Question External HDD problem with Lenovo LOQ

May 12, 2024
I purchased a Lenovo LOQ 15IRH8 (Type 82XV) yesterday from one of Lenovo’s official distributors. I installed Windows 11 Pro on it and then installed the latest drivers, including a BIOS update, from the Lenovo website using two flash drives without any problems. However, when I tried to connect external hard drives (Seagate and Samsung), they were recognized in the device manager but not in the disk management. I tested these drives on a Mac Mini and a Lenovo Legion, and they worked perfectly. Even after formatting one of them and plugging it back into my laptop, the issue persisted. Attempting to initialize it from disk management resulted in a fatal error in the hardware. Removing it caused a Windows blue screen, and the laptop restarted, failing to boot until I unplugged the external hard drive. Although I suspected a USB port issue, when I plugged in three flash drives and a Bluetooth transmitter, they all worked perfectly. Additionally, attempting to plug in a SATA hard drive to draw power from an external source also failed to be recognized in both the device manager and disk management. Has anyone encountered such a problem and found a solution? I would appreciate your help.