Laptop - No Sound after W10 update - New HP15z - restore not work. Send it back? Last day of 30 days return.


Jul 29, 2016
Realtek sound not working after Win10 update on brand new HP15z laptop.
I tried all the usual deleting drivers etc, and restored to last week setting when it worked.
HP Cust service said I will need to reset to factory settings.
They handed me off to someone who wanted $50 for software support, lol.

F2 > sound diagnostics test did not get sound first few tries, then tech took control and we did get sound. but not in full windows mode.

Is it normal at all to have to reset a laptop due to a windows update? never needed this, don't want to get stuck with a lemon. Ryzen vs Intel should not effect windows updates?

I think I'm sending this back.

The issue was omething about a windows 1809 sound update going out before the 1806 update that caused problems for many, but I'm not seeing it on google.
used sp91720 but did not fix.


If you just bought it, you should be under the manufacturer's warranty, so there should not be a charge for support. Someone was not doing their job correctly.

Yes, sadly an update in 10 can cause all kings of havoc. Not surprising at all. However you really shouldn't have to do a full reset for this. Not on a new device that is.

Me, I would likely return it. New devices in my book shouldn't give you problems. But that is me. :)


Jul 29, 2016
Thanks WW, It sounds like all that trouble would have been avoided if I waited a couple of days to update, as fwiu MS modified the update after release. I have issued a return, and upgraded to the Ryzen 3-2200U. May as well make it worth the trouble. I spoke to a higher up who was very accomodating in getting me original BF price.
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