flash drive open


Feb 2, 2018
i recieved a flash drive when i and my siblings sold our house for tax purposes how do i open it or download it on my acer aspire one laptop
The system could be set to not show things when connected. It happens. You can try going to "Start" and then to "Computer". The external drive should be listed when it is plugged in.
You would just need to plug it in and then choose the option (that should pop up on your screen) asking how you want ot load it. Open it up as a folder, and you can then see all the files on the drive. From there you would just need to click to open whatever file you want to access.

NOTE: You will need to have the right program needed for the files to open. So if they are not accessible by any programs you already have (text, adobe reader, etc.,) then you will need to install a program that can open them.