Question Help! Disk usage at 100% after recently doing a system restore

Sep 11, 2022

I have a 2018 HP Pavilion 15" cs0093ca with the following specs

Intel Core i7-8550U @ 1.80 GHz
932GB Intel Optane+ HDD (although it shows as an SSD for some reason????)
Intel UHD Graphics 620
Nvidia GeForce MX150 2GB

Recently I have done a factory reset on the PC as I have not used it in a while and had some programs that I wasn't too sure how to uninstall from when my mother was using it for her work. But mainly because I noticed the laptop started to show minor signs of slowness and since I had all my info on my desktop I figured I could just do a reset to start fresh

I had bought it brand new in 2018 and used it mainly for college work + 2 light resource games (audio surf and SCS's Bus Driver. Both of which are not demanding in the slightest) and upon graduation in 2020 didn't use it as much and thats when my mom used it for her work until her workplace could get her a laptop for work stuff. in 2021 she got a laptop from work and from there on mine was rarely used aside from some banking things here and there in fact from earlier this year it had not been used until I decided to boot it up last night and re-install Lightroom since I will be going on a trip later today and would like to use it to edit and upload photos if I can

Well.. since yesterday I noticed it was EXTREMELY sluggish and the disk is stuck at 100% upon startup. Taking minimum 1-5 minutes to load up the login screen and overall being sluggish when opening apps, closing tabs, opening the windows bar. Not like laggy bad but it would sometimes hang on doing one thing to the next because the main disk is stuck at 100% upon startup. After letting it run it has calmed to a point where I can at least navigate the computer a bit, but I still need to go slowly otherwise I will get stuck waiting for it to process the few basic tasks i'm going through

I did some digging in the task manager after reading some forums (including this one) and have weeded down 3 programs that are likely the cause as their read and write speeds are insanely high (especially when comparing to my 7-8 year old gaming PC with 2012 hardware) I will list them in order:

Currently as I type this:
MsMpEng.exe with reads of 917k (and rising rapidly)
svchost.exe with reads of 129k
crss.exe with reads of 81k

I am currently running a scan with windows defender and defragging the main disk. But I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone would know of a quick and permanent fix as my flight is in the next 2 hours and I was really hoping to use this laptop for my photo editing during the trip

Thanks in advance for the help
Sep 11, 2022
ran any disk health check on the hdd?
Sorry for the late reply! I just returned from my trip.

The laptop wasn't able to do the scan & defrag in time for the flight so I had to stop them midway.

I have not checked yet so I will see if I can check today-tomorriw and reply back