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  1. DarkBot

    Question Dual Booting

    Hey, I recently wanted to dual boot Windows with Ubuntu. My Windows was supposed to be on my NVME drive and Ubuntu on my old SATA SSD. When I was checking if my PC could handle it I found out, that my BIOS is somewhat "broken". It doesn't show up that my NVME is connected even though I...
  2. T

    Question Can’t use Company Locked LapTop

    Hello, I‘ve seen some similar Questions but I got an old Company LapTop that I can’t use. I first installed Ubuntu and that worked without any problems but now that I wanted to use Windows(I installed completely after a Factory Reset), the first thing after Windows is installed is a Login Page...
  3. jmucyo8


    HDMI was working perfectly before but lately whenever I turn on my pc (Dell g3590), I see the ubuntu logo but after that my monitor displays no signal. My laptop's screen is broken so I don't know what's going on. so what is going on and how do I fix it.
  4. T

    Question Laptop restarts randomly only when I am using it, it works fine while the laptop is in idle state

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5379 convertible laptop which is around 3.5 years old. I serviced my laptop last year (not from a Dell service center) and the CPU thermal paste of the laptop was replaced. Now my laptop started to switch off suddenly. It does not restart or switch off while the laptop is...
  5. msahin

    Solved! Laptop battery not working anymore

    Hello everyone. I have an ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA (UX410UQK), which I've been using for 3.5 years. I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and since then I've been having all kinds of problems with my battery. My laptop would just shutdown when the battery level would be around 30%. So I...
  6. D

    Solved! buying advice needed: i am looking for a convertible laptop with stylus support that is (at least somewhat) ubuntu compatible

    Hello everyone, since my old laptop probably won't make it past the end of this month i've been scouring the internet all day for a convertible laptop with a touch screen as a replacement. Because of my very specific needs i've found only the lenovo yoga 920 (version: Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM...
  7. T

    Solved! on windows 10 my vmware ubuntu 16 image im using to practice for an important upcoming competition doesnt work..

    I am running windows 10 with a ryzen 3 2200g with a gtx 1050. With my vm, i am running Ubuntu 16.04 on an image with vulnerabilities as im practicing for the cpxi national semis. I need help solving my issue. When i lauch the vm, no issues. I know the password, when i sign in, it black screens...
  8. C

    Solved! Computer doesn't charge when on suspend

    Hi everyone, I have an Asus UX430U laptop running Ubuntu (Kernel 4.15) and I recently noticed that when i plug the computer when it is on suspend it doesn't charge anymore. However it works very well when it is powered off, or when it is powered on. I don't know where it might come from. The...
  9. N

    Solved! Black screen on boot, and when booting into Windows. Screen works when booting into Ubuntu

    Hello again, I posted a while back, and this time I have more information as I have been trying to figure out the issue, but it's still not working. Things that haven't changed: Everything is visible when using an external display. There is no power to the screen during boot, the grub menu...
  10. S

    Solved! my hp envy ae008tx laptop, is making grinding, scratching, buzzing sound

    my hp envy ae008tx laptop, is making grinding, scratching, buzzing sound while scrolling mouse or playing any videos when i am using it without AC charger, when charger is plug in its working fine but whenever i am removing charger and scrolling mouse it starts again . I have even changed 3...
  11. A

    Solved! Factory reset dual boot windows 10 & ubuntu 16.04LTS lenovo g50-80 lap

    I have a lot of junk in my lap Both in Ubuntu as well as Windows 10. I want to factory reset my lap n remove both the OS and install windows 8. Can anyone help?
  12. K

    Inspiron Gaming 7567 Wireless Problem - Doens't recognize

    Hi guys. I have a weird problem which is driving me crazy. I have a Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567. It came with ubuntu, but I bought a Windows 10 PRO 64x and installed on it. So far so good. The problem is: when I start the pc, Windows doesn't recognize wireless connection. It has a red "x" on it...
  13. K

    Solved! Is antivirus protection needed for Linux Ubuntu 18.04?

    I have Linux Ubuntu 18.04 on my HP laptop. Is antivirus protection needed?
  14. N

    Gigabyte stuck in Aptio setup utility. Nothing is working

    I have a Gigabyte P56 which has dual boot. Windows 10 came pre-installed. I had installed Ubuntu 16.04 and it was fine. Suddenly the system froze few days back and every time i try to boot it directly goes to BIOS setup screen. What have i tried so far? 1. I logged in to ubuntu using liveUSB...
  15. R

    can't open windows after inserting battery

    i have Inspiron n5110 dual boot win 7 and Ubuntu 18.04...i used to use the laptop without battery..now,after inserting battery,Ubuntu opens,but windows is not watering..I don't know why..but after removing the battery windows start again..plz help.
  16. R

    Lenovo Y50 wont boot - neither Windows 8.1 from SSD or Ubuntu from USB

    Hello, I am having very hard time with my Lenovo Y50- 70 UHD Windows 8.1 laptop. Which I bought in 2015 with 2 year additional warranty, unfortunately it lapsed just couple of weeks before my laptop broke. Problem: Laptop either goes to "Preparing automatic repair" reboot loop, or BSOD. If i...
  17. W

    How do I go back from Ubuntu to Windows10?

    I am really struggling here, Ubuntu seems to be corrupted and no better than Win10 was but at least I knew how to use win10. I cannot get rid on Ubuntu now and reinstall win10, what ever I try there always seems to be a step missed. I've downloaded the win media creation tool plus iso and...
  18. O

    file transfer between iOS 2018 ipad and ubuntu 18.04 pc

    How to transer files (note-taking apps that sync with lecture audio, Notability, Whink, etc) from 2018 ipad and ubuntu 18.04 pc. Does anybody know of such an app that works across both platforms?
  19. C

    Massive Multi Boot System (Setup Questions) -- Hexa Boot!!!

    TL;DR This is a complicated, hobby, massive multi boot project, and I appreciate any help you can give. I'm not using VMs. If you don't want to read, that's fine. But if you like this sort of thing, please help me figure this out! I am attempting to dual boot several operating systems on a new...
  20. M

    How to run 144 hz on VMware(or any other vm)

    Hey, Im not sure if its the right forum to post it, so if not please let me know. So I've been searching for an answer for this for some time now, this question is sometimes asked, but I've neven seen an answer for that. First of all, is that even possible? If it is possible, how do I achieve...
  21. S

    Solved! I have dual boot enabled in my laptop. None of them is booting now.

    I have a Lenovo laptop. I have Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 installed. One day after I updated my Windows, my windows wouldn’t boot as it stayed on a black screen forever after the Lenovo logo flashed. Then I forcefully powered it off and then booted Ubuntu which worked well for 2-3 days and now...
  22. R

    Accidently deleted bootmgr

    PLease help me i deleted my windows7 ultimate bootmgr in ubuntu how can i do now i see many turtorials.but i can't fix.i trust if anybody in there can help me please help!
  23. D

    I need help for creating a Virtual Machine

    Hello, i have Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS and i want to create 10 android workspaces. I want all changes to be saved when rebooting. What virtual machine i must use and how can i do this?
  24. H

    What to do if wifi drivers are lost in ubuntu?

    I have installed ubuntu in my hp laptop it has windows 10 in it but the wifi drivers in ubuntu had lost what to do ?
  25. K

    Plz help me to choose my next laptop

    I will use Ubuntu as my OS also do sth programming work on that my price range is about 350-450USD and I would like SSD with 8G RAM or above:wahoo:
  26. Z

    hi, here is my issue, i used bios and hdd passwords, today when i start my laptop and tryed to enter passwords, laptop has ele

    hi, here is my issue, i used Bios and HDD passwords, (OS ubuntu 14.4). today when i turned on my laptop and tryed to enter passwords, laptop has electrical key sounds. Bios pass worked correctly but HDD pass does not. then i somehow turned the key sound off, and turned of Bios and system...
  27. K

    Toshiba window 7

    How can I delete Ubuntu on my computer and get I back to the normal window 7
  28. T

    laptop screen works on Linux but not on Windows 10 (black screen) [SOLVED]

    Hi guys! I have a very strange problem with my laptop screen :/ My laptop has both Ubuntu and W10, and when I turn it on the screen is now pitch black: I can't see the (toshiba) splash screen, nor the grub OS list. HOWEVER, if I select Ubuntu option (I know the position in the list), the screen...
  29. D

    Dual boot Ubuntu 16.04/Windows 10 - monitor issues

    I have an MSI GE72 2QD Apache Pro currently with a Ubuntu/Windows dual boot setup. The issue is when I am in Linux, both my built in display and an external display work, however, outside linux (including the bios) the build in display does not work. I just got off the phone with their tech...
  30. S

    Solved! Right control key is inputting the / instead

    All programs. Happening in both my windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (dual boot).
  31. O

    Dell Inspiron 15 7567: Possibility of Adding Two 240GB SSD For Windows And Ubuntu Dual Boot

    Hi, I hope that you all are doing great. I'm looking to purchase a new laptop. Need both Windows (for gaming) and Ubuntu (for work). Laptop that is under consideration is Dell Inspiron 15 7567. I need to customize it and need some suggestions. The version that I'm purchasing comes with 500GB...
  32. X

    Lenovo Laptop Battery Reading Erratically

    I have a Lenovo Y40-80 that I purchased two years ago. About a year ago exactly, I had to replace the battery because it no longer charged. Fast forward to now, I have replaced the display on the laptop and only a week or so ago replaced to HDD with a Samsung Evo SSD and reinstalled both Windows...
  33. S

    Errors when downloading ubuntu

    [ 0.309611] ACPI BIOS error (bug) : \_SB.PCI0._OSC : Excess agruments - ASL declared 5, ACPI requires 4 (20160930/nsarguments-189) [ 0.328321] pci 0000 :02 :00.0 : unsupported PM cap regs version (7) These are the errors i get when i try to download ubuntu. Can anyone help?
  34. P

    Recover windows 7 after deleting Ubuntu partition, but bootable device is returning to splash screen only

    Hello, i've ubuntu and windows on my laptop.By mistake i've deleted the linux partition. And on restarting it is showing error: unknown file system Grub Rescue error.. it is not recognizing the bootable pd for Windows 7... On setting boot option to usb, it shows press any key to restart, and on...
  35. B

    Dell latutude e6400 backlit keyboard doesnt work on ubuntu

    I have a dell latitude e6400 with a backlit keyboard, the license wasnt on the laptop and the hard drive was destroyed so i put a new one and loaded ubuntu, However now the backlit keyboard won't work and i dont know of any programs that will fix the problem that work for linux, let me know if...
  36. A

    Laptop starting up "choppy" (NOT SLOW) for first 10 minutes, then back to normal.

    Hi, i have a dell alienware m17x r3 Core i7 2920xm 16gb DDR3 180gb SSD Intel hd graphics 3000 My laptop suddenly starting booting choppy, not slow, choppy, as in video games 2 fps like, after 10 minutes more or less it goes back to normal, if i put it to sleep and wake it up same thing happen I...
  37. F

    Toshiba C650-152 (PSC12E-00L00DEN) - Unable to boot from USB or DVD Drive

    I'm trying to partition my Windows 7 Toshiba with 16.4 Ubuntu to learn the basics of linux required for running a Zcash/Ethuereum mining rig. I have created a bootable USB using Rufus, and a bootable DVD with the same iso - but the laptop will not boot from either the CD drive, or either USB...
  38. R

    OS question: Win7, Win10 & Ubuntu 16.10

    My desktop PC set-up consists of 3 SSDs (Win7, Win10 & Ubuntu 16.10) and 1 HDD where I store data. Ubuntu's GRUB 2.02 menu controls the choices at boot up. My problem is that most every time I start Windows 7 and sometimes Win10 the computer goes to disk checking mode for consistency, scans...
  39. J

    How to install Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on the HP Spectre X360

    The HP Spectre X360 comes with Windows 10 installed as default but that doesn’t mean you cannot install something else if you want. You could easily install Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on the HP Spectre X360 or some other OS should you prefer. Here’s how. Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr is one of the most...
  40. M

    Bootable USB drive .

    I burned Ubuntu on my 2 Gig USB it is bootable but whenever I try to boot from it BIOS say booting from USB ... and nothing happen. Do I need a Larger USB driver .
  41. J

    How to install Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

    The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 comes stock with Windows 10 Home or Pro installed but there is absolutely nothing stopping you installing Linux. You can either dual boot both of them if you have the space or replace Windows 10 with Linux. As I regularly use Ubuntu, I’ll talk you through how to install...
  42. P

    Which is best ubuntu or chrome OS for my laptop?

    I want to know what is best ubuntu or chrome os? Besides internet I love video editing and photo editing and documents works. I have 3 GHz single core processor 2 GB RAM 20GB HARD DRIVE 1360×768 screen
  43. D

    BIOS not detecting hard drive

    In my HP laptop I am getting the error 'Hard disk error 1 (3F0)' or sometimes 'boot device not found' or 'SMART hard disk error'. In system diagnostics, hard drive check it shows 'not installed'. Once in 10 times my laptop boots fine. I have also reinstalled the hard disk, but the problem...
  44. Z

    HELP! Formatted My entire C: drive , recovered my data and partitions but windows refuses to boot!

    So i was trying to install Ubuntu on my computer and it ending up glitching and formatting my entire C: drive (Now E: for some odd reason) . I flipped out (of course)....... but at the end i managed to restore Hopefully all my partitions and with minitool's bootable (minitool has helped me...
  45. A

    HP Probook, screen not lighting up.

    I just got a HP Probook 4530s and installed Ubuntu, then decided to poke around in it, removed the CD/DVD drive, the hard drive, the ram, the wifi card, and the battery. Turned it on, the power button lights up, Caps lock flashes, but i have a blank screen, nothing, not even the screen is...
  46. H

    Cannot find boot device error on Acer laptop

    Hi all, I have an newish Acer Aspire ES1 model N15C4 which was running Windows 10 which has decided to show me this dreaded error. Currently I can still use the laptop via a Ubuntu loaded USB stick in trial mode and while this kind of works I can't get any software to install properly, no...
  47. I

    Problem boot hard

    Hello evey body Im from asia and my language is weak I install ubuntu after install hdd not be booting ( is not in option boot) Can u help me? My laptop asus k556u
  48. G9xftw

    Ubuntu 16.04, rear USB ports not working

    By rear ports I mean all those on the motherboard are not working. There is power in them as when I plugin a keyboard it lights up and then goes off. But wont type anything. I have a corsair 400r cabinet, only the front panel USB ports seem to be working, I can type and use my mouse. Same cannot...
  49. P

    plugins missing in ubuntu movie player

    i have recently installed ubuntu 16.04 lts in my lenovo g50-70. i am unable to play any video file in the default player. when i open a video file it says some plugins missing. how to install them. from where can i get these? i can play youtube videos in firefox.
  50. V

    Reboot error pls help me !!

    So.. I buy this asus notebook without os, they say, but i have ubuntu on it so i install window 10, it works, i mean i play btf and more.. but after 1 or 2 days i open it and show me this error: reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key...
  51. P

    Enlighten Me: Error Installing Xubuntu

    I have a Samsung N150 Plus with a clean (empty) HDD and I've already created a bootable Xubuntu installer, but when I run the installer (booting from a usb) I get this message: [ 12.920017] NMI watchdog : Watchdog detected hard LOCKUP on cpu 0 [ 12.916171] NMI watchdog : Watchdog...
  52. I

    How Do I fix the "Missing or corrupt hal.dll" I tried booting windows xp disk, same error. I boot into ubuntu now. Help?

    I tried booting windows xp disk, same error. I boot into ubuntu now. Help? I have access to system32 file, I just don't know what to do
  53. Q

    SSD cloning Ubuntu partition

    Currently running Win10/64 & Ubuntu 14.04/64 Will Samsung Data Migration automatically clone and partition new SSD?
  54. Dynomite54

    How to boot to ubuntu on hp laptop

    I have a hp EliteBook 8470p and I need to boot to boot to the hhd with ubuntu but every time I try it goest to the Hardware diagnostics
  55. R

    Problem with my laptop after running steam?

    A while ago my computer was fine, running everything smoothly. I had Steam and had a few games installed, the biggest of which was GTA V, and it took me 3 days to download. Then i opened my computer, and i go to open Steam, and the laptop froze up, so i powered it off not thinking much of it...
  56. P

    Can't access BIOS after booting from USB drive

    Hi, I've recently decided to install Ubuntu 16.10 on my Toshiba Satellite c-50 b-17g. Since my laptop does not have a CD drive, I created a bootable flash drive using Rufus. In order for it to run, I entered the BIOS and disabled the Security Boot and changed the boot mode from UEFI Boot to CSM...
  57. S

    I've got an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11 AO1-131 that I installed Ubuntu Linux on and now need to reinstall Win10. I obtained

    Need help creating an active partition on Acer Cloudbook to reinstall Win10
  58. P

    Trying to make windows 10 bootable flash drive with Ubuntu 16.04

    So a few days ago my windows 8 got corrupted and stuck in a repair loop. So I put Ubuntu 16.04 on my 8g flash drive and got that up and running but Ubuntu doesn't work very well with what I like to do so I am trying to install the free version of windows 10. I cleared my flash drive of...
  59. T

    Solved! PLEASE Help!!! Atempting To Install Win7 On Hp Stream 11 Over Ubuntu Issue!!!

    A Few Months Ago (maybe a year.. I Had Windows 10 On My Hp Stream 11 And It Had Problems So I Installed Ubuntu Over It And Did "Replace Windows 10 With Ubuntu" And Now I Just Want Windows 7 Not Ubuntu Or Windows 10 Just Win7 And I Tried To Install Win7 But It Said "No Device Drivers Were Found"...
  60. Marking

    Replaced hard drive on laptop so operating system gone can I use........

    Replaced hard drive....it had an OEM version of windows 7...so that is gone now and I have no operating system HP Pavillion DM4. Can I just use something like ubuntu? I have only ever used windows operating systems and have never even seen ubuntu in service. Make a bootable USB with ubuntu on...