Question I have a touchscreen on my laptop but it doesn't play well with my mouse.


Dec 7, 2022
I'm using a secondary touchscreen with my Win 11 laptop for controlling some virtual instruments on Cubase. Whenever I touch it, it takes the mouse pointer off of the main screen and moves it to the touchscreen. Moving it back isn't particularly easy or convenient to say the least. Is there a way to prevent Windows from behaving this way? I really want to use the touchscreen as if it were a separate device, not interfering with the mouse control of my main display.
Jan 17, 2023
You can make this work as you want it to using Touch mouse Tools. It basically stops your touchscreen from messing with your mouse pointer. A friend of mine uses it for music production. I believe it hooks the mouse input and puts the pointer back where it belongs in any situation in which the touch input has moved it.