Apr 26, 2022

I recently wanted to dual boot Windows with Ubuntu. My Windows was supposed to be on my NVME drive and Ubuntu on my old SATA SSD. When I was checking if my PC could handle it I found out, that my BIOS is somewhat "broken". It doesn't show up that my NVME is connected even though I already had all important stuff set to legacy and normally was using it with Windows. Sadly with it being set to legacy, I can only use NVME as a boot drive. When I tried to install Ubuntu on that SATA SSD just because I was bored, the installation showed me some dumb error. When I solved them, the installation was frozen. I gave up after waiting literally 10 minutes and tried booting up Windows and forget about it. That's when I found out that my NVME was completely wipped and BIOS was set back from legacy to it's original. So that's why I am here... is it possible to SOMEHOW dual boot with NVME and SATA simantinously, thanks.