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  1. B

    Question 3.5mm Mic-In malfunction after major Windows update

    UPDATE: I've now reverted to previous build of Windows 10 and the mic-in works again! However, I still don't know how to move forward with keeping this system updated. Apparently this build of Win10 (Version = 2004 , OS build = 19041.630) "improved" security issues related to input devices...
  2. ZahidRidwan

    Question Windows Update Ruined My Great Laptop

    My Laptop's Intel(R) HD Graphics 520, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100U CPU @ 2.30GHz, Processor Speed: 2304 MHz, RAM: 8GB and Up to dated drivers. I'm using my same laptop almost for 2 years, My Favorite Games are COD Ghosts, PES 19 and The New PUBG lite PC. I was Playing my favorite Games Smoothly...
  3. X

    Question Laptop doesn't recognize AC Charger after Windows update

    Just bought a used laptop today, Sony Vaio VPCCB series. What happened was I connected the AC charger and the laptop turned on. I noticed it said batter not found, and I didn't realize the battery wasn't inserted, so I go back to the box and find the battery and insert it. Now upon booting up...
  4. M

    Freezing/ locking up randomly

    I have an hp envy touch screen and it is constantly freezing or locking up randomly everyday have to hard restart it every time. It will not take windows update. And I have done the multi hour test on the system and it passes. It’s 2 years old what to do now?
  5. L

    Solved! Possible Adware; Opening Tabs

    Hi, I have this problem of where every now and then when I click a new tab opens up on a malware-infested site (don't know what the site is about, I get blocked by Google), the sites that pop up are; https:// click. eclk. club/click?i= http:// www9. thrgh. space:8880/click?id= (Left blank, as...
  6. S

    Windows updates fails

    I have built PC and its been working for last 4 years with no issues. I have upgraded windows 10 pro and recent updates 2018-09 , its not completing windows properly and always holding with Initializing and never comes out of it. I tried to stop windows update service and reboot the PC and it...
  7. C

    Solved! Cannot update G50-80 to Windows 1809

    Running Windows 10 Pro, Windows Update does not display option for 1809 when checking for updates. How can I determine what the incompatibility is, Lenovo scan is showing all drivers as current.
  8. F

    Solved! Headphones started having a buzzing noise after windows update

    I can't remember if it was the day after a windows update but when I came home from work and turned on my PC there was no sound from headsets and my mic's level was set to 0, I reset my computer hoping to fix it, which it did but now it's got buzzing static noise coming from it no matter what I...
  9. J

    Solved! problem with laptop after factory reset.

    i reset my laptop to factory settings before passing it on to my sister. after the whole process of it getting rid of everything it rebooted itself and automatically did a very short windows update. after this it then jumped right to the language settings : What country do you live in, what...
  10. N

    Solved! Windows Update Service Missing (Win 7 SP1)

    Hello. The last week I have Installed Bitdefender internet Security 2019... the anti-virus program asked me to disable permanently Windows auto updates... I removed WindowsUpdate keys from Registry Editor and now I want Windows Updates to work again I tried enabling it from cmd but the...
  11. S

    Sound not present at all, suddenly

    I'm using a 15-ce0xx HP Omen. Today, I suddenly found that the machine couldn't output any sound, whether by speakers or headphones. The sound settings screen says "no output devices detected." I did get an automatic Windows update, but I can't remember if I was able to play sound after that...
  12. E

    Need help I have an old asus a43sj that turns of after post

    So my asus a43sj is having problems after the recent windows update my laptop stoped working, every time I start it up it shows the asus logo and not long after it turns off again. I'm not sure what the problem is and really need help in reviving my laptop. Should I replace the cpu or the...
  13. H

    Blue Snowaball Ice not working...

    Had a Windows update, then updated the drivers for audio from ASUS' website. This is what it looks like, the microphone is detected but receives no input. Microphone is also enabled in...
  14. A

    Acer laptop stuck booting after update, power button won't work

    I installed some sort of bios update through windows update for my brother's Acer laptop. Now it's stuck on a black screen with the acer logo and below that it says "Please wait while we install a system update". It's been like this for about 24 hours now... the power button doesn't work either...
  15. E

    toshiba satelite will not boot after windows update

    Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983 crashed during software update. Now will not boot successfully. Upon boot up it tried to repair software. Unable to repair so it only allows me to shut down. Was trying to update Video driver. Tried Bios option to start in 640 x 480 mode. Also will not help. Unable...
  16. L

    Solved! Windows 10 Update needs disk space - previous updates filled disk with trash and it's now stuck

    What the title says on the tin. I keep getting constant alerts of Windows Update not being able to download updates because of lack of disk space - however, I have NOTHING else I can delete. Disk is filled to the brim with Update trash and it keeps trying to download more updates. It's stuck on...
  17. P

    Touchscreen no longer working after Windows Update

    I have been looking on line for weeks now trying to find a working solution for a Toshiba Satellite Laptop that was working flawlessly. About a month or two ago, I noticed that my touchscreen funtionality had ceased. I have traced it back to the time Windows 10 did a major update. I have tried...
  18. S

    Looking for guidlines on Windows update

    My laptop, HP A6 Vision AMD have been notifying me the need to update my device from windows 8 to 8.1 or 10. I want to know if doing the update requires professional skills. And if it can be done at home, how do I go about it? What do I have to consider before the process.
  19. B

    draining HP batttery while turned off

    before fully shutting down at night my battery is fully charged when turning on in the morning battery shows red light could it be windows update
  20. S

    ASUS transformer T100 wont turn on after a windows update

    Hi, i have an ASUS transformer book T100 and its been working just fine for the past year. Today i wanted to update my windows because ive been delaying the updates for about a week now in the updates went fine, the pad was pluged in so the battery wouldnt die and everything and everything...
  21. W

    Alpha keys not working after Windows Update

    After my laptop did a windows update today, I lost my alpha keys so I can't login at startup because my password contains alpha characters. As far as I can tell, all the other characters work. Since I made several attempts, windows asks me to type in A1B2C3 to prove I'm not a robot. I can do...
  22. A

    Solved! Laptop display brightness not adjusting after Windows update

    Hello! I have a Hp pavilion dv6 laptop which I've been running Windows 10 for a long time now. However, today I installed the 2018 April update and i can no longer adjust the display brightness after that. The brightness is "stuck" all the way up. Can anyone please help me with this. Thanks.
  23. N

    Solved! Update broke Adobe Flash App

    So I use a program called TheRenamer(, it auto renames TV shows and places them in proper folders that I use with Plex. The other week I realized it wasn’t working on my HTPC, no idea, uninstall/reinstall, nothing. I then tried to use it on another one of my PCs and...
  24. V

    Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma mic.. not working since 5/2018 Windows update

    Hi there, I have seen so many Razer Kraken mic issue forums and have done this so far in regards to troubleshooting. Uninstalled and updated recording Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma drivers. Set Headset mic to default device There be no EQ display in Sound>Recording, argh. When I click listen to...
  25. A

    lenovo laptop won’t on after i accidentally shut it down during windows update...

    tried to on and off the laptop several times but it still won’t work. still stuck at the loading page which shows that it is reloading the previous updates for windows
  26. C

    Samsung laptop will not boot up after a recent Windows update

    My Samsung laptop will not boot up after a recent Windows update. It kept cycling and then I would turn it off and put it in Safe Mode and try to check Drive C but now when I boot up it says hit F4. So I hit F4 and it boots up in Recovery Mode. I try to backup my files on an external but it...
  27. J

    My Blue Yeti is not picking up any sound

    My Blue Yeti has been working fine till a new windows update yesterday and now it wont pick up anything ive tried uninstalling all drives in device manager unplugging and plugging back into different jacks on the computer and in sounds in windows it says its good to use and has green check mark...
  28. L

    Windows update failed

    Hi all please can someone help I have a Sony laptop was in the middle of Windows 10 update then not sure what happened but it was stuck on recovery screen done a reset now it just keeps flashing the song logo not sure what to do any help very appreciated xx
  29. T

    Brand new laptop is slow and has 100% disk [usage] in task manager

    So I purchased a new laptop 1 day ago and when I finished the windows update and it started glitching a lot so I checked Task Manager and the disk column was at 100%, at this point i only had Google chrome and the programs from Acer and it takes 3-4 mins to boot to windows and when you open a...
  30. Lutfij

    How To Turn Off Updates On Windows Laptop

    Although one of the best of features found on any OS from Microsoft, the automatic update feature found on Windows 10 has been known to have a mind of its own when it comes to downloading updates for your laptop/system. Some have reported that the automatic update had downloaded drivers that...
  31. Lutfij

    How To Enhance Gaming Efficiency On Your Laptop

    With latest breakthroughs in lithography and performance numbers packed into a small die, it’s not unusual to come across a laptop that might seem like an ultrabook but in essence it’s capable of delivering some good visuals when gaming. This tutorial will show you how to improve your gaming...
  32. Lutfij

    How To Keep Your Data Secure On Windows Laptop

    Although developers of OSes advertise that their latest offering is technologically advanced and the most secure OS that has ever graced the market, there’s no telling what people on the other end of your system are capable of doing. Give them enough time and they can find an intrusion point...
  33. Lutfij

    How to keep your Windows computer up-to-date

    For any computer, be it on a desktop or the laptop form factor, updates are what makes the difference between being the best in its class to be the worst in its class. If the devices within a system are devoid of the necessary drivers/driver revisions, it will only result in reduced efficiency...
  34. L

    ASUS laptop will not reboot to windows after windows update

    Hello since windows has automatically done its update on my ASUS laptop when I switch it on it now loads straight to my BIOS information screen and wont allow me to logon onto windows as normal
  35. P

    need more hd for my HP Stream 14

    I need to get more storage on my HP Stream 14 as Windows 10 is taking all the current storage and I am unable to even download the Windows 10 security updates. I get conflicting info on whether I can use an external hd for this or if I can upgrade the storage internally. Does anyone out there...
  36. K

    HP630 laptop dead after Windows 10 update

    After repeated reminders about Win10 update waiting, last night I selected "update and shut down" and left it alone. This morning during startup I got "working on updates x%. Don't turn off your PC. This will take a while. Your PC will restart several times". Left it to it, checking every now...
  37. Z

    Windows 10 Acer Logo then Loop Restart

    Hello I have a Acer Aspire ES 14 laptop and widows 10 OS.. when im using my laptop it automatically restart i didnt see it restart then windows update.. but after the update it restart again then saying that it recovering its last windows update then it restart again in a loop.. it loop in that...
  38. S

    struck in an endless loop of reinstallation and restarting when i shut down it in middle of windows update

    my laptop lenovo g50 ,i shut down it when it was updating windows thinking its completed..but after when i start it again it is displaying the lenovo logo and after some time it shows a message saying " windows didn't install properly" and continues to restart endlessly ...and this displaying...
  39. D

    HELP! I need more disk space in brand new laptop.

    Hi folks, I hope someone can help. I bought a Asus Vivobook 402wa and on first windows update it was low on disk space..what a joke! My question is, can I simply gain more space by inserting a ssd into the spare slot, and rebooting? Or do I have to clone the emmc 32gb flashdrive with a new...
  40. D

    Can't get past lock screen on Windows 10 after upgrading from Win 7 (free upgrade)

    Hello, few days ago I've upgraded from Windows Vista Home Basic, to Windows 7 Home (using .iso file on bootable USB drive) and then used the free upgrade to Windows 10 Home without any DVD/USB, just Media Creation Tool, located on C: disk. Installation and everything worked fine, it said that...
  41. K

    Win10 Tablet Wont Connect Open Wifi But Can To Encrypted Wifi

    Ok, so I just did a windows update, and afterwards, I can't connect to my home open wifi (I live out in the boonies and don't need encrypted). I can see the signal, full bars, but there's a shield next to the icon. I can connect to IOT test wifi as that needs a pw for those devices So why is it...
  42. I

    Laptop fails to recover from Sleep mode, weird vertical lines appear on monitor.

    Hello. I have the 2016 Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop. I went in my order history and this is the link to the one I ordered from Amazon: I am having a problem where if I manually put the laptop to sleep or I...
  43. T

    Broken Screen, Using HDMI to see Screen, Tried Updating Windows and Now I Am Stuck on a Blank TV.

    I have a Windows 10 HP Notebook - 15-ba079dx (Touch) (ENERGY STAR) laptop, and I foolishly broke my screen, (not the touchscreen, the actual screen) but that isn't the main problem. I wasn't able to pay for repairs, so instead I simply attached an HDMI cable and plugged it into my TV. I was...
  44. S

    Solved! Don't think you can help, but please try!

    I did a Windows update and f*cked up the mouse somehow. The right-click menu now comes up even when I don't want it to! It comes up by clicking some areas of the left-hand side, which is so annoying. There's now a right-click function on the left edge of the touchpad, about an inch above the...
  45. R

    Keyboard typing semicolon continuously

    My keyboard keeps typing semi colon continuously and sometimes with selected keys. I'm out of options on how to resolved this. I thought it was because of windows update so I removed it. Disassembling my laptop also not much help because i'ts attached and I don't know how to remove it...
  46. C

    Dead ASUS laptop

    Hi Sorry if this has already been discussed. Since more than a month ago, after an attempted automatic Windows update, my laptop has been stuck in a perpetual loop; black screen, spinning dots. I've spent the intervening time scouring the internet and trying an untold number of solutions, none...
  47. R

    how do I create a windows installation disk to repair my computer

    After a recent windows update...that was Lenovo y580 only gets as far as the windows load screen then goes black. I attempted all options apart from the boot manager repair your computer. In order to do this I need a installation disk. I prepped one years ago, but after a...
  48. R

    ASUS Laptop stuck in bootup loop after hard reset.

    Hi everyone, really hope I can get some help with this. I have an ASUS laptop (forgot the model number but I can find it later, it starts with a K i think and has windows 10). I did a hard reset 2 days ago and when it came back on everything was fine but there was no sound. After trying to...
  49. X

    Display Problems on Laptop

    So, This morning a windows update rolled in. Now every time when I wake the laptop from sleep mode I get a rainbow screen. This link has an image of an HP laptop that has the same exact problem I currently Receive...
  50. R

    Windows Update Freeze on new asus laptop

    I have recently purchases a new ASUS ZX533 Gaming laptop and it arrived yesterday. Excited to get going with it I immediately set out to download google chrome and the appropriate anti-virus software, however I noticed it was running incredibly slowly. A quick glance at task manager showed me...
  51. I

    Laptop makes beeping sound on startup

    I have Dell Inspiron 15-7000 series with Windows 10. I have been experiencing an issue after a a windows update was interrupted in between that now whenever I power on the laptop I hear beeping sounds ranging from sometimes 5 to sometimes 15 beeps. This occurs only on startup and overall the...
  52. T

    Black screen on startup, can't enter BIOS or any other startup menus... Any advice?

    Hi there, posted this on toms hardware but think it may be better suited here (apologies if not the done thing!)... Toshiba laptop s50-b-15q Intel i7-5500 16gb RAM AMD r7 m260 Graphics card Have had significant boot-up problems since the recent W10 creators (fall) update, with an average boot...
  53. B

    Wrong Action in Windows Explorer

    I have Windows 7 Home premium - Following a recent Windows update (I think) when in Windows Explorer, and I double click a FOLDER in the right panel, Paint Shop Pro opens. - When I right click on a folder, the list is now headed with "Browse using Paint Shop Pro". Paint Shop Pro also...
  54. A

    Games run choppy on nvidia gpu

    Hi. Here is the context. My laptop has 2 gpu's, a low tier intel gpu and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. Everything was just peachy till 3 days ago when I installed a windows 10 creator's update. Now my games run horribly when I have the GTX enabled under device manager I mean like 10 fps and...
  55. C

    Blue screen with nothing on it, no cursor or text, just blank.

    I recently did a windows update on my laptop, i clicked update & restart. The laptop will turn on with the company logo, but will go to a blank blue screen. If i press enter, or f8 it goes to a black screen.I tried ctrl + alt+ delete, taking the battery out, holding power button down for 15...
  56. I

    Sound Dull after Windows Update

    Hi All I have an Asus X555U laptop that I have had for about 18 Months. It has been working fine however after the latest Windows 10 update - about 2 days ago - the sound has gone dull and quiet. I have since reset the laptop to factory settings (which has improved overall speed as it was...
  57. K

    Solved! Cursor disappeared after Windows update

    My Dell is not showing the cursor. I can't get past the security screen to get to the keyboard to make the changes. This happened using the mouse pad. I have an external mouse that plugged in and I can get to where I'm supposed to type in my password and its not recognizing anything from the...
  58. S

    Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V stopped working after a Windows update on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. External keyboard works but kind of m

    Happened around the 13th of May. Suddenly my copy and paste shortcuts stopped working and it was right around the time I got a Windows update.. Took laptop back to Staples, $300 later, cleared a few viruses but the keys still don't work. They do work on an external wireless keyboard however...
  59. K

    Solved! Can you change upgrade lenova yoga 2 13 motherboard to yoga 3 13 or any other higher ?

    Guys I bought good used yoga 2 13 from e bay for 240 last year. Laptop is good but I need stronger cpu and gpu I was wondering is there any change I can upgrade motherboard if other versions fit ?
  60. C

    ASUS GL551J Broken

    Hello, my gaming laptop was updated to the new Windows update that was supposed to fix the ransomware problem from a few weeks ago. A day after I updated, my computer seemed to be working fine, but then my Google Chrome froze while I was watching a video so I decided to restart Chrome, when...