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  1. E

    Solved! LG TV Random Issues With Recording On Philips Flash USB Drive

    Hello, I recently started recording TV shows on my LG 43LM6300PLA LED TV. At first, I started using an old stick with about 15 GB of memory which has to be 2.0 most probably. It was working without any issues but the memory was not enough. I got a new flash - Philips usb 3.0 64 GB, but when I...
  2. C

    Netbook black screen

    I need to transfer my files from my netbook to my flash drive but the screen is just black. How can I do it?
  3. B

    how to transfer music from my phone to flash drive

    i would like to transfer the music on my android phone to my sandisk flashdrive i using my desk top computer
  4. S

    Cannot boot into an MBR flash drive

    When I was trying to reinstall windows by using a bootable flash drive which uses MBR partition, it just doesnt appear in the boot selection menu.I have tried GPT also but the problem is that GPT appears and the setup starts but my drive is MBR so it doesn't install , and I don't want to format...
  5. T

    I can’t find my answer, I was watching some movie with my phone memory card but from it won’t read .

    I using flash drive and put memory cards in it and was watching movie at tv now it can’t appear now
  6. A

    How do you protect a flash drive while plugging it onto a infected PC.

    So, I was trying to do a backup with my USB drive on my teachers laptop because her laptop is infected but I have a question first. How do you even prevent getting the clean USB drive infected before plugging it into the infected computer? Because I am risking my flash drive and I want to know...
  7. L

    Laptop black screen with cursor and random bit of colors?

    I got a laptop that's a bit less than a month old but as I was watching a video from a flash drive I randomly heard a flash drive disconnect sound and then the screen went black with like a random patch of colors, I disconnected the flash drive I was watching the video from in hopes that it'll...
  8. B

    Solved! how can i fix my flash drive

    its always crushes everytime i put it in my computer.
  9. J

    Loading Bluetooth drivers on Samsung Smart TV

    They are on my flash drive. How do I do this?
  10. M

    Flash Drive File Recovery

    Can anyone point me towards the current best tool for recovering deleted data from a USB flash drive? Google searching is like walking down a hallway with 100 salesman screaming in my face about how their product is the best.
  11. K

    Why doesn't my photos play on my samsung smart tv from my flash drive

    I plug in my flash drive and go to the menu and click photos and it says file is empty. However when plugged into my computer, the photos display nicely.
  12. R

    Surface 3 No-working USB Port Windows Install

    I have a surface 3 with intel atom 4gb ram and 128gb SSD. The device doesn't have any windows installed on it so I can only get into the bios. I tried using a flash drive to install windows but the USB port won't recognize it. I tried using an OTG adaptor with the flash drive also but it wasn't...
  13. V

    flash drive open

    i recieved a flash drive when i and my siblings sold our house for tax purposes how do i open it or download it on my acer aspire one laptop
  14. J

    can hardrive be used as a flash drive?

    i have a fls drive. but i'm worried about if it ever takes up space. buying flashdrives after flash drives can be very expensive. since harddrives carry terrbytes instead of gigas, suppose if you don't need and old computer. can you use the hard drive as a flash drive? example, unscrew the case...
  15. V

    Hey my laptop when I reboot I unfortunately switched off so it's not windowa and keeps on restarting and I don't have a flash

    I am not having any flash drive or CD drive plzz help me So plzz help me to correct my lap and how to start windowa
  16. M

    Retrieving my pictures

    My tablet is dying and I need to recover my pictures. I would like to move them to a flash drive, but my tablet has no port for the flash drive. How can I recover my pictures
  17. J

    Windows Installation problem.

    I keep trying to install windows 7 64 bit, but for some reason when its all done and needs me to take out the flash drive/disc it just resumes how it was before, any help would be wonderful.
  18. S

    Solved! Asus E420S won't load past logo

    I have a small Asus laptop with a flashdrive. I wanted to reset it, but it failed at 58% and now can't load past logo. It loads the logo screen, then restarts and does the same again. I can not get it to enter WinRE. I can get it into BIOS, but don't know what to do there. What to do? Do I need...
  19. A

    Laptop for Audio Recording

    Keyword RECORDING, not editing. I have a desktop with an i7-8700k for editing. The one issue is that my desktop is just too loud for recording voice-over. I am using this mic https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT2020USB-Cardioid-Condenser-Microphone/dp/B00B5ZX9FM and I'm looking for a cheap...
  20. Speculation

    Trouble running ISO in UUI

    Having trouble running an ISO through UUI, im getting "7-Zip Cannot find Archive" Followed by "I couldn't Find a configuration file. Dreamlinux-5,iso is not supported. Please report the exact steps taken to arrive at this message. My Steps: D/Ld the ISO saved to my desktop, from here i dragged...
  21. L

    unstable flash drive ?

    Bought 2TB flash drive on eBay. Thing is not stable. Formatting doesn't help. Is there some initialization I need to do?
  22. J

    installed new hard drive on asus ultrabook

    installed the hard drive and have an iso on flash drive but can't get things kicked off, looking for any suggestions, thanks
  23. A

    2 QUESTIONS: I have a 64GB dual flash drive loaded with all my mp3 music. Unfortunately, my Pioneer car stereo system only a

    1) Trying to figure out how to transfer mp3s from Pioneer car stereo player 64GB flash drive (plugged in) to Android tablet and; 2). Need to fix car mp3 player with possible loose wires at connection device where flash drive plugs in (at end of long cord).
  24. M

    Forgot password on my Acer aspire how do I reset it

    How do I reset password without flash drive
  25. F

    Solved! Pls help me remove the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan

    My laptop recently got the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan from a flashdrive from my friend. When I plugged the flashdrive in, Windows Defender Antivirus immediately detected it. My laptop has now has the trojan but Windows Defender quarantines it every time it boots up. It's getting...
  26. P

    How you use a flash drive

    How to use a flash drive on a laptap & what does it do
  27. A

    Looking for best way to gain access to a deceased relative's laptop

    So basically a few months a go a family member had passed away and I am tasked gaining access to said member's laptop. I am looking for software that I can set up via bootable flash-drive. I do not know where to begin, what is safe, and what is the best method of cracking into said device. I...
  28. Z

    Old Dell USB Bootloop

    I recently bought a used Dell E6410 (specs at bottom of post) and the seller said all the hardware fully worked, but the hard drive was wiped. Unfazed, when I got the laptop I set out to install windows XP from a 64GB Usb3.0 flash drive I had laying around. I already used it once successfully...
  29. doohbacles

    Removing Shortcut Virus From PC

    Hello everyone, i got this 'shortcut virus' problem at my office.It started when they plug in to everyone PC's without scanning or checking before open it up.Now the virus has spread around my office. The question is, does anyone know how to remove it from PC?How to find it? Im glad if u guys...
  30. C

    Document on flashdrive somehow renamed itself to "&" - can't open document - can't find on computer

    I have a document on flashdrive that suddenly changed to working marvelously to not opening at all. Somehow the file name changed to "&". when I open the file I get this: " & refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be saved to a harddrive on this computer or network." I have...
  31. S

    I'm can't my newer Eagles Albums to Play on my flash drive in my car I can copy a CD and it plays but not on the FD

    Can't play my newer Eagles Albums on a flash drive in my car I can cut a CD and works. Everything else works
  32. M

    I have files on my flash drive when I go to the drive on my computer they are there, but when I go to upload a file they are n

    I have tried to upload a file and it does not show it on my flash drive,! but when I go to the drive on the files are there!
  33. I

    Not Able to Access Any Files on Laptop

    Hello, all, My laptop is a 2015 HP Pavilion with Windows 8.1. A couple of nights ago, it started acting oddly. It randomly began preventing me from accessing any of the files stored on the computer or on my flash drive. I would click on File Explorer just to be met with a screen that said...
  34. R

    Ins tall Windows 98 on a flashdrive

    I want to run some old software. I was told that I could put a compatible OS on a flash drive and then boot from it. I have a 98 installation CD that I purchase many many moons ago but when I try to install I get a message that I can’t install this version of windows within my current Windows 7...
  35. B

    When I plug my flash drive the flash drive logo replaced with something else

    It gets replaced with another logo and I cant change it back.How an I fix this issue?It replaces G: logo.Thanks.
  36. H

    Car's mp3 player: it does read most of files (songs) but not all

    As title says, in my car (ford b-max if that matters)'s mp3 usbdrive player does not read all of the songs on the usb flashdrive. It only reads most of them but not all. Before you ask me: yes all of the songs are in the same .mp3 format. I didn't check if this pattern is for every single song...
  37. C

    Boombox-like device that plays audio from USB Flash Drive???

    I feel old and out of touch asking this but... I am. So here's my question.... I'm looking for something to play podcasts (via a USB port) from a Flash Drive. I want something that has speakers and simply plugs into an outlet. Does something like this exist??? If so, can anyone please...
  38. A

    How do I set up a flash drive with a DVD style menu, with videos you can navigate through, and plays on both a computer and Te

    I’ve started this massive project as a Christmas present to my parents and I may be in over my head! I’m in the process of converting all our old home movies into files on my computer. Our home videos are from VHS tapes, JVC tapes, and mini DV’s. I’m using a product called Elgato Video Capture...
  39. P

    Can't access BIOS after booting from USB drive

    Hi, I've recently decided to install Ubuntu 16.10 on my Toshiba Satellite c-50 b-17g. Since my laptop does not have a CD drive, I created a bootable flash drive using Rufus. In order for it to run, I entered the BIOS and disabled the Security Boot and changed the boot mode from UEFI Boot to CSM...
  40. R

    Car will not play/find all of my MP3 Folders

    I have a 64GB FAT32 formatted flash drive I use for music in my car. I have quite a bit of music on there, and most work fine. My problem is there are a few folders that it simply refuses to read. I've compared the folders and file settings to ones that do work, and I see no difference...
  41. P

    Trying to make windows 10 bootable flash drive with Ubuntu 16.04

    So a few days ago my windows 8 got corrupted and stuck in a repair loop. So I put Ubuntu 16.04 on my 8g flash drive and got that up and running but Ubuntu doesn't work very well with what I like to do so I am trying to install the free version of windows 10. I cleared my flash drive of...
  42. M

    Background Copying Software

    Hi guys I am a 14 years old Student and i was looking for a software to copy thing from my teachers pen drives (flash memory) to mine The problem is that when i ask them for doing so the refuse because of the short classes time So is there is a software for this task maybe programming a power...
  43. W

    My acer aspire r3-131t is saying no bootable an drive

    Acer aspire r3-131t no bootable drive and I don't have a bootable flash drive or CD
  44. G

    Drive Sequence problem in windows 10

    Hello Everyone, i just installed windows 10, i am full time freelance Graphic Designer. i installed windows 10 with flash drive, i was in rush when my windows 7 got corrupted and i tried to installed windows 10, i don't know what happened but when i was done with installing my drives sequence of...
  45. B

    Dell N5050 not detecting drivers on USB flash drive.

    So I made a thread earlier about downloading drivers, and I ended up downloading all the drivers I needed onto a flash drive. So I started trying to install windows 7 and the flash drive IS detected but it says there aren't any drivers on it. all I did was download all the exes and zip files...
  46. S

    TONS OF ADWARE: how to permanently remove them?

    It's either I inserted a virus-infected flash drive into my computer, or I'd installed a virus-infected app, which became the source of my adware and virus problems. 1. Social2Search 2. Yeabest.cc 3. uc.exe 4. mini window ad, showing android-themes and stuff similar to that, without control...
  47. kylenguy3n

    Album Art For Songs Disappear On Flashdrive

    I have songs on one PC, which I edit the details, including adding missing album artwork to the songs via iTunes. I check the song's details on other applications to see if it went through, such as Windows Media Player, and Microsoft Groove, and everything seems to look Ok. However, when I...
  48. T

    rca viking pro 10 enabling to rread 128gb sd card as well as a 1.5TB hard drrive and/or 2TB flash drive

    ok so i have recently purcchased the above named tableet, and had a 128gb micro sd card laying around since i had wanted to try and us it for my phone but at the same time it did not seem practical as i have not figured out as to how to be able to effectively use my external storage, so i...
  49. T

    Virus made Sandisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 Flashdrive write-protected

    Hello guys, I've been using a Sandisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 flashdrive for about 6 months. Last week the flashdrive was affected by a VIRUS, which made the drive write-protected. Since it is protected now, I can't either format or delete any data from the drive. I've tried scanning the...
  50. S

    Hello people, I have an issue with shortcuts

    My every folder in my PC including the external Flash Drive..... every time I try to open a shortcut file it says it has been changed or moved i preinstalled windows several times but nothing changed
  51. I

    Please Someone Help Me !!!

    I have this flash drive that contain what I think is virus, see in this flash drive I have some files that I can't delete since there is no delete or cut button for it !!! Please someone help me !!
  52. M

    Installing OS X on a Macbook via flash drive.

    Hi, a friend gave me a 2010 macbook pro that would crash upon boot in hopes that I could repair it. It wouldn't boot to the desktop, but we could still get into disk utility, and it showed the laptop's hard drive was corrupted or not working properly. I tried to repair the disk but the disk...
  53. A

    Boot from CD/flashdrive not working

    Im trying to format and install windows to a Dell inspiron laptop. When booting from CD/flashdrive(bootable) after loading the windows files, a dos screen appears and nothing more. if i close it the computer restarts. In the dos screen, it shows windows version and the path...
  54. K

    unresponsive, black screen

    when i insert flash drive on my laptop the screen would went black it's really annoying, and would become so unresponsive help pls.
  55. K

    How do I download a game onto a flash drive on a MacBook Air?

    My Memory is only 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 and I can't download a game because it needs 10 GB. Also can I play it with just the stick in my computer by opening the file? I don't know much about this kind of stuff..Thanks
  56. K

    Am I allowed to use my flash drive as a hard drive on my PC?

    I didn't want to buy any PC storage because they were too expensive. I recently bough a flash drive though. Am I allowed to download things and put it on the flash drive? E.G: Open WinRar files in my flashdrive. Is it possible?
  57. V

    can not open files on flash drive, have windows 10

    insert flash show file but can not open, wdo pops up wanting me to buy office.
  58. V

    can i access my pendrive when my antivirus is scanning it?

    my eset smart security scans any external device when i connected to my pc. now when its scanning my pendrive, during the process, is it safe to access my pendrive, open documents, run programs in it or wait for the scan to finish, clean any Trojans, if any, and then proceed?
  59. V

    is it safe to open usb flash drive during scan?

    i have eset smart security installed on y pc. the moment i plug in any flash drive it starts scanning it automatically. now during this scanning process is it safe to access my pendrive and open files?
  60. G

    Asus X202E UEFI Booting Problem

    Hello, I accidentally formatted my OS Drive during Windows 8 Installation then I decided to delete the SYSTEM RESERVED and RECOVERY to start over a clean install of Windows 8.1. After that, I created a UEFI Flash Drive Windows 8.1 using Rufus and then I enter into the BIOS to : - Disable Secure...