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  1. L

    Surround sound only using left and right. Can't hear anything in front or behind.

    So recently my 7.1 surround sound headset has decided that only the left and right are gonna work. But it ain't on stereo. I can't hear anything in front of me. Or behind me. I have to turn to the side to hear any of that. No idea why. Didn't touch anything. Maybe a windows update did it. But...
  2. M

    [solved] Windows Update frozen bootloop, can't remove update using DISM

    After 35 days of uptime, fearing what would happen if I rebooted my computer (I've got problems with WU in the past), I decided to give Windows Update a try and finally install those updates (can't remember which KB) it has been trying to install for 3 months. I rebooted my computer, and then it...
  3. webworkings

    Microsoft is getting trickier and trickier...

    Anyone else read this article? If not, you should. Windows Update to be blocked if you pair recent processors with Windows 7 or 8.1 I found no reference to it here on this site, so I am posting the link here.
  4. F

    Laptop won't boot after it went off during windows Update

    My laptop was getting really slow and I decided to factory reset it , when it was done it went straight to windows update, that was when my cousin hit the power button, the laptop went off and I turned it back on immediately,I got a message that says "windows update was not completed,system...
  5. B

    driver for touch pad

    i had a windows update now touch pad does not work i tried to system that dont work i did a fresh restart still no luck any suggestion???
  6. A

    HP Laptop running Win 8.1 wont boot, wont go into safe mode, denies there are restore points.

    I'm getting desperate here. I ALWAYS keep Windows Update turned off (I do not want to debate here whether that's good or bad, it's not the issue). Windows 8.1 tried to run it anyway on reboot. I tried getting into safe mood to shut off Windows Update, pressed F4 at the right time, safe boot...
  7. R

    Laptop "failed configuring windows update" loop

    Hey everyone, I've got a Samsung NP365E5C-S04US laptop and I have tried literally everything to fix this problem I have been having. I got the laptop a couple years ago and it worked great. It got to the point where it was starting to act sluggish so, I backed up all of my data I wanted to keep...
  8. M

    Lenovo laptop keeps flashing logo, won't let me do anything

    I'm having a huge issue where when i power on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop, it will slowly boot up, flash the lenovo logo, turn black, and repeat the process infinitely. i have read in similar threads that all i need to do is enter safe mode but the issue is my laptop is refusing to register or...
  9. M

    windows update agent

    Hi guys, Am new to this forum. So greetings to you all. I ran into a problem today while i was trying to update my windows update agent for windows 7 pro(Lenovo M93 all-in-one pc). I tried update and forget to switch the sleep mode off from the computer. The screen has been black for 24 hours...
  10. D

    0x0000185 cannot recover laptop after windows update

    Alienware 17 R2 BIOS version: Ao4 Reg Model: P43F Reg Type No. P43F001 After a windows update, my girlfriend's PC cannot recover from this error. We've had multiple support techs try to help out on this and nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has worked. We've tried going through the BIOS...
  11. J

    How to update the drivers on the Dell XPS 13

    Keeping your drivers updated is an essential part of computer ownership. As code is improved, new features developed and bugs squashed, new drivers help you benefit from all those improvements. That’s why I put this quick guide together on how to update the drivers on the Dell XPS 13. There are...
  12. S

    Asus x200m broken after windows update

    I have an ASUS X200M. Everything worked great. I got a notification for & did the windows update just before bed. When I turned it on the next morning, there were no WiFi connections available.. My phones WiFi was connected. So I ran troubleshooting and it said to plug in my ethernet ...? The...
  13. H

    asus rog gl552 black screen

    I bought a asus rog gl552 recently at bestbuy and im getting a black screen just when im browsing some site...but when im playing it doesnt turn to black screen. so i cant do anything with it, any way to fix that? I updated my drivers, windows update ect but nothing worked.
  14. B

    About Windows 10 Updates

    There are some times where the windows update will just stop downloading even though it says it is. one example i have right now it that it says "Downloading Updates 45%", I just don't know why it randomly stops. I've checked my task manager as well and have noticed that there is no network...
  15. C

    New laptop freezes after windows 10 update while gaming

    So, I have an Asus, i3, geforce 920m and 8gb of ram. I usually play mount and blade, counter strike, and league of legends. Before this windows 10 update it was fine, but after installing windows 10, it started freezing after like 15 minutes inside a game. Everything stops working and I need to...
  16. B

    HELP! Pls- Windows 10 Update Bug (?)

    in my task manager it says that my Service Host: Local System is downloading something, but then i go to my settings> update & security> update, NOTHING is updating help pls!! The only way to stop it is to go to services then disable and stop background intelligent transfer service, but it...
  17. M

    Microsoft Office 2016 Update Question - Windows Update vs. Click to Run

    I just noticed that on a friend's computer his version of Windows 10 and Office 2016 allow him to get Office updates with the "Give me updates to other Microsoft products..." box checked in Windows Update. I also noticed his version of Office doesn't have the "update options" box under the...
  18. G

    MRT.exe opened ran by itself. Is something wrong?

    I've been noticing a few strange things on my machine. One, the windows update service keeps using up way more RAM than I've seen it use on other similar computers (around 100mb at idle) and after installing my new video card today I saw mrt.exe open in my task manager. should I be concerned?
  19. G

    Locked out of Sony Vaio after a Windows Update!

    Help please! I did a Windows update and after that, was locked out of my laptop, Sony Vaio VGN-NS30E. I have not changed the password. I've searched and searched the internet, downloaded several socalled fixes to recover password but they either don't work or you have to pay to be able to reset...
  20. jozeph

    Asus Transformer Book T100TA-DK048H-BE upgrade to windows 10 fails

    I'm trying to update my T100TA-DK048H-BE from windows 8.1 32 bit to windows 10. I didn't force the update, i waited until my device asked me if i wanted to update. I'm using a memory card for the upgrade, because of lack of diskspace. I've tried the update several times. Each time the upgrade...
  21. D

    video dxgkrnl fatal error windows 10

    Ok, so I recently did a Windows Update and at about 35-50% the computer restarted as it would always do on a WU. After the windows boot logo it did not continue the windows update but it crashed with the bluescreen VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR. It did its thing and then it restarted and then the...
  22. B

    Windows 10 Updates Disable Battery on Lenovo Laptop

    I have a 6 month old Lenovo Y40-80 with Windows 10 installed. About a month ago, following a Windows update, the battery completely stopped functioning (Battery indicator would say "0% plugged-in, not charging). The laptop would constantly need to be plugged in to work. Two weeks later, the...
  23. N

    Black screen on startup | Lights but no fan and sound

    Hello. I got a Samsung NP880Z5E laptop. It is about 2,5 years old and worked wonderful until Thursday. On Thursday I had a successfully windows update and closed the laptop when the update finished. When I got home and tried to start it up I just got a black screen. The screen is just black...
  24. K

    Acer Aspire: Audio Freezing and Causing Loud Buzzing

    Recently when I have been listening to audio on my laptop, it will freeze for about 10 seconds and create a loud buzzing noise. Then my pointer would come back and eventually my screen would update the picture. This has been happening for a week now. My audio and display drivers are up to date...
  25. R

    Windows Defender Updating Question

    Hello does any one know how windows defender updates itself? I think it uses windows update to install it's definitions but i am not sure so if i am wrong please can you correct me? I need you to explain to me how this software works with windows update switched off. The problem is when i...
  26. T

    Laptop won't boot - only get flashing power button

    A few days ago a Windows update (I believe) disabled something on my computer, preventing me from being able to completely boot it - I just got spinning dots that never got me to the desktop screen. Safe mode didn't work, either. So I discovered that if I pressed zero while I held down the power...
  27. R

    Drive where Windows is installed is locked - Trying to upgrade to Windows 10

    I'm trying to upgrade my pc from windows 8.1 to windows 10. The installation of windows 10 always gets to 90 something percent complete then stops and says something has happened windows 10 has failed to install. So i got advice to just clean install windows 8.1 again and try to upgrade to...
  28. C

    I need help with my laptop!

    My DELL laptop will not work right and it all started when I was in the chrome browser and a little pop-up happened in the Corner of the screen saying there was a update that needed to be installed so i clicked it. It shut the laptop down and a screen came up that was moving up down left and...
  29. Mister Darius

    How to remove pesky "Windows Update KB12695" adware?

    So I tried googling it, but almost all the sites offer different antivirus apps and it's probably because they pay them to advertise their app. So what is the best solution to remove it?
  30. Z

    Driver Issues Please Help

    PLEASE HELP! My computer was doing the usual windows update and it hit 100%, then it froze. So me being stupid I restarted my PC and booted it up and all of a suddent the USB ports stopped working. I checked in my device manager and it showed yellow !'s next to intel(r) 7 series chipset family...
  31. A

    Windows 7 update help

    (again...) So I installed windows on my new laptop (after about 30 attempts). So windows updates being windows updates decide not to work, I have been trying to get them working for about 13 hours now with very limited success. Current problem. Windows Update infinite scanning for updates...
  32. T

    Update killed my computer?

    I was updating my laptop this morning, (windows 8.1 just the usual forced monthly update) and when the computer went to restart it self, it turned off and now it won't turn back on. I thought maybe it had just died but I've been charging it for two hours now and it won't even try to startup...
  33. M

    My Windows 10 cant download my Graphic card driver!

    Every time i go to windows update and try to download my graphic card dreiver it says NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670m - Error 0x80073afc
  34. R

    When I was on my HP laptop battery does not charge.

    My hp laptop to Windows Update and restart the laptop if I do, I end up in charge of laptop batteries and laptop Windows updates have been completed, while 30% went to the laptop is closed. I put the laptop on the charger, and then turn on the laptop charge
  35. G

    My keypad wpnt work after windows update

    So I updated my windows from 7 to the 10 and now my keypad won't work I toggled through NF AND F9 disabling and enabling it how can I uninstall the update or get my keypad working again
  36. 0

    HELP! Windows 7/Windows Update

    I have laptop from a friend which is the Acer Aspire 5732z. He gave it to me to remove malware and viruses but there were so many that I chose to do a clean install of Windows 7. Everytime I do a clean install eveything works fine except the Windows Update which gets stuck at "Checking for...
  37. My Life Is Tech

    How to Run Most if not All XP Programs in 2k

    How would one go about running most if not all Windows XP applications in Windows 2000? I mean, XP was based on 2000 in the after all, so you'd assume that their kernels are at least a bit similar. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's interesting that support for Windows 2000 ended in 2010...
  38. My Life Is Tech

    Please Help: Microsoft Office 95 Professional 7.0b Update

    Does anyone here know where I can find the 7.0b update/ISO for Office 95 Professional? And if you have the update/ISO yourself, would it be possible to upload it temporarily so I can download it? Any help will be appreciated, please reply soon, thank you.
  39. My Life Is Tech

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Office 95/97 Year 2000 Fix/Update

    Does anyone have the year 2000 update files for Microsoft Office 95/97? Their names are as follows: 1. o95y2k.exe 2. o97dtfix.exe If anyone here has these files could you please point me somewhere where I can download them, or could you possibly upload your files somewhere so I can download...
  40. E

    toshiba nb505 windows 7 keyboard some/most keys not working after windows update

    recent (march 2015) windows update , since then keyboard quit working, I reset comp to a date prior to update and now a few keys work not enough to do anything. Am currently using on screen keyboard but it's slow . Please help
  41. S

    laptop stuck at windows logo after update and also stuck in windows usb installer

    after windows update it stuck at logo and stuck at windows automatic repair screen and stuck at windows installer usb (cannot run repair from windows installer and from itself) and i found it should be hardware problem or bios because it happens on every windows version i used ( fake 7 , fake...
  42. M

    McAfee Internet Security Suite Won't Load on Startup

    As the title states, McAfee doesn't load on start up anymore. Started happening a few days ago after an automatic windows update took place. After the update had me restart, I noticed McAfee hadn't loaded up. Even waiting 30 minutes just to make sure it wasn't just running slow. I can click on...
  43. D

    Toshiba satellite laaptop flashing lights

    Toshiba satellite L35w-3204 click 2. After windows update the system recycled and shut down. Now the orange and white power lights are flashing and the system will not turn on. Unfortunately the L35w-3204 has an internal battery, so it can't be removed. Tried holding down the power button...
  44. M

    Windows update to 8.1

    So if I order a laptop with just windows 8 can I update to 8.1 for free?
  45. S

    Never before seen situation

    Hey guys. I'm currently experiencing a situation where a Windows Update Icon has appeared saying that I installed updates recently, and that there are more important updates to install. I know that I didn't install updates recently, so I opened the window.. and it takes me to a very peculiar...
  46. W

    toshiba laptop keyboard failure after 5/15 update

    keyboard and touchpad do not work after May 2015 Windows update. They work again after system restore to before update. Screen keyboard unaffected. Toshiba says problem with corrupted file(s) caused by Windows update, willing to fix for $100 subscription. Seems like a con. Suggestions, other...
  47. E

    I have an update that tries to load everytime I shutdown - but it won't load and the PC just hangs so I have to force a shutdo

    I have an update that tries to load everytime I shutdown - but it won't load and the PC just hangs so I have to force a shutdown. I've tried to restore but of course it can't shut down properly. How do I find this update and delete it?
  48. S

    dell inspiron 7000 keyboard and touchpad not working after windows update

    Hi guys, I just installed (or let windows install) the latest updates and when my laptop restarted the keyboard and touchpad aren't working im on windows 8.1 and have a dell inspiron 7000 I remember this happening before and I had to remove a specific update. has anyone had the same problem?!
  49. G

    Laptop freezes after installing new components

    Hi, I am working on a dell latitude d630, that was released early 2007, for a client. This laptop came with windows vista 32 bit and has intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00 GHz, and with 2 GB of ram. The laptop was running slow, the windows version was corrupted, and hard drive was also...
  50. A

    yesterdays windows update resulted in black screen

    Our Asus 5kkn series running windows 8 with amd. Restarted after yesterdays windows update with the black screen. We called ASUS , and they walked me through system programs that come up when you start up pressing f9. But nothing helped. Going back to earlier dates, that didnt work. Restoring...
  51. A

    ASUS froze in middle of Windows update

    I have an ASUS laptop pc and it froze right in the middle of a big Windows update. Pressing CTRL ALT Delete did nothing, same for trying to turn if off. Where does ASUS put the batteries so I can remove them, I keep my ASUS plugged in all the time so it doesn't eat battery power. Should I...
  52. M

    Toshiba Satellite C55A Synaptic touch pad not working

    Toshiba C55A Laptop, with genuine OEM windows 8.1 4gb ram with Celeron dual core processor.The Synaptic V7 touch pad stopped working. It stopped working when : Windows update failed Did a system restore Re-installed updates Touch pad still not working Microsoft tech suggested windows...
  53. R

    Laptop suddenly really slow

    So I open up my laptop after a windows update and it's suddenly really slow, taking like 20 seconds to open google on start up, Not displaying some pictures, some videos not starting and just in general slow I also noticed that recently my Laptop has been getting really hot so It could be connected?
  54. W

    no windows update, Etc.

    I'm running win7 home on my aspire. When I boot up, a screen comes up saying "gfxui stopped working". I close the screen and can proceed. Also if I click on Windows update, nothing happens at all. If I go to win explorer and right click on a document, I get a box reading "windows explorer...
  55. I

    Laptop screen gone weird after windows update

    So, my laptop was working perfectly fine before I had to do a windows update that i've been postponing for the last few days and i finally gave in and got it over and done with. However, when the laptop restarted, the screen has gone absolutely pear-shaped... The screen now has a light blue...
  56. F

    Difficulty performing a Microsoft Windows Update to Windows 7 Home Premium OS

    I have a 3 year old HP Pavilion Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. I guess I had assumed that it would automatically run updates, as I have checked all the appropriate boxes in the settings.I assumed that Microsoft was constantly producing updates to their operating systems...
  57. L

    my asus laptop wont even charge or turn on after it shut off mid-windows update..

    No lights will go on to indicate its charging and it wont turn on no matter what. Help please?
  58. G

    ASUS N550JV update offline? possible?

    I want to update my laptop, it is running fine but it looks like I may be able to get more out of it with the bios updates etc etc. I have acquired a few programs which are very expensive and I do not want them to contact their host to upgrade:) So I am wondering if there is any way to put...
  59. M

    Driver Help please!

    Hey guys, I was wondering where are the latest DirectX drivers and the Windows update drivers are as well. Just built a PC and first time driver installation. THANKS!