Question Windows Update Ruined My Great Laptop

Jul 23, 2019
My Laptop's
Intel(R) HD Graphics 520, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100U CPU @ 2.30GHz, Processor Speed: 2304 MHz, RAM: 8GB and
Up to dated drivers.
I'm using my same laptop almost for 2 years, My Favorite Games are COD Ghosts, PES 19 and The New PUBG lite PC.
I was Playing my favorite Games Smoothly (40-75 FPS) Before updating windows new update 1903, but after updating problem started! after updating the official windows 10 this month, all my games suddenly freeze and frame drops under 10 FPS (EVEN Call Of Duty Ghosts). Then I get back to my Previous version of windows, But Still I Was Facing same problem! Again I installed Fresh Windows 10 new version and updated all my old drivers *including intel Graphics Driver. again the same problem, Game drops its frame for 15 to 20 sec Down to 10 FPS (NO OVERHEATING OCCURS DURING PLAYING GAME ON MY LAPTOP). I followed every windows optimization tricks. Switched Power on MAX PERFORMANCE. But nothing worked. I used v-sync in Game settings but its not stopping my FPS drop. even I factory reset my Laptop erased every thing and started with the windows latest update(1903), and installed my game but still frame drop doesn't stopped. yesterday I updated my 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM. But problem not solved. I'm sure my laptop doesn't damaged any hardware, Because last night before updating Windows 10 (1903) I played PUBG without any Frame Drop. I changed My Internet speed and replaced with new ethernet cable, It didn't worked. I Tried my best, if i have missed any steps please suggest me. I am Ready to try anything to fix my games frame drop. help me, any one please help me...I'm Crying