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    Solved! Unable To Boot Bootable Media in Bios. Win 8.1 OS

    My computer will not boot bootable drives/media. I have several bootable USB Drives but my computer will not boot them. When I enter my laptop's bios the bootable drives are listed however non drives will not boot. The drives will boot on other computers but will not do so on mine. I am...
  2. D

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite Boot Problem

    Hello, i am using Windows 7 and i want to install Windows 10. I made a Bootable USB with Windows 10 on it but there is no way i can enter the Boot Menu like its disabled. I tried all the keys that were suggested on Forums for my Laptop and doesnt work, same for the BIOS i cant enter it with all...
  3. Z

    Solved! strange empty blue screen with only cursor in fresh windows installation

    Hi , it's all in the title i have an asus laptop and want to install win 10 (empty HDD disk ) , in the bios all seems normal i create a bootable usb key with rufus , after asus logo i have empty blue screen with only cursor , i made different research in forum , i didn't find a same case . i...
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    Solved! Operating system not found when booting from usb

    Currently I have a bootable usb with kali linux installed, which works perfectly fine on my HP ENVY 15-j151sa. However, when attempting to use on another PC, Fujitsu Esprimo D556/2, the operating system doesn't load and instead displays the image "An operating system wasn’t found. Try...
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    Solved! Clean Install Keeps Crashing - getting different erro message each time

    [Moderator note: Windows 10 System.] 2nd UPDATE: Was able to finally get it all installed, and semi working, still crashes, after doing multiple testing, the Dell scan, tells me that my memory is shot and I need a new card. Which is $120 or so, right now don't have the funds for that. Is...
  6. C

    Bootable USB not reading

    I have just replaced my laptop HDD with an SSD and when I plugged in my bootable USB it says “No bootable device - Insert boot disk and press any key” even after I press a key. My laptop is an Acer es1-521.
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    Hi I need help please to locate an Acer CD/DVD devicedriver : it doesn't have either device

    Hi the disk died in this laptop. I have pulled down win 7 64 bit iso and loaded it to bootable usb stick but after boot it complains about usb video driver missing. I have downloaded every Acer driver I thought might help : it complains driver missing & I pount to a 2nd usb stixch with all the...
  8. Lutfij

    How To Create A Bootable USB Installer For Windows 10

    Windows 10 has slowly become a staple when it comes to a stable, versatile and innovative OS. Compared to Windows 7, it’s now considered a better successor with recent updates. This tutorial will show you how to create a bootable USB installer for Windows 10. Please make sure that the laptop you...
  9. Lutfij

    How To Create A Bootable USB Installer For Windows 8.1

    As of this writing you will not be able to source Windows 8 from Microsoft’s servers. It has been discontinued in favor of Windows 8.1 which, according to the community, is a better OS than Windows 8. This tutorial will show you how to create a bootable USB installer for Windows 8.1. Please make...
  10. Lutfij

    How To Reinstall Windows On Preinstalled Laptop

    We can come across a newly purchased laptop with a preinstalled OS that seems to be glitchy out of the box. Instead of taking a trip back to the store, you decide to reinstall the OS after finding out that your laptops hardware is intact. This tutorial will show you how to reinstall Windows on...
  11. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows On Laptop With Broken Screen

    Life ends up dishing out the most unexpected of events. You were just preparing to install Windows on your laptop until someone brushed up against the power brick and snagged the laptop to fall you’re your desk space, corner first onto a hard marbled floor. Now you have a broken screen and you’d...
  12. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows Laptops Without CD Drive

    Advancements in technology and improved lithography have paved the way towards powerful components on a smaller die package. This eventually gave birth to slimmer, lower profile laptops. Although providing a solution, it’s brought up challenges and compromises along the way. Do you have a laptop...
  13. P

    Windows 10 bootable usb infected?

    I've been trying to clean my pc after a recent infection so i've tried Dbaning my HDDand clean installing windows... yet i keep getting a recurring virus which is taking up my disk % and slowing my pc down. So i'm wondering perhaps if the usb i install windows with is infected and if it is how...
  14. A

    Bootable USB/DVD, not formatting Windows 10

    Hello, I made USB and DVD bootable for formatting my laptop. I tried different booting application. In BIOS in the BOOT section I made USB/DVD first to start from them. Then I saved and exit. And PC just opens normally. Like I didn't do something?
  15. S

    Compaq 6910p boot disc help

    I have a Compaq 6910p laptop with a broken screen and i want to install linux on it, only problem is it doesnt send a signal to the monitor in the bios screen. Can someone tell me the button inputs to boot from a usb drive?
  16. M

    Can't load from a usb

    Hello, my laptop currently has Windows 10 and Aptio Setup Utility. I've been trying to boot from an bootable usb, but whatever solutions i try to find online, it just doesn't seem to have what I need. For example, I do not have CSM or Secure Boot or Fast Boot options. Image of main...
  17. canexicans

    Toshiba Satellite powers off instantly without warning, I'm paralyzed so that's bad because I cannot push the button myself.

    It usually happens after starting a 2nd or 3rd application. The surest bets to cause it involve videos or Java, maybe Flash but not confined to. It doesn't "Shutdown" or go through any process. It's just instant off which means no log. (I like Who Crashed Me but it can't help me this time) As...
  18. I

    Windows 10 bootable USB not detected in BIOS (Samsung Laptop)

    This is going to be a long and thorough post. First of all, I have a Samsung NP530U3B-A02ID (laptop) purchased in around 2012. It came with 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium but I wanted to upgrade it to Windows 10 by completely wiping everything off of it. I downloaded a 32-bit Windows 10 ISO...
  19. D

    Lost Password Samsung Laptop Win 7HP i3

    I am locked out of my laptop I am locked out of my laptop with the baby’s and kids’ pictures and other family memorabilia as grandparents are on their way to visit for the holidays. Help!. So created a bootable USB drive on a (Dell) desktop using free recovery and IOS apps. Separately, I was...
  20. J

    please help LINUX/ windows 7

    hello all, Last night I tried Linux Mint from my PC through a bootable usb, this AM when I tried to log on to windows i recieved the message, "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem... its asks to insert installation disc which of...
  21. V

    Bootable usb of kali not working

    I am trying to create a live usb of kali linux, but my lenovo laptop is not booting from it, any ideas?
  22. S

    Samsung bootmgr is missing

    Hi All !! Need help !! After re-installing the windows 7 on my samsung 700z3a it's not booting the windows .. it's just showing bootmgr is missing .. Things i tried !! 1- Installation of different window iso 2- already did system repair 3- already did that cmd "command "rebuildbcd" windows...
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    Old HP Mini wouldnt detect bootable USB

    hai i've got a problematic notebook (hp mini) laying around so i thought i want to install windows 10 on it and see if the problem goes away. it is currently running a Windows 7. so i created bootable usb using rufus, and plugged in the usb on the notebook, but sadly it didnt boot from my usb...
  24. A

    USB and Optical Drive not available in Boot Menu

    Hi All: First of all, this community has been a lifesaver previously -- I cannot count the number of times I have found solutions here, so first, thank you. I am home on vacation at my parents house and, as is often the case, am finding myself wanting to run as thorough an antivirus scan as...
  25. B

    Computer Turns On, but NO Display on Monitor because of the infected bootable usb

    Hi guys, hope you can answer my question here. I used a virused bootable usb (Linux Ubuntu) on my laptop, I didn't know that my brother had used my bootable usb in a infected computer. My monitor never turned on since that time. It was working properly when my last use on it :(. Now, I'm...
  26. S

    Lenovo Thinkpad E560 Not booting

    Hello Everyone, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E560 and my problem is the following: When i turn on the machine i have the standard lenovo greeting screen and the line that says: To interrupt normar starting sequence press Enter, but it doesn't matter if i press anything or not. I always get the...
  27. S

    Executing file during booting

    If i have an exe file in a bootable usb, then can i execute that file during booting?
  28. C

    C850D wrong bios ( insyde bios, probably from Toshiba C875D? )

    Hi all, Toshiba C850D-11C (PSCC2E-00h00nn5) freeze after POST, after 0 key (hd recovery), without any info on CSM(just toshiba logo and frozen post, numlock frozen, i can enter bios if i fastpress f2 first 1-2 sec after turning on pc ) and with "no booting device"(picture 1) on UEFI settings in...
  29. G

    My Acer Aspire ES1-251 won't boot into USB.

    I have a bootable USB. My Acer Aspire ES1-251 won't boot into it. The USB drives are set to first priority. Help please!!!
  30. C

    Infinite Boot Loop Windows 10, Refresh Just Errors, BIOS Cannot Detect Bootable USB, Need to reload Windows

    Hi using Asus G75VW, windows 10. Got a blue screen that said Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. Stop code: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED What failed: nvlddmkm.sys (This is for graphics card) Was able to get out of infinite boot into recovery mode. Didn't work: Automatic...
  31. M

    Acer laptop - Cannot boot from bootable USB

    Hello everyone, My friend's laptop is currently on Windows 10, but somehow he managed to screw the system and can no longer boot into Windows. I I have used Rufus to create a bootable USB and I also have tried to reinstall the Windows through USB device, but the laptop did not recognise the...
  32. D

    0x0000185 cannot recover laptop after windows update

    Alienware 17 R2 BIOS version: Ao4 Reg Model: P43F Reg Type No. P43F001 After a windows update, my girlfriend's PC cannot recover from this error. We've had multiple support techs try to help out on this and nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has worked. We've tried going through the BIOS...
  33. A

    Basics of EFI, UEFI, and Bios. Please help me learn this

    I am confused how all of these work. I can somehow use them correctly, but i want to make sure i know what is happening. Here are some of my confusions: I like windows, but i hate mac. I also have like... no money... and only macs. I have an old hard drive from my laptop, and I plug it in...
  34. X

    Creating a bootable usb with the Samsung Magician Secure Erase tool from a PC that does not have the SSD

    Is it possible to create a bootable usb with the Samsung Magician Secure Erase tool from a computer that does not have a SSD? When I installed Magician on my laptop, all the options in the software are grayed out, seemingly because there is no compatible SSD on the system. Can I not create a...
  35. S

    Problems when installing Windows 7 in MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 6QE Skylake

    Hi!!! I recently bought the laptop MSI GS60 6QE (Skylake version). It has Windows 10 pre-installation included as factory settings. However, I bought this laptop for using it with Windows 7, as my job demands to use this OS. When trying to install Windows 7 from a booteable USB pen drive in...
  36. X

    Can't install windows 10 through bootable usb drive in my pc

    I tried to install windows 10 through a bootable usb drive but as soon as i do that my pc ask me to press F9 to go to xpress recovery2 which when i do it says to install it first i seriously need to install windows 10 thanks
  37. N

    windows 2 go

    i am trying to create a windows 2 go bootable USB. Does windows 2 go leave traces of activity /log files / temp files/ software used etc on the host pc? essentially i travel for work and need to be sure my activity on another persons computer is not left behind, to ensure privacy
  38. K

    My Laptop Keeps Restarting and I Cant Boot from CD/USB to format it. Please Help.

    I Got MSI Ge62 2QD Laptop I Attempt to Reset it's System since i only left 1gb space at my System Memory (128gb SSD) But during the reset process it error at 34%, i spam retry and it just wont continue, So I Decided to Restart it but my laptop won't boot anymore it just keep restarting. I...
  39. B

    Bootable usb won't work on windows 10

    Hello there! I have been trying to create a bootable usb but without succes. I used: Universal USB installer 32-bit iso image from 16gb USB I have tried to change the boot order and disable safe boot. Please help! :-) Best regards, Oliver
  40. A

    bootable usb for windows 8.1

    on msi laptop notebook cx61 2pc 499us missing drive partition wont restore came standard with windows 8.1 upgraded to windows 10
  41. P

    USB boot up on an old ASUS laptop

    I have an ASUS A42J and I need to boot from a bootable USB drive with Windows 7 as my OS on the hard drive has fallen apart. But within the F2 BIOS there is no list of any USB to give priority. How can I boot my machine from a bootable USB drive?
  42. A

    my laptop ASUS SonicMaster is not booting from a bootable USB

    I'd say I'm doing everything good in the BIOS -I've goot my bootable USB with parrot security 3.0 64 bites on my 64 bytes laptop -I've enabled "launch CSM" -I've changed the boot order priority to my Toshiba pen drive 16GB and I've also tryed whit a KingstonDT108 -I've tryed with the file...
  43. V

    Endless Loading Laptop

    Hello, so i fixed my windows 7 installation and now i have another problem. When i try to turn on my laptop it starts loading windows and its loading like 7 minutes. When it loads i log in to my desktop and then my icons are loading FOREVER like really forever and i cant do anything. I tried to...
  44. B

    Total trouble with OS booting

    Hi.... I have the total big trouble with OS booting in Medion AKOYA S221x notebook. before this sh*t be all OK, but yesterday some how automatically on pc hardware be set Bitlocker. Ok, I all the files I deleted from hardware. And now the Problem, when I plug the flash drive(bootable usb with...
  45. K

    Fujitsu Laptop Memory Diagnostic Problem

    I am trying to help a friend with a Fujitsu AH531 laptop that runs Windows 10 and has developed an issue where it will after a few minutes usage give a BSOD which states “PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA (snp2uvc.sys)” I have researched the error and learnt that it can often relate to memory errors...
  46. K

    Anvi Rescue Disk Help

    Trying to run Anvi Rescue Disk as a boot disk. Windows 7 is not booting in safe mode or any other mode. Success! The ANVI Rescue Disk worked great. I saved my files and copied them to a USB. Hard drive was slowly failing. Bought a new one for $75. Reinstalled windows and now it is...
  47. A

    USB Boot Device not recognised

    Hi Guys Not quite a laptop issue, similar threads have helped me get this far, so I'm hoping someone can give me a pointer to get the rest of the way. I recently (read: monday) put together a new computer. After much handwringing, re-building and stealing an old ps2 connector keyboard, I was...
  48. R

    Installed only command line Linux Debian by MISTAKE

    Hello guys! I have here a nice compaq 6710b from HP that I wanted to recycle with Linux to give it some speed. I managed to install Debian on it, but the problem is that I screwed the installation and Debian is installed in command line ONLY, no graphical interface. I tried to install other...
  49. 2

    help my friend

    my friend is using a windows 8 hp and he has a boot USB (hirens sandisk 15.2) and it wont work his computer wont boot with or without the USB please help me Please someone help if he does not get it fixed his dad will kick his butt and not allow him to get on any laptop ever again, this is his...
  50. A

    Acer laptop won't boot or go in to advanced setup options

    I've tried doing it with a USB. I'm sure I've done what I am required to do in order to launch from the USB that is. It will enter the Acer loading screen and start loading, then go to a black screen. I'm not sure what to do.
  51. M

    Can't boot into Windows nor BIOS - Lenovo y510p

    A little backstory for this trainwreck. I have a 25Gb ssd on my Lenovo y510p and i wanted to use it as a boot drive. After I did it, suddenly 14Gb left my 1TB Drive and just float there in the partitions. I don't know why and how, and I couldn't extend the drive, but i could extend the SSD, and...
  52. J

    Cant enter bios on Laptop

    Hey, Does anyone know how to access the bios of the Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-a-15Q, I believe the laptop is in fast boot mode so I am unable to get into it, I am trying to boot from USB as it has a password on in which is unknown, (old family members), thanks. I have tried holding down F2 and...
  53. AtotehZ

    Packard Bell EN TE69KB Reformat Win8.1

    Hey guys, I'm reformatting a laptop for a friend. It's a Packard Bell EN TE69KB. I've already obtained the drivers and I have the Win8.1 installation on a bootable USB drive made with Rufus. What I want is to erase everything on the laptop and install an operating system of my own. The BIOS...
  54. RobertasK

    Problems installing OS on laptop with ssd

    Hello guys i have problem its when i try to install windows 7 from usb on laptop it freezes on installation screen, bios sucks can do anything on it even cant change mode from achi to sata(there isnt any option), My laptop model : asus eee pc 1101ha Any suggestions? Sorry for bad english
  55. M

    Laptop won't boot after boot order was changed

    Hi, The other day I wanted to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10, and I created a bootable USB. The Internet guided me to change the boot order to boot USB first. However, after changing it, the laptop won't boot at all, not even BIOS. The screen stays black, the disk activity indicator lights...
  56. S

    Can't boot from CD/USB? (Windows 10) Help?

    Hi all. Thanks for all your advice on choosing a laptop last week. I've just bought a Lenovo Yoga 500 15.6" and love the feel and look of it, but I've encountered a problem. The amount of bloatware is rather annoying so I wanted to do what I've always done on previous laptops or PCs of mine. I...
  57. M

    Can't access BIOS after changing to CSM

    I have a Toshiba L50-A0424 laptop. I created a Win10 bootable USB and tried using it on the laptop. This didn't work with UEFI so I read somewhere that if I changed to CSM I could boot from the USB. Bad mistake! The laptop is now stuck on the 'Check cable connection. PXE-MOF error. To make...
  58. S

    Windows ISO Question

    Hopefully this goes here, wasn't sure which subtopic to put this under... Anyways I had a question about using a bootable flash drive for Windows. Does Microsoft update their ISO files? So for example, if I download the Windows 10 ISO and make a bootable flash drive will that ISO download...
  59. THRobinson

    Cloning / Image Software Bootable from USB

    I haven't created an image in probably 12yrs... so not sure what's the best options anymore. I used Norton Ghost and I think it may have been Win98SE, burnt to disc. I'm building a new system that will have a 250GB SSD primary and 1TB HDD secondary drive. I plan to install Win7x64 SP1 and...
  60. M

    How to install iso via bootable usb?

    I can't for the life of me find any information on install a software iso from a bootable usb. All information I've found is to use the usb to install OS... But I want to install a software iso without having to download virtual drive software like daemon. Any help please?