Trying to make windows 10 bootable flash drive with Ubuntu 16.04


Oct 11, 2016
So a few days ago my windows 8 got corrupted and stuck in a repair loop. So I put Ubuntu 16.04 on my 8g flash drive and got that up and running but Ubuntu doesn't work very well with what I like to do so I am trying to install the free version of windows 10.

I cleared my flash drive of partitions, made a new primary partition, formatted into a Fat 32 and everything to get it back to it's original state. However the Windows Media Tool wouldn't even start on Ubuntu so I had to download the ISO file straight from the website.Here:

I followed the instructions, downloaded, installed it to the flash drive, but now my computer won't recognize it as a bootable flash drive. I am pretty sure the windows 10 install made it bootable.

I think I may be missing a step here.

I did make sure my BIO load order had the flash drive first. I am also pretty new to Ubuntu as well.