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  1. ereman

    Question samsung tab A screen intermittan black

    My Samsung tab A (SM-T295) screen intermittently goes black with a dark gray to black flashing. If you reboot the screen works again. This process happens randomly, but does seem to only be when in use. If it sits with screen off, the tab will "wake-up" and work. When using the tab within 10...
  2. Mirandarenee

    Solved! Major problems withToshiba Satellite

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 OS 32 bit (yes I know it's old OS but trying to upgrade to windows 10) well back in 2019 it kind of got slammed and the screen wouldn't come on but the power button said it was turning on and off, recently someone fixed the issue of the screen not turning on...
  3. E

    Question Laptop turns on but black screen

    I have a problem when I turn on laptop the fan gets on but the screen is black but there is a hard fix to make laptop sooooo hot and then it will power with normal screen so Idk how to fix but Im not sure but im thinking the issue could be my wifi adapter cause it is damaged and when I turned it...
  4. moekun

    Solved! laptop screen goes black but when i move it

    after i did bring my laptop to a technican (he wasnt too pro) to replace my old hardisk the screen started to go black after using the laptop for 5 mins but it comes back when i move the laptop screen up and down after 2 monthes this proplem become less common not every 5 mins maybe not for a...
  5. P

    Solved! Found a mostly dead HP Pro Slate 12 - how dead is it?

    As the title says, I found an HP Pro Slate 12 in the trash, and it looks pretty dead. However, there are some signs of life. It doesn't turn on at all, but when I plug it in, the screen does flash a little - i.e. it goes from black to slightly less black for about a second, then back to black...
  6. A

    When i computer turn on the pc screen will be black Theme

    sir mein jab b computer ko on karta hu to black screen aa jati hai to mujhe har baar window 7 ki theme khud laagaani parhti hai to iska kya solution hai k jab b mein computer ko on kro to window 7 theme lagi ho na k black theme to sir iska kya solution plz guide me... thank you