0x0000185 cannot recover laptop after windows update


Jan 25, 2015
Alienware 17 R2
BIOS version: Ao4
Reg Model: P43F
Reg Type No. P43F001

After a windows update, my girlfriend's PC cannot recover from this error. We've had multiple support techs try to help out on this and nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has worked.

We've tried going through the BIOS and using a disk to restore the files and repair the PC, the bios refused to recognize the CD drive since it was a USB. We can't get past booting due to it instantly going to a blue screen and start up settings only makes it crash back to the blue screen.

We've tried using a USB with a windows 8.1 and then windows 10 ISO to try and fix or just replace the OS didn't work it won't recognize the USB because the BIOS for this alien ware is complete garbage. After that, we were instructed by and IT guy to try and just use a recovery partition which windows 8.1 doesn't even have or if it does we can't get to it due to the PC not booting past the blue screen and if you try anything else it just goes back to the blue screen.

After we were instructed we would have to erase the hard drive we tried taking it out and plugging it into my PC and save the files, we then even tried using a USB and only having her hard drive plugged into my PC then tried to restore its files that way and even then it wouldn't work, no error message either just stayed at a black screen. No matter what this hard drive will not fix itself due to Microsofts update. We have no idea what to do next and I'm all out of ideas, a new PC isn't in the works right now we were planning on building one for her in the next couple months but her laptop dying out now isn't good.

Any idea on what we can do?
It sounds like the hard drive may well be failing, or have failed. When you tried to run in on another computer, did you attach it externally? Rather than internally, and try to access it like you would a cd or thumb drive? If yes, and still it would not load anything/show anything, the drive is probably fried.

Hate to say that, but that is probably where you are. You should be able to just get a new hard drive for it though. Which if you look around you can often get pretty cheap.


Jan 25, 2015

We did it internally cause i thought that was the only way, I believe the boot options were set up in a funky way and screwed with My personal HDD and hers cause my PC had some issues today and i had to do some boot management so maybe the boot order was all fucked up? I really don't know it's all a confusing mess, i did just do some research and it seems something like this
would be good for this kind of situation, but i don't wanna spend money like that and then just have no results, and honestly her PC wasn't performing the best there would be stutters during game sessions and slow down times, so I can totally understand if the HDD is just frying at this point though the HDDs I could find a replacement are kind of like 300$ which I have no idea if that's cheap or expensive regardless that's kind of out of the books so I guess were screwed?
If that is the right one for that drive, and you have a USB 3.0 port, it should work. I would check the sellers return policy on it. You might be able to return it if the drive is toast and the connector is no use to you. You can tell them it wasn't what you needed. Which would actually be true, if the hard drive is bad that is. :)
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