multiple resets and using safe mode, the problem persists. Since it occurs randomly and on a fresh install, it may be a hardware-related problem. Consider reaching out to Samsung's customer support for assistance. They can guide you through further troubleshooting steps or recommend a repair if necessary.