Solved! problem with laptop after factory reset.

Nov 8, 2018
i reset my laptop to factory settings before passing it on to my sister. after the whole process of it getting rid of everything it rebooted itself and automatically did a very short windows update. after this it then jumped right to the language settings : What country do you live in, what language do you want stuff to be in, what the preferred keyboard language is and which timezone we want. after selecting those and clicking ''next'' it says : why did my pc restart? and says that there is a problem that needs to be fixed via update and that we should plug it into the internet or connect to wifi. it doesn't give anyway to connect to the wifi though so we connected it with the internet cable. once we did that the only option is to click ''next'' again. once we clicked next it says working and then the dell logo pops up and after a little while it jumps back to the '' choose your language'' screen. it goes like that in a loop
i tried to fix the problem with a previously answer to a similar question where one had to get to the helpcenter or something like that first by shutting down the laptop by holding down the power button 3 times but that didn't work sadly
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Are you using the Dell factory restore, or using the Reset option within Windows 10? You might be better off reinstalling Windows using a USB drive or DVD (