Pls help me remove the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan

F Red

Apr 12, 2017
My laptop recently got the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan from a flashdrive from my friend. When I plugged the flashdrive in, Windows Defender Antivirus immediately detected it. My laptop has now has the trojan but Windows Defender quarantines it every time it boots up. It's getting annoying now and it's also dangerous. Are there any effective ways to permanently remove it from my laptop thanks!!

Windows 10
Asus laptop
if it in a temp file you may have to turn off windows file restore so that it can permently delete the file. if not go to one of the big anti virus websites like bitdefender they have rescue iso image now (usb and dvd). from a clean pc make a new disk and install the newest virus def files. boot off the new locked usb stick and clean and remove the virus. also try online virus scans too.


Aug 28, 2017
Sir I think I have solved it. Recently I received this virus, along with "behavior:win32/gamarue". I think it was because during the second week of August, I was busy doing Java programs which I am currently studying and I during those days, I was busy and many flash drives were plugged in to my laptop. I just recently discovered that it has viruses. I tried to delete it using Windows Defender but it gets coming back.

I tried to disable this and since then my windows defender does not encounter anymore the virus.

1st)open task manager
3rd)locate "Windows PowerShell" and disable it.

btw, I'm just using Windows Defender on Windows 10. Until now the virus haven't came back.

F Red

Apr 12, 2017
Thank you all, after reading some forums, they said to download Malwarebytes and I ran a full scan on it. It seemed to remove the trojan along with 6 other potentially unwanted programs. Windows Defender doesn't detect it anymore. Thank god!
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