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  1. M

    Question I have a touchscreen on my laptop but it doesn't play well with my mouse.

    I'm using a secondary touchscreen with my Win 11 laptop for controlling some virtual instruments on Cubase. Whenever I touch it, it takes the mouse pointer off of the main screen and moves it to the touchscreen. Moving it back isn't particularly easy or convenient to say the least. Is there a...
  2. H

    Question G15 Zephyrus running slow

    I recently purchased an open box geek squad certified G15 Zephyrus . Upon startup, the windows 11 setup feature felt...
  3. mrmike16

    Question What is currently the most reliable mid-range laptop brand?

    And is this RescueCom report accurate? - I find it hard to believe that Lenovo is up there with Microsoft. Laptops these days seem to break within 2 years or have issues if you don't get a...
  4. D

    Question Why does Windows say that most of my space is being used on apps_

    So, Windows says that most of my space (170 GB) is being used by applications when the heaviest one is 700 mb. Why is this?
  5. DarkBot

    Question Dual Booting

    Hey, I recently wanted to dual boot Windows with Ubuntu. My Windows was supposed to be on my NVME drive and Ubuntu on my old SATA SSD. When I was checking if my PC could handle it I found out, that my BIOS is somewhat "broken". It doesn't show up that my NVME is connected even though I...
  6. plshelpmygateway

    Solved! I downgraded my gateway laptop but I need drivers.

    I downgraded my laptop to Windows 8.0 because windows 10 is slow. I need drivers so I can use it again. Gateway's website is completely useless, since when you click "Download Drivers" It just redirects to the purchase screen. Please Help! My model is GWTC116-2BL
  7. J

    Solved! Had a virus and i THINK i solved it

    As the title says I had a virus on my laptop, but I think I solved it, although i have some questions and worries about the whole situation. I will explain in detail exactly what happened. Last night I downloaded a game setup from a site ive been using for years (never had this happen b4), i...
  8. T

    Question Can’t use Company Locked LapTop

    Hello, I‘ve seen some similar Questions but I got an old Company LapTop that I can’t use. I first installed Ubuntu and that worked without any problems but now that I wanted to use Windows(I installed completely after a Factory Reset), the first thing after Windows is installed is a Login Page...
  9. T

    Question Laptop restarts randomly only when I am using it, it works fine while the laptop is in idle state

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5379 convertible laptop which is around 3.5 years old. I serviced my laptop last year (not from a Dell service center) and the CPU thermal paste of the laptop was replaced. Now my laptop started to switch off suddenly. It does not restart or switch off while the laptop is...
  10. R

    Solved! USB 3.0 port only works for 2.0 electronics

    One of my laptop's USB 3.0 ports seemed to have died, as it wouldn't detect my external hard drive (the drive powers up normally, it just isn't detected by Windows), though connecting it to another port worked fine. I tried the regular stuff - Disk Management didn't show it, deleting everything...
  11. N

    Question What is the best practice for servers migration via Gs RichCopy 360?

    I am migrating from windows server 2012 to windows server 2016 R2, I want to ask about copying all data and copying the updated data only. I am asking if I would do a Copy All to try and get the whole data and then to copy the updated data only just before the cut? Any help from the experts with...
  12. S

    Question Laptop monitor died, external monitor not working.

    I have a HP branded laptop, the model name is unspecified. The laptop specifications are: CPU: AMD Athlon Silver 3050U GPU: Integrated Radeon Vega 8 (I think) RAM: 1x16GB 2666Mhz (Clocked to 2400) DDR4 Storage: -Boot: 128GB M.2 -Other: 1TB 5400RPM Seagate Barracuda OS: Windows 10 Home Other...
  13. sidshan

    Solved! Hard Disk is crashed? or what?

    I am using a core2duo intel processor, with windows 10, but my PC gets hang when I try to do some small multitasking. Then, one of my friend suggested me to install the windows 7 to avoid the hang issue. The next day I was installing the windows 7 on my PC, but the windows installation process...
  14. E

    Question Windows Defender and Automatic Sample Submission

    Could you please help with a few questions about Defender Antivirus in Windows 10, after recently getting the 'review files' question, clicking send, only to find nothing happened as the file had either moved or been deleted, I am wondering wether to use Automatic Sample Submission, I had...
  15. ruslruslrusl1

    How To SOLUTION - Laptop Plugged In, Not Charging in Windows 7/8/10

    I'm seeing many posts lately about issues in Windows 7/8/10 laptop batteries showing "Plugged in not charging" and after much research and trial and error I wanted to share what finally worked for me. I had this same issue on my Acer Aspire ES1-711 laptop with "non-removable battery" running...
  16. omar muzzammil

    Solved! Is <<removed>> legit for downloads?

    Hi, Anyone used <<removed by Moderator>> to download microsoft windows bootable iso ? I have original product keys but never have used this website before, need reviews. Thanks
  17. Y

    Free 2TB USB Flash Drive as Reward for Anyone that Solves the Issue of Failure/Dirty Drive

    Free 2TB USB Flash Drive as Reward for Anyone that Solves the Issue of Failure/Dirty Drive. I am good at searching out fixes and using them. This, I believe, in spite of some (years) old posted issues and a few new similar ones - is new. I am certain these drives are 'good'. These are not 'fake'...
  18. Blaxck

    Question Metasploit refusing to work on windows , what can i do?;

    i have disabled antivirus and real time protection but it swtill prevents it from installing. I have tried several ways. Although i know this works quite well on linux buyt why is it not installing on windows is what i dont know.
  19. E

    Solved! Lose internet connection in browsers

    Hello, I am seeking help from you guys regarding my internet connection that i keep loosing every now and then. What's weird about it is, i would be working normaly in Chrome or Firefox and suddenly it tells me that i no longer have internet connection, all thought the network icon in the task...
  20. snehpriya

    Solved! How to transfer files from laptop to my iPhone X

    I was looking to transfer some files on my windows laptop but when I connect my iPhone to USB it's only performing changing. it doesn't le me copy and paste any data from windows to iOS device.
  21. KloneCSGO

    Question PUBG Lite launcher error

    I'm had installed the PUBG lite launcher from here but it refuses to start. Getting error- launcher updater error: 0x1600000005 Any help would be appreciated Please help!
  22. Y

    Any free online virtual machines?

    Are there any free online Linux or Windows virtual machines?
  23. B

    Solved! Windows 10 crashing, shows 'No boot device found' and sometimes boots up perfectly and then crashes

    I looked up this problem and found a few threads with similar problem to mine. In those threads people suggested that it could be due to hard disk failure. I tried out a tool name Hard Disk Sentinel to check the health of my hard drive and it showed that my hard drive health is excellent and it...
  24. F

    Determine last time sd card connected

    Is there a way to find out the last time a sd card was plugged into my laptop? I have access to the laptop but not the sd card. I lost a sd card that was plugged into my laptop, and am trying to narrow down when, hence where it was last connected. My laptop is running Windows 8. I know no...
  25. K

    Solved! (Perplexing) Windows often (sometimes) failed to boot, while Linux mostly boots fine.

    I bought 2 HP Elitebooks 8730w 17" laptops for less than $150 each back in 2017. One of them works fine, while the other constantly often fails to boot Windows. It fails about 70-80% of the time (at least). While Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) will be successfull (at least 90% of the time). For Windows...
  26. shad0walker

    Question Strange behavior of my laptop

    Hello. I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50 - 70. Apart from the slow start, many apps do not open them, Google chrome first of all. Some open them only as an administrator. Sometimes it starts the task manager, sometimes not even that starts me. If I try to uninstall / install some programs, it...
  27. C

    Solved! Distorted screen after using

    HELP!! After using my laptop for about 5-10 minutes, the laptop hangs and shows vertical with distorted colors and stuff. The windows is inaccessible on that stage and the only way to turn the laptop off is to turn it off with the power button manually. I really need help. I'M JUST NEW HERE...
  28. S

    I can't do anything, stuck at windows logo at startup after a few BSOB loops

    So I just bought a Lenovo Legion Y530 a few weeks ago and it was working fine until I got a random Blue Screen of death while playing earlier with my friends. Specs: I7 8750H 16GB RAM 128GB SSD 1TB HDD GTX 1050ti So my experience went like this: I was playing a game with my friends when...
  29. K

    Solved! How to control embedded sound clips in Wordperfect?

    I'm using Wordperfect x7 and x9 (on different computers). I have a Wordperfect file that lists a lot of song ideas I've jotted down. I recorded each song idea as a wav file when I saw that you can insert a sound clip into a Wordperfect document in wav format. However, it seems VERY strange to...
  30. Goran Petric

    Question Windows stuck at installation on laptop

    This is ages old problems, was reading all day thro all the posts on the interwebz, but no real solution for laptops (lots of people fixed it by removing cd drives or extra hard drives, i have none of this on laptop) I took friends Toshiba Sattelite laptop for 'repair', its bit older model with...
  31. N

    Solved! HP Compaq nx6125 - Windows failed to start - boot configuration data error

    My HP Compaq nx6125 is not working properly. I can see the following message on the display Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. File:\Boot\BCD Status: 0xc0000034 Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data...
  32. H

    Solved! looking for a solution for windows system recovery

    I have a Lenovo g50-80. when I power it on it shows windows system recovery and in the boot options it is set the default to start windows normally and then the windows boot animation is seen and after the animation ends I can see only my cursor with dimmed out brightness on my screen. I have...
  33. A

    Solved! Windows not installing on my laptop but installing on another laptop with the same hdd

    So my windows is not installing on my main laptop, but when i switched the hdd from my laptop to my friends laptop i can install it, on my laptop it usually stays stuck at 0% and with a diffrent version of windows 10 it says windows can't format a partition on disk 0, can i install w10 on my hdd...
  34. Q

    Solved! Acer aspire wont load windows

    Hi everyone,I need your acer aspire touch screen E5-471P wont load the windows jst stays blank after loading past acer screen.
  35. P

    Solved! editing a audio file

    Hi I have a Geediar voice recorder an a recording on it that I need to upload to my windows computer, and edit the length. when i plug it into the computer its seems to be automaitcall y be saved to music groove. i want to play and save and edit it in quick time, any tips, how also should i save...
  36. P

    Solved! can't install windows 7 ultimate in HP

    i am unable to install windows 7 ultimate in my PC
  37. J

    R420S VivoBook Windows Hello?

    Hello I recently bought an ASUS Vivobook R420S (R420SA-RS01-BL) and I just looked up the specs out of curiosity and found a pic on google of the laptop with the Windows Hello greeting at the top of the screen and I went and looked in my settings and it says Windows Hello is not compatible. Am I...
  38. O

    Solved! Charger unplug and plug automatically in windows when it's on !?

    Hey guys you good ? I have a problem I can't understand , it's been 2 weeks since I faced this , charger's connected to my laptop so when I look in windows I see it plugged and fine but sometimes it unplugs then plugs automatically so I said lemme take a look at the lamp in my laptop which says...
  39. J

    Solved! Asus x555l's Windows button doesn't work sometimes and mouse cursor sometimes disappears

    Sometimes, the Windows button doesn't work, and the pop up doesn't show. In addition, the mouse cursor sometimes disappears.
  40. J

    Solved! I have the product key for Windows 10. How do I download Windows !0 so I can use my product key? Thank You.

    [b]I have the product key for Windows 10. How do I download Windows !0 so I can use my product key? Thank You.
  41. L

    Solved! Windows problem installation

    I am have a doubt regarding windows installation. I would like to know whether i can flash windows 10 usb 2.0 drive through 3.0 port
  42. B

    Lenovo thinkpad P51s stuck in boot manager.

    My thinkpad (P51s, windows 10) crashed. Now when I start it up I see the lenovo splash screen that says to interupt normal startup, press enter. Then it will go to the boot menu (blue and gray screen with two tabs, boot menu and app menu, under boot menu my options are windows boot manager and...
  43. I

    Solved! Asus windows broken

    So I have an Asus n551jx (windows 8.1 pro) and it gets stuck on the Asus in search of incredible screen every time I start the laptop and after a few minutes it goes to a black screen that says reboot and select proper boot media. So i have the windows disk I have tried using it in this screen...
  44. M

    Solved! Help to remove keylogger

    Hello, I have this problem on my personal PC. Some time ago programs started minimizing and opening again, then in chat it started to type some random letters. After that I saw it type words from my previous conversation. I did some research figured out it was keylogger, I have ran antivirus to...
  45. M

    Solved! Factory Resetting Acer Predator G9-739

    My question here is, If I use Windows Media Creation to factory reset the Acer Predator, would the features (Acer and Predatorsense) still be there after I factory reset my laptop back to normal. Because I've spent $1,750 on this gaming laptop and I hate for it to break on me again. Hopefully...
  46. A

    Solved! Will uninstalling bitdefender internet security remove my product key

    I need to uninstall the bitdefender internet security off of my windows to test if it impacts a lot on my Cpu performance. Will uninstalling the program disable my product code? Or will I be able to reinstall it couple of days later? Please answer if only you know. Thanks in advance
  47. R

    How to Run Windows Software on a MacBook Pro

    Windows based PCs have always been the primary choice of a lot of users due to the vast array of software and applications available for the platform and also the ease of access. However, what the MacBook provides is a whole new level of speed computing and also a variety of features and...
  48. S

    Solved! Letters pop up in the wrong place when I type them-right letters, wrong place

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7
  49. S

    Windows updates fails

    I have built PC and its been working for last 4 years with no issues. I have upgraded windows 10 pro and recent updates 2018-09 , its not completing windows properly and always holding with Initializing and never comes out of it. I tried to stop windows update service and reboot the PC and it...
  50. F

    1 month problem

    how could i fix my asus smart gesture if this problem always pop up when im trying to install it? "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the set up did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." this is always poping in...
  51. B

    Solved! Windows Boot Problems (windows 10)

    Windows Boot problems. (windows 10) Hi I've had some problems with my pc that I can't seem to fix myself even though I've tried just about everything I can think of.. So, a week ago my pc bluescreened while I was playing a game, it said I would restart and I let it, after the restart I was...
  52. M

    Is it OK to install wifiinfoview?

    Hi, a wifi dongle developer suggested me to install a Wifi Scanner and send a screenshot to him to see why I have slow wifi connection. Usually I don't install unknown software on my computer due to possible virus and other security concern. Is it OK to install the following app? I googled it...
  53. N

    Solved! Asus laptop stuck

    My laptop was updating and it got shut up during the update now I'm getting an install windows message on the loading screen the message says "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click "ok" to restart...
  54. N

    Can't Install Windows on Laptop

    Hi guys. So i got this laptop and whenever i try to install any windows it will get to either windows logo or into installation but then it will crash and it will do same thing over and over. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks
  55. K

    Solved! Where to get windows CD with Licence

    Answer ME ASAP
  56. R

    How to Get a Photo Viewer like Windows on your MacBook Pro

    The MacBook Pro is a machine built with the intention of providing the maximum amount of ease of access. This entails a variety of applications and features which are available only in a MacBook and these make it a much better PC than a Windows one. However, there are certain features of a...
  57. T

    Windows not detecting low battery - Laptop cuts out when capacity is low

    Hi, I'm running a Clevo custom laptop that I've had for 3 years now with various upgrades including a new battery. The battery is about 2 and a half years old and I have a feeling it's starting to show it's age. Recently, I've experienced the issue of Windows 10 not recognising when the...
  58. W

    Smallest Battery PC with Large Memory

    What is the smallest, battery powered Windows-comparable PC that can host 32GB of RAM & USB3 ports? I drive astro cameras (ZWO ASI183s using SharpCap for Windows) at 300+f/s, buffering full frames into RAM for subsequent storage: the more RAM the better. No real need for GPU, especially as such...
  59. T

    Solved! No bootable device - Please help!

    Hey guys! I just bought an expensive Gigabyte gaming notebook from somebody. He showed me it working and I was more than happy with it. However, after I tried to do a refresh of Windows to erase all of his personal files it gave me an error message, and it was cancelled. I then did something in...
  60. P

    Solved! Windows reinstallation prepering loop

    My power went out while i was installing windows and now my computer turns on, says preparing, and turns off. i do not own a dvd or isb copy of windows since this was a pre built computer. Any help would be appreciated.