I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which will not allow for a factory reset, how do I reset to factory settings?


Jun 24, 2016
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which will not allow for a factory reset. I have held down the power, up volume and home buttons. The screen shows the samsung title, then turns black, then the cycle begins again. This continues endlessly. The android icon never shows. I have also tried holding the poor and volume down button, the result is the same. How do I reset to factory settings when I can't get to the settings page?

Saga Lout

With the charging cable removed, make sure the device is running and leave it like that until the battery flattens completely. Pop the power cable back in and see if pressing Power and Volume Down makes a difference.
Jan 3, 2019
Pls note that you have to press three buttons here....along with Power and Volume Down you also need to press front button on the bottom middel of front screen. Then only it will go to that mode.
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