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    Question I have a touchscreen on my laptop but it doesn't play well with my mouse.

    I'm using a secondary touchscreen with my Win 11 laptop for controlling some virtual instruments on Cubase. Whenever I touch it, it takes the mouse pointer off of the main screen and moves it to the touchscreen. Moving it back isn't particularly easy or convenient to say the least. Is there a...
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    Solved! Plugged old mouse into two laptops and both of them broke

    Hi, the mouse that I have been using broke so I found an old mouse at home that I used 7-8 years ago. As soon as I plugged it into my laptop, the laptop turned off and wouldn’t turn back on. It won’t even show any light or indication that it has power. I then plugged the mouse into a different...
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    Question How can I connect mouse and PC to phone at the same time?

    Hello, I am an automation tester and I need a special connection between smartphone, device, and mouse. Could I connect a mouse to the phone, meanwhile controlling the phone from a PC from Android Studio via USB? I need to handle this scenario to make tests faster. Thank you a lot. ~...