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  1. U

    Solved! SD card formatted error, HELP!

    Hi there, I bought a new SD card and took many pictures on my Nikon. I got home and tried to read in my computer with a warning that SD card not formatted. I can't read the pictures and put the SD card back into my Nikon, and gives me an error message. I took alot of important pictures...
  2. kylenguy3n

    Album Art For Songs Disappear On Flashdrive

    I have songs on one PC, which I edit the details, including adding missing album artwork to the songs via iTunes. I check the song's details on other applications to see if it went through, such as Windows Media Player, and Microsoft Groove, and everything seems to look Ok. However, when I...
  3. G

    Apple Sandboxes Adobe Flash Player for Safari 7.0

    Safari 7.0, only for OS X Mavericks, runs the oft-hacked Adobe Flash Player in a protective sandbox to keep you safer. Apple Sandboxes Adobe Flash Player for Safari 7.0 : Read more
  4. Idonno

    Galaxy S2 (Sprint Version) with 64GB micro SD

    Hi I'm Curious if any of you have tried using a 64GB micro SD card in a Samsung Galaxy S2 made for sprint. This is a little different than other S2's and is also known as the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710). I know that the all S2's officially only support a maximum of a 32GB micro SD card...
  5. K

    Unlock SD Card

    Hi, I can't do anything with my SD card, write or delete, I've made sure the switch on the side is unlocked (even tried both ways) and still everytime I go to copy files it says write protected? I've tried "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control \StorageDevicePolicies" but I have...
  6. M

    USB memory stick has itself imposed write protect

    How can I unlock a write protected USB 8gb memory stick, which does not have a lock switch?
  7. E

    Usb memory card unlocker

    Hello, I used a pen drive to store data but when opening it the time required to open started to ascend rather than decrease ? Why? What was required to open and retrieve data ?
  8. T

    How to unlock memory stick

    Hello, I have a DT310 256GB mem stick. it allows pics & doc's to be loaded and used but when I remove from laptop and put it back, there is no data etc. it shows a lock pic. how do I unlock?
  9. T

    Protected flash memmory stick

    Hello, my flash memmory is write protected how do i unlock it?
  10. A

    Solved! How unlock when card is locked

    Unlock a memory card on a digital camera/Canon.How do you unlock when a card is locked
  11. akataria7


    hii I have forget my sd memory card password.can anybody tell me how to unlock my memory card?
  12. K

    Universal software to unlock usb pen driver with write protects

    Hello, hello
  13. F

    How to unlock an SD cart

    Hello,I am rtying to transfer fotos from SD cart and it was locked so i tried to unlock it and the tine plastick on the side cam out broked so now its still Locked and i Cant do any thing with it.Any help there .P.S. I also looked on its CD properties hoping that i would be able to unlock...
  14. S

    Flash card not being able to unlock it, since the pin to lock or unloc

    Hi guys, i need help with my topram flash card, i use it for my digital camera, and unfortunately it was a little bent and the lock pin is now broken, and how do i unlock it ? i could access the files , and pics via my PC but it won't let me format it or use it again on my camera, it keeps...
  15. dead_95

    Adobe flash media live encorder 3

    ((adobe flash media live encorder 3)) when i am opening the Xml profile file it is saying.......<<profile validation error>> and also sayin in the encording log could not conect to primary server :sweat: wat should I do?????? :( tryin to stream on Justin TV
  16. G

    Portable Gadget Copies Flash Media Onto DVDs

    Taipei (Taiwan) - You never know what you'll find at the Computex tradeshow in Taipei and we spied a portable flash media copier for both cops and wannabe James Bond agents alike. Portable Gadget Copies Flash Media Onto DVDs : Read more