Acer laptop - Cannot boot from bootable USB


Oct 2, 2014
Hello everyone,

My friend's laptop is currently on Windows 10, but somehow he managed to screw the system and can no longer boot into Windows. I

I have used Rufus to create a bootable USB and I also have tried to reinstall the Windows through USB device, but the laptop did not recognise the USB. What I got from boot option are the HDD and the CD drive.The strange thing is my PC recognise and can boot from that USB, but not that laptop.

The CD drive is still working, but it will take a few days until I can get my hand on some blank CDs.

Any suggestion to make the laptop recognise my bootable USB?

Many thanks


Sep 16, 2010

What exact model of laptop?
Without this how can we look up if it is possible
Though only very old laptops do not boot off usb devices

Was there no boot off usb option or it did not work?

You need fat or fat 32 format not ntfs On bootable usb windows disks

Also you will need a dvd-r. Not cd-r for windows vista onwards

Mike Barnes


Oct 2, 2014


The model of the laptop is Aspire 5742Z. In the boot option, it has "USB FDD" and "USB HDD".

Yesterday, when using Rufus, I used the option "select ISO image" and let the Rufus select the option for me. However, the file system always stays as NTFS and when I try to change it, Rufus said the ISO image is not compatible with FAT32. The ISO was Windows 10 and even Windows 7 installer.

I'm trying to manually create an USB bootable drive and copy the content of the ISO to the USB directly. Will let you know if this method work.
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