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  1. M

    Ubuntu Operating System Install

    Have a desktop with Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit installed. Presently, it has some corrupt files and can only be launched in safe mode. I write to inquire about Ubuntu as a back up installed. Microsoft says it is supported but I would ask if Ubuntu can be installed to a second hard drive...
  2. exfileme

    Steam Beta for Ubuntu May Arrive in October

    Signs are pointing to an October release of the Steam beta for Ubuntu. Steam Beta for Ubuntu May Arrive in October : Read more
  3. M

    HP 630 (4GB ram, 500 GB) vs Dell Inspiron N5040, Ubuntu

    Hello, which one of them, would be a better buy. Price is the same, so i canät make a decision on them.
  4. S

    New hdd installed previously was running ubuntu on old hdd

    Hello, I installed a new 360 gb hdd on my acer 5520 laptop, previously i had only ubuntu on my old hdd, the system wont find and install win xp from the cd/dvd the new hdd shows in the bios ut the cd/dvd sose not show in the bios altho it does in the acer start up list. when i switch the hdd...
  5. L

    Dual linux live from usb hdd

    Hello, how can I boot Linux Ubuntu & Fedora from one USB HDD, it like selecting Ubuntu or Fedora *_*
  6. O

    Windows 8 & ubuntu 12.04 on oracle virtualbox?

    Windows xp pro sp3 Latest oracle virtualbox edition Virtualbox extension pack I have managed to install win xp win 7 and ubuntu 10.04 on virtualbox. But I can't manage to install windows 8 consumer preview or ubuntu 12.04 alpha. Both 32 bit versions. Windows 8 gives me this error message: Your...
  7. S

    [Solved] How I can quit the ubuntu password for laptop lenovo g550

    removing ubuntu power on password
  8. M

    Considering Ubuntu

    Considering Ubuntu to replace XP home on an ASUS eeePC. They recommend a pentium 4 processor. I have a 900 Mhz Celeron. I know that it is below the recommendation and so i write to inquire if anyone has successfully used a lesser processor for Ubuntu. The drive is 15 Gb and there is 2GB of...
  9. A

    Removing ubuntu and installing xp. Please help.

    To all who take the time to read this and reply thanks in advance. Situation is as follows: I just recently inherited an Asus laptop. Specs here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220483 The hardware is in perfect condition but the os is not. It currently has ubuntu...
  10. J

    Solved! BIOS Reads 512mb Mem but Ubuntu/Linux, Windows Reads different

    Hi all This is a laptop I am trying to fix. For the longest time I thought there was a bad mem stick. Yesterday I bought new ram for it but it won't come till Friday. So this HP laptop has 512MB (2x256) of ram installed. The BIOS will read all 512MB of memory. Windows / Ubuntu and Memtest86...
  11. N

    Handy Programs to put on flash drive?

    I'm wondering what are some good programs to have on a flash drive, like for diagnostics or whatever. I've already got DBAN, FreeNAS, Ubuntu, but what are some other good ones? Thanks.
  12. D

    Interesting/Frustrating problem.

    Hello, my first time around this community, but I thought you may be able to help me. I purchased a new laptop, a HP Pavillion dv7. It came with two 750gb harddrives, and I thought, as the windows installation was on one, and the other seemed clear, that I would install a dual-boot setup with...
  13. Klosteral

    Help! My 13" white MacBook has deleted everything on its hard drive!!!

    Alright forum, I have previously enquired about optimal builds and such but this time I really need your help. I have a 13" white MacBook and a 250GB hard drive. Inside this drive, there was both the pre-installed Macintosh OS-X software and the Ubuntu 11.04 that I installed myself. Today I...
  14. G

    Brand new Netbook for $200 at Futureshop.. worth it?

    http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/acer-acer-10-1-intel-atom-n455-netbook-aod257-13665-blue-aod257-13665/10171796.aspx?path=deec7ad70bce49bd9e34eebb40db3b0ben02 What are your thoughts? Looks awful good... Brand new for $200+tax... I would quite likely dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu...
  15. A

    Solved! Ubuntu On A Laptop/Netbook - How?

    I would like to purchase a netbook or inexpensive laptop without Windows and use the new release of Ubuntu. Any leads on companies that sell a machine without the OS? Also, any idea how well it would run? Thanks!