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    hard reset loop

    Tried doing a hard reset on a Dell 13 7352 and it keeps restarting saying "There's a problem that's keeping us from getting your PC ready to use, but we think an update will help get things working again.
  2. J

    Solved! Restoring my computer

    Hi, i recently restored my Acer Aspire computer to its original factory settings and now I can't go on line. Another issue is that when I choose a command it doesn't respond to it. Right now i'm doing a full scan in safe mode. I'm using Wi-Fi to access the internet. Can you please help or...
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    Laptop - No Sound after W10 update - New HP15z - restore not work. Send it back? Last day of 30 days return.

    Realtek sound not working after Win10 update on brand new HP15z laptop. I tried all the usual deleting drivers etc, and restored to last week setting when it worked. HP Cust service said I will need to reset to factory settings. They handed me off to someone who wanted $50 for software...
  4. S

    Solved! I'm having problems setting my Acer laptop back to factory settings its stuck on 1 per cent

    My laptop been stuck on 1 per cent for ages
  5. R

    How to Go Back to Factory Settings Including Preferences on Netflix

    Netflix can become a crossroads of too much viewing history and preferences over content and languages. At times, you need to go back and change something which you no longer need. Algorithms in these platforms work according to the input you feed it: the likes, the preferences, the constant...
  6. K

    Solved! Nextbook will not reboot. It is stuck on start screen. I wiped it to original factory settings and still stays at start scre

    Nextbook won't reboot. Stuck on start screen. I have wiped to factory reset and still no success. This is what happened from beginning.
  7. S

    Solved! Won't let me accept terms and conditions

    I did a factory reset on my old phone (huawei y5 2016). After turning it on to set it, it lets me choose the language and the wifi, but it won t let accept the terms and the conditions. I press the accept button and it does nothing. It wont move forward.
  8. C

    Solved! Factory Reset Won't Start

    My Lenovo laptop has had some issues for a while and I want to do a factory reset. I went through the start of the process and got to the point where there is a popup saying, "Resetting this PC: This will take a few minutes and your PC will restart." It also has the familiar Windows loading...
  9. C

    Solved! My Toshiba Satellite laptop

    My Toshiba Satellite laptop is stuck on a black screen with the mouse. I've tried sticky keys and using Alt Control Delete but nothing works. I cant factory reset using "0" or F12 thanks to the bios password. Someone help me please :??:
  10. Q

    Solved! Windows 8.1 Factory Reset taking too long!

    My HP laptop was having a sudden sluggish behavior this past few days though my HDD is not yet full or some sort. I just noticed a beeping sound coming from the HDD. I decided to back up my files and opted for a factory reset (provided by Windows). I chose to fully clean everything, including my...
  11. S

    Solved! After a factory restore my tablet is not "stuck" on odin mode.

    After a factory restore my galaxy tablet is "stuck" on odin mode. Saying downloading do not turn off target. Is this normal and how long should it take?
  12. X

    Not enough space to set computer to factory, and I physically cant clear up any more space

    Okay, so I have this literal piece of crap laptop my Fiance is trying to sell. In order to sell it, it needs to be factory reset. The laptop is an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 AO1-431. Its literally the cheapest laptop you can buy at a Walmart/Tesco. This laptop only comes with 30 gigs of...
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    Solved! its not telling me how to reset to factory settings without the sim card

    i have a Samsung ipad the lady i brought it of didn't do a factory reset before she sold it to me there is no sim card .im stuck with all her email and cant delete it .i can i reset it back to factory
  14. S

    how to restore my Toshiba satellite p755 s5198 back to factory settings

    due to viruses trying to reset Toshiba laptop to factory settings. However, the options that are offered by pressing f8 do not include restore to factory setting.the only restore option is "directory restore".This didn't accomplish the factory reset.It only started windows in safe mode.
  15. N

    Solved! I have tried to restore to factory settings but the holding of the buttons will not bring up the robot. Why won’t that happe

    I have held down the power and + button and it will not work what else can I do to restore?
  16. S

    I reset my phone to factory settings now it wants the previous account which was synced to the phone before......

    I don't know the account synced before I reset the phone factory settings
  17. S

    Where is factory reset in recovery mode?

    i have a chines tablet and when i hold down the power key + volume up , for about 5 seconds , chines recovery mode appears. (by holding volume up key + volume down key + power key noting happens) and there is no factory reset option there even in chines. i need to reset factory because i forget...
  18. T

    Solved! Windows installation problems

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread never used this before, I have a dell insprion 15 laptop, I recently cleaned the drive fully. Since this takes several hours I let it run over night while I slept, I woke up in the morning and a screen had popped up mentioning pdf files files. Me being half...
  19. J

    Solved! problem with laptop after factory reset.

    i reset my laptop to factory settings before passing it on to my sister. after the whole process of it getting rid of everything it rebooted itself and automatically did a very short windows update. after this it then jumped right to the language settings : What country do you live in, what...
  20. W

    I hardreset pendo 10 to factory settings wiped all data and now I can’t start it only says pendo then turns off

    I was locked out on pendo 10 so reset to factory settings now it is stuck on loop won’t start up says pendo then turns off
  21. B

    Is my computer broken?

    My laptop has been freezing. If I do a factory restore and it continues freezing, does this prove there is a hardware problem? there are no viruses, thanks for your help
  22. A

    Laptop doesn't work after force shutdown (long press power key).

    The laptop took a lot of time to start when it finally did start, it was working unusually slow. I closed the lid so it went to sleep mode, after 30 mins I tried to wake up but it didn't. Only LEDs were glowing. After loosing patience, I forced shutdown by long pressing power key since then the...
  23. T

    how can i reset dvd playerto factory settings without remote

    how can i reset dvd player to factory settings without remote control. I can hear the dvd but strange picture flashing across screen
  24. M

    My Sony Blue-Ray Player isn't going to my TV - have rebooted moden and router, reset the factory settings on the box - nothing

    I watch a lot of movies and series on my Netflix account on my TV, but the other night, all I got when I turned the box on, was a weird page with none of my apps on it. What gives???? I have a SONY blue-ray player. Wired internet, but ATT said my internet was fine.
  25. S

    How do I reset the Nextbook Ares 8 to factory settings? I want to return it.

    How do I reset the Nextbook Ares 8 to factory settings? I want to return it.
  26. D

    factory reset samsung a6 10.1 inch tab

    After a factory reset my a6 comes up with unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings then asks me my gmail address and password then says password is wrong but i know for a fact its right because i've used it on several other devices all of which are...
  27. D

    Task bar and windows start screen not working..

    I cannot access windows settings and task manager . Not even start screen is working . I cannot access notification bar also. But i can access pinned application in the task bar. But some inbuilt apps like photos and groove are not working. Please provide a solution for this. Recently i have...
  28. I

    Acer/Windows 10 won’t load past Acer 10.

    Hi. My friend tried to perform a factory restore on my computer last night. I left it overnight and it remained stuck on 17% so I turned it off and back on, clicked factory restore and it remained stuck on 1%. I than restarted and selected start computer instead. Now it will only pop up the...
  29. B

    Locked out of phone s9plus

    I am locked out of my Samsung galaxy 9plus and it happened when I tried to take pin number off as my son was coming to the phone earlier ever morning so I wanted to use only fingerprint and now it is saying that someone has attempted to reset phone to factory settings and I don't have access to...
  30. R

    how do i reset to factory settings, with less bass?

    I listen to music when i sleep, and the bass was so deep i could feel it come up from the floor, and could not sleep :. Daytime YES, but I need a way to set it where the bass is much less deep. I fiddled with it and got the bass down, but now the voice is all muffled, and the music is very loud...
  31. K

    rca factory reset now programs won't open

    A friend reset his rca tablet to factory settings without backup now none of his programs will open. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  32. G

    HP clean off back to factory settings from first use

    I want to clean my laptop off which is an HP back to its factory settings nothing of importance is on there
  33. B

    I cant find factory restore anywhere on my hp lap top model 6530b windows 7 ive looked everywhere and cant find it ive hit f

    Looking for factory restore and cant find it
  34. K

    factory restoring Acer Aspire 3680 w/o password

    How to restore my Acer Aspire 3680 to factory settings. Don't have the disk or a password.
  35. A

    Refurbished TCL 55 P605 Backlight Issue

    Hi, I recently bought a refurbished TCL 55 P605. I installed it yesterday, and today I noticed a dark vertical band on the screen (see pics in link). I hadn't noticed it yesterday and a quick factory reset fixed the issue. The TV has a limited 90 day warranty and I was wondering if this is a...
  36. S

    I’ve just restored factory settings on my Mac Pro and when I now turn it back on a get a file symbol with a question mark an

    any advice on what to do next?
  37. R

    Hp stream crash

    I have an Up stream notebook that I tried to update to the latest Windows 10 version. Guess I goofed up cause now the notebook starts and goes to the recovery screen and tells me my notebook needs repair. I cant get to the recovery window. I just keep getting error messages. I wanted to do a...
  38. K

    Laptop can't be reset to factory settings

    I have a Lenovo Flex 2 15' that I want to clean up as it is relatively old and slow, so I ttried to reset it to factory settings. However, every time I try to reset it, it aborts with a "There was a problem resetting and your settings hasn't been changed" message(not exactly as I don;t have the...
  39. N

    Solved! how do I restore my Macbook Pro to factory settings and a lock figure came up on the screen

    Trying to reset my Macbook Pro back to factory settings and when I pressed the Command R a lock figurine came up on the screen what do I do?
  40. I

    Solved! Shift keys not working on laptop urgent issue

    Hi. I am using a Lenovo G70 and for the past few days my shift keys stopped working. It's a huge problem as I have a manuscript to turn in very soon and I can't really write without using the shift keys. as for now I've tried the following; -reset my laptop to the factory settings, that...
  41. V

    Restore my laptop

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A205-S4597 with Windows XP. Ho w do I restore to factory settings? I have tried holding the 0 key and pressing the power button 1 time. There is a long beep but still goes to login screen. I don't have restore disks. How can I restore to factory settings?
  42. E

    Laptop not working

    Hi! I reset my HP laptop back to factory settings. It finished but it isn't restarting, the screen goes black then shows hp then black again. Somebody help
  43. Lutfij

    How To Reset To Factory Settings On Windows 8 Laptop

    When dealing with laptops given to an end user courtesy of their office, it’s imperative that you have all your personal files on a removable storage media. What if you’re too busy to do all that and were hoping to leave all data backup to your last day at the office? With the advent of Windows...
  44. V

    I have to reset my laptop to factory settings everytime

    So yeah, I got a 1,5 years old Lenovo Y700 [Windows 10], something weird started to happen with it some weeks ago. I usually get blue screens, I Wait some minutes since Its loading. Then i get „diagnosing pc”, I wait A few minutes And it says „pc diagnosing couldn’t fix your PC”, I then I need...
  45. S

    Solved! Lenovo PC stuck in restore mode screen for days with no progress

    I have a Lenovo PC (running Windows 10) that was acting up, so I restored the factory settings and was stuck in restore cycle for 8 hrs. I finally did a hard shutdown, then restarted another factory wipe and restore back to the basic system but the PC is stuck in restore for cycle screen for...
  46. J

    reboot from factory settings

    How can I reboot from factory settings. I had a Microsoft problem and my only option was a factory reset. My laptop (Satellite) doesn't have a DVD drive.
  47. A

    LG won't turn on

    I have an LG K10 (dual sim) and a few days ago I took it out of my pocket and it was showing the LG logo like it was turning on, which it wouldn't. I pulled out the battery and put it back in and it turns on shows the screen with the background and everything and it would just freeze there...
  48. G

    I messed up, turned off my laptop while it was resetting to factory settings!

    I messed up, I turned off my laptop while it was setting back to factory settings. When I turned it off I knew I was in trouble. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655 it can with Windows 7 installed on it.
  49. R

    Solved! my note will not get the authorisation from my router

    my tablet model GT-8013EA by Samsung detects my router but after entering the password it tries to connect but comes back saying authorisation error. tried the WPS setup but it fails. tried going back to factory settings, same result. any ideas?
  50. V

    My doro 824 smarteasy won't ring ,

    Have been trying to fix my phone for some time . Will vibrate, send and receive texts,but no ringer or any sounds at all. I have checked settings etc, taken out battery etc, but no luck can anyone help ?
  51. S

    Cloud hijacked my photos

    I had to reset my phone to factory settings. I saved everything in Google Cloud. When I went back to Google Cloud to get my pictures I was given a message saying that I had revoked my own access and to contact customer support. I did not revoke my access and now I'm supposed to pay them to get...
  52. M

    Forgot password, no disk space to reset

    Forgot windows password,not enough space to reset to factory settings. Help
  53. S

    Toshiba Satellite A100-TA1 needs factory reset

    I purchased a laptop and have no discs for it. First time resetting to factory settings. Attempted the 0 method but did not work. Any suggestions? Previous owners info and pics, videos etc are still on it and I want it all gone. Too poor to purchase discs lol
  54. T

    Password reset question

    I reset my Toshiba Satellite laptop to factory default. The serial number is XC160005Q. Windows 8 upgraded to win 10. It's an AMD processsor and I cant get in to do anything w/out password. I have had it sometime and can't remember the password. Satellite C855D-55302 Part #.PSCBQU-06004...
  55. S

    Fix a Freezing Roku with Hard and Soft Reset

    Packed in a box that can fit in your palm, Roku has the abilities to replace TV Cable. Though it is a great device, it has its own flaws. It sometimes freezes and other times it will not start properly. When these problems arise, the best solution is to do the soft reset. If that doesn’t work...
  56. I

    my computer starts up but doesn't load up all the way

    when I factory reset my Acer computer, I tried to get on it after. all it shows me is the Acer logo, then after about 4 seconds it goes to a black screen. then the screen just shuts off and after a few seconds it turns onto the logo again and it just repeats and repeats. it's annoying and I...
  57. T

    Need ;password for Toshiba

    My neighbor is 75 years old and had no wifi so she gave me her laptop PC. I reset it to factory default and now I cant do anything because it is asking for a password??? Please Help. I cant use a CD/DVD . How do I get past this? It is a Toshiba Satellite. Isn't it expensive to reinstall...
  58. A

    Can you reset to factory settings without using mouse?

    Hi everyone, this one is a tough one, so hopefully someone brainy is able to help me. I recently smashed my LCD screen on my Lenovo IdeaPad 310. I have already ordered a new screen, though I still want to use my conputer in the meantime. I could of course just use an HDMI-cable to an external...
  59. J

    Solved! Acer Aspire 11 - Reset Failure - HELP Please

    I have tried to reset this laptop, it gets to 65% and just keeps looping. I have read other forums that advise to disconnect your WiFi so the computer will stop attempting to connect to the internet. I unplugged my modem and router, restarted the computer. I pressed Alt+F10 to all initiate the...