Jul 26, 2016
I have songs on one PC, which I edit the details, including adding missing album artwork to the songs via iTunes. I check the song's details on other applications to see if it went through, such as Windows Media Player, and Microsoft Groove, and everything seems to look Ok.

However, when I upload the songs to a flashdrive, the album artwork does not show up. I tried viewing it on a different PC through my flashdrive as well, and there's no album art on Microsoft Groove and Windows Media Player. However when I open it up on iTunes on that PC, it shows that it is still there. This doesn't mean anything though, because it is still picture-less when I upload it from my flashdrive to my phone.

How can I resolve this? I am trying to save all my songs on the flashdrive as a copy in case something happens to my computer and I lose all my songs, but I wouldn't want to re-add album artwork to it.