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  1. The KiWeeD

    Question Virus that turns itself off when task manager is opened

    Ok something weird is going on. I recorded a video that somewhat sums up my problem, but if you can't watch it I'll explain it here: So I noticed I was not getting usual performance while gaming so I opened up the task manager and couldn't notice anything strange so I just switched back to my...
  2. DCB007

    Solved! Virus in my laptop

    I downloaded something from torrent . After that I installed that. When that completed , my doc and pfd files had extra extension “.hese” and a new window was popping up again and again with address:- “”. Areadme file also was there with them, in which it was written that your...
  3. G

    HTML/ScrInject.B trojan ESET warning on Wikipedia link The above link is to an article associated with China's foreign debt policies. The Wikipedia article is fine, going to that page is safe. However, if you search down into the footnotes you will find that I edited in a warning that one...
  4. M

    Solved! Trojan virus question

    My computer is saying I have a Trojan virus quarantined but my computer is not slowed down nor are there any ads popping up. What should i do about it. Should I be nervous?
  5. D

    Solved! Removing a Trojan

    Hey was hoping I could get some help here, I was on google when my AVG flagged a potential threat "AswGFZ3a" so I clicked the delete command anyways and decided Id do a full system scan just to be safe and sure enough it finds it again named "Win64:Trojan-gen" I tried to click resolve but it...
  6. B

    2 svchost.exe Processes Without Names Using Up Most of My CPU

    I managed to get a few trojans a couple days ago which were easily removed by malwarebytes, but since then I've had these two processes in task manager with no names, that are supposedly svchost.exe when I click go to details. Presumably Malwarebytes didn't manage to get rid of everything and...
  7. C

    Solved! How can i remove Bitcoin miner ?

    i try using adw cleaner + malwarebytes ( it did show me the files of bitcoin trojan and removed after that restart it still back) and if its bitcoin miner is ON adw cleaner and malwarebyte freeze up + when i try to go use task manager the CPU 50% it go back to cpu: 2-5% , its like hiding from it...
  8. G

    ryptoMiner, Trojan.AU, Lost Admin Access, New Admins

    The event took place on October 13, 2018. My laptop got infected by a cheat for a game downloaded by my classmate without my consent. After the infection, I lost my ability to: Administrator Rights Open TaskManager Open ControlPanel Everything except the browser and some applications...
  9. Z

    Malwarebytes always detecting Trojan

    (this started happening ever since I last updated Malwarebytes) EVERYTIME I click a link ANY link (on Google Chrome which is my main browser) even going on or opening youtube/clicking on youtube videos it always detects a Trojan and it says that a program tried to connect to a shady...
  10. A

    Trojan:win64 Anyone know what this is?

    Hello, I have this thing I keeps popping up on my windows defender I says Trojan:win64 I have tried deleting it but it just doesn’t delete. Is it a virus? It makes my computer act weird I can’t repair steam when the pop up shows I also can’t update games on steam unless I shut down and turn my...
  11. A

    Avira itranslator.dll TR/Black.Gen2

    Hello ladies and gentleman, I'm not gonna lie over the fact that I downloaded a program that i shouldn't have. Yes, I know, don't download from sites you don't trust. That little program had a little "present" for me. A trojan called TR/Black.Gen2 in the file itranslator.dll. I tried removing...
  12. M

    "I am sorry !!!!" and Trojan.Renamer

    Hello everyone. i have this issue which i think my computer is infected. my DFX Sound Enhancer's user interface has "i am sorry!!!" written on it. i've looked up about this and there's not much information about this. Here's link to the picture. I found a suspicious...
  13. T

    Do I have a trojan on my network?

    So I connected my printer to scan some documents but was coming up with an error so i went to the canon support page and chatted with the person online, they were unable to assist me so i got on the phone with a guy and he had me download gotoassist to assist me with my printer issue. Well one...
  14. D

    Undetectable virus on my computer?

    Hi Today while in discord I encountered an error where things started being typed in my chat section and entered, random digits, and started spamming the chat. Some of the links were to a final fantasy achievement, , and other random characters at...
  15. R

    Possible Bitcoin Trojan?

    I recently discovered a possible virus everytime my computer is on startup, it would always open google chrome with a suspicious address xmrmsft.hive.html (I forgot the exact address but it is somewhat like that)] and I would experience very noticable lag, cpu usage cranks up to 100%, if i...
  16. G

    Question About Possible Malware/Spyware Infection

    Hello, I have long been wondering how is it possible to be completely certain that your computer has absolutely no malware/spyware/adware/trojan infecting it? I have (stupidly) used a secondary software installed along a torrent (whose main program worked without any issue), which, after I...
  17. Jeffery414

    Can't remove virus

    I'm not completely sure if this is even a virus or not, but there's an application on my PC named "Bywater.exe". I've tried to do research on it and there are no results. At first random ads/commercials would run in the background (I could only here audio) and sometimes a weird looking white...
  18. M

    Trojan virus help

    Im trying to open the setup of a driver(TP-LINK, so its secure) but every time i try to open the setup a trojan virus gets detected by windows defender and the setup never opens, what can I do??
  19. D

    Windows Defender found Trojan Win32/Bluteal.B!rfn

    Hi, So yesterday Windows Defender notified me saying it found Bluteal.B!rfn trojan which I got it to quarantine and then remove. I couldn't find a lot of info after googling the trojan so decided to hopefully get some advice here. I received the notification about the trojan when I was loading...
  20. G

    Recently removed SupportScam trojan

    Since I had a Trojan removed using Microsoft Security Essentials my computer seems to boot up with a black screen and slower than before. It also is slow to come out of sleep if I leave computer for a bit and has the black screen also. Could this be the result of removing the Trojan or is the...
  21. A

    Ran a trojan that among other things changed my partitions and I'm unable to boot.

    l try to make this short, but will answer any question with highest detail possible. I ran a trojan on my w7 OS that installed lots of shit on my computer - panic ran Microsoft security essentials quick search without luck - tried again while shit was being installed and computer froze (ram...
  22. D

    How to trace a reverse tcp Trojan?

    You might say whoa, but someone I must know tried to prank me by compromising my system using a Trojan. From my experience, it seems like a metasploit reverse connection, assuming it's TCP(cause that most found in tutorials), how to trace back the connection and find the "attacker"? Or is it...
  23. T

    How to make sure trojan is removed?

    Hello guys, I am having some issues cuz i had trojan somehow i dont even know how and now i scanned etc but i am not sure if its gone 100% how do i make sure its gone? and what does this virus do tho and what can i do if it comes back? I would like to hear from someone that could help me out
  24. S

    Is 'Loaris Trojan Remover' Something I should install?

    This [Loaris Trojan Remover] has been recommended by a friend. Does anyone know of this service and should l pay to download and install it?
  25. F

    I accidentally ran a virus exe

    As I said I accidentally ran a virus exe.After that I deleted everything about it with ESET Antivirus then I scanned my pc and no threats.(I am really scared now).after doing these I learned that that virus was a trojan.I checked ESET quarantine I saw an other trojan from my usb stick long time...
  26. D

    Is this bad? java.trojan.genericGB.20218

    is this bad?
  27. T

    The mssecsvc.exe virus, a windows crash and possibly more...

    Dear friends. I've had Avira free popping up every couple of hours warning me about a certain mssecsvc.exe /WannaCry trojan in my windows directory for the previous month or so (can't recall perfectly). It says that the file has been moved to a quarantine, however, the fact that it pops up so...
  28. N

    Stupid Trojan Virus

    i'm going to be honest when i say I've downloaded torrents in the past, and sometime then i caught a nasty virus, it's a virus that goes unseen but you know it's there, it slows down my computer drastically and i'm pretty desperate to get rid of this virus, who knows what it could be doing on my...
  29. i-am-L

    What does excavator.exe do other than mining?

    I am using NiceHash Miner for mining btc. The AV Cyclance Protect detects excavator as a trojan. On the NiceHash website they clearly mentioned it not being any kind of a virus/malware. Even on the github page of excavator they mention the same. So, I would like to know whether excavator does...
  30. I

    Laptop virus and cant delete HELP PLEASE

    Hi have a new laptop and downloaded something I now know I should't have and have a virus. I have a program in task manager called windows explorer or something and rc'd to trace it to some files on my C drive (I have windows 10 btw). I tried to delete it and it says I need permission from the...
  31. V

    How to identify a bitcoin-miner trojan?

    Hello, i hope this is the right section, today with the raise of bitcoin a particular variant of Trojans starting to appear often which mine bitcoin, ofcourse, the real threat comes with these Trojans injecting themselves into another process, and running very stealthy (not using too much...
  32. W

    Installed program and now Trojan is killing my PC

    I installed a free game from a reputable website that I have used before and it apparently installed a whole bunch of adware and I have booted into safe mode and ran adwcleaner and malware bytes and it said it got rid of them but i booted on my computer to see a cmd window saying windows copied...
  33. M

    Will reinstalling Windows get rid of Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.A virus?

    Hey So as the title says, will this reinstallation of Windows entirely remove the Trojan? I've read about it and although some sources say it can be a false positive detected by Windows Defender, it has caused my game to crash before and PC slow down so I want to be sure that I got rid of it.
  34. eggward1011

    nvidia.exe trojan virus running in background

    I downloaded a program which had many viruses on it, and one of them is this nvidia.exe file. My computer doesn't have anything related to nvidia because i have an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor and an AMD RX 480 graphics card. I did some research on this trojan, and it looks to be that it is a...
  35. A

    Persistent RAT that has infected entire home.

    Dude I am having the most unnerving thing happening right now and I and my dad are DESPAIRING. 1 week ago I stumbled upon some logs and I am always compelled to read them and decipher them when i come across them. SO I read it through and I basically read through a point by point description...
  36. R

    Solved! Is the csrss.exe and rundll32.exe (outside the system32) a trojan?

    So I have like 4 csrss.exe running the 2 is not on the protected processes on the task manager, actually rundll32.exe is not on the protected processes too. So what I did is, I stopped the rundll32.exe and csrss.exe (the other one) and I can't seem to terminate the program. The csrss.exe and...
  37. DiamondxCrafting

    Eset Or Bitdefender? Which One Should I Get?

    Which antivirus should I use? Eset Smart Security Premium 10 or Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Ignoring the prices, which is the winner overall?
  38. A

    Trojan.RansomKD.6011863 in NVIDIA\NvBackend\ApplicationOntology (by free HitmanPro)

    Hi, Trojan.RansomKD.6011863 in NVIDIA\NvBackend\ApplicationOntology was detected today on my Windows 10 laptop by a free version of HitmanPro: Name: NvOAWrapperCache.exe Location C:\Users\.....\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\NvBackend\ApplicationOntology Size 338 KB Time 1.3 days ago (2017-09-20...
  39. R

    Is reformating because of the CCleaner incident excessive

    Running W10 home 64-bit and I know they said it only affected 32 bit systems, but I had a trojan from it which I found with malwarebytes and removed it, but I am just worrying if I should maybe reformat anyways or is that just insanely excessive?
  40. R

    Solved! Trojan file in my android device

    I found a file related to trojan...due to this trojan file my phone being hacked?answer me!
  41. C

    Zeus Trojan 9/5/2017

    I am just wondering if I had to do something different because I have been dealing with Zeus Trojan since September 5 2017
  42. F

    Solved! Pls help me remove the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan

    My laptop recently got the Behavior:Win32/Powemet.B!attk trojan from a flashdrive from my friend. When I plugged the flashdrive in, Windows Defender Antivirus immediately detected it. My laptop has now has the trojan but Windows Defender quarantines it every time it boots up. It's getting...
  43. C

    ccminer cryptonight infection

    Somehow yesterday a trojan installed on my computer which keeps installing and running ccminer-cryptonight (which gets installed in multiple folders each ending in a different numeral RarSFX0, RarSFX1, RarSFX2 etc. in this location : c:\users\\appdata\local\temp\RarSFX0 ) The strange thing is...
  44. S

    Trojan.Zlob.Q Activity blocked by Norton, but not found during scans.

    In my Norton history their is a few intrusion attempts that were blocked for Trojan.Zlob.Q Activity. I've done a regular Norton scan, Norton power erase scan, Malwarebytes scan, Malwarebytes Antimalware scan, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit scan plus a scan with superantispyware and all those scans...
  45. J

    Infected with Trojan?

    Think my PC has a Trojans. I'm seeing some strange things happening with my computer, I keep getting emails that are read then deleted for various sites, theres several programs with random names that are taking alot of CPU when my computer idles, I cant seem to start any antivirus programs they...
  46. K

    FakeAV trojan help

    Hello, System Advanced Care 10.4 did a scan yesterday and picked up a Trojan called FakeAV. It could not delete it and I am skeptical of randomly searching websites to install a tool to remove it so can anyone help me or direct on how to remove this FakeAV Trojan? Unfortunately, I forgot to take...
  47. N

    Trojan persisting through DBAN

    Hey guys! Two days ago I noticed a Trojan or other such virus when it typed to me while I was playing a game. I reset my pc and reinstalled windows, deleting and formatting the drives. It typed to me again in my internet browser. Spent today letting DBAN overwrite my hard drive. Reinstalled...
  48. doohbacles

    Removing Shortcut Virus From PC

    Hello everyone, i got this 'shortcut virus' problem at my office.It started when they plug in to everyone PC's without scanning or checking before open it up.Now the virus has spread around my office. The question is, does anyone know how to remove it from PC?How to find it? Im glad if u guys...
  49. C

    Found an ".rnd" file in my PC and a weird story behind

    Hello to all members of this forum. I open this topic here because i was in full cleaning of files, those that seem temporary or that remained as a sign of some program installed. The question is that I come across this file located in the "C" directory with the format ".rnd". After searching...
  50. I

    Computer is Infected HELP

    Hello. I currently run Windows 10 on HP laptop. I have noticed that there was a background program that is called svcvmx or something like that. I tried to end its process at the Task manager but it kept coming back. I went to its original folder to delete that dump of junk. However it refused...
  51. Tyler LM

    Random Tabs Showing Up Out Of Nowhere??

    How do I get rid of random tabs showing up? I used Windows Defender it said its a Trojan, but then it said it was taken away because I used the clean tool, but its still showing up. So then I used AdwCleaner (Malwarebytes) it detected around 80 viruses and got rid of them, but the adds still...
  52. S

    Unknown Trojan inside housecall?

    I Have not been able to update my windows for some time know do to unknown reasons LINK TO THREAD HERE So i decided to see if it might be a virus causing it. Even though i have trend micro MaximumSecurity running 24/7 and hasn't picked anything up. I downloaded house call went into safe...
  53. Z

    "svcvmx" Virus IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE (please help...)

    I am currently having the most trouble I have had in a while....I currently have a virus by the name of "svcvmx" and I CANNOT DELETE IT TO SAVE MY LIFE....I have tried numerous threads throughout the universe of Google (which includes going into the registry, %LOCALAPPDATA%, msconfig.msc, etc.)...
  54. I

    Solved! Do I Have A Trojan?

    I accidentally clicked on a Dropbox link and it started to download a Trojan, I cancelled the download before it completed and MalwareBytes never detected anything. I know it's a Trojan because my friend's Steam account was hacked and then he sent me this link.
  55. WildCard999

    Trojan False Positive?

    So I'm using Windows 10 and recently it's been saying that I have a trojan (trojan:Win32/Rundas.b) on my system so I did the quarantine that was recommended however is this something I need to manually remove? Is it a false positive? I would like to avoid having to reinstall my OS. Any help is...
  56. G

    Solved! Can I simply delete a trojan that hasn't been executed?

    Hi Folks, I downloaded a backup of one of my web sites recently. Microsoft Security Essentials has detected a Trojan in some zipped files in that backup. Here's a path in the MSE log: containerfile: :\My Downloads\Web_site_duplicated\20150405_* file...
  57. L

    SystemService ... android/trojan.spy.lyps.a/system/priv-app/guliservice.apk

    Hi, I recently rooted my Lenovo K3 mobile to remove some pre-installed apps etc. Well today I ran Malware and a trojan appeared which I thought would be a good idea to delete. android/trojan.spy.lyps.a/system/priv-app/guliservice.apk Malware asked if I wanted to remove it, I said yes, then...
  58. S

    The requested resource is in use trojan virus

    So last night, I was looking to install this program, and I guess I made a noob mistake because after that I had several new programs that I didn't install installed, but I was able to remove most of them, though however I can't open my antivirus or anything that would be able to remove the...
  59. F

    Fdsasar.jf3 and Data01.vji Viruses?

    Hey everyone. So my computer has been acting pretty weird for a few days, I can't really tell what changed at what time to introduce the problem. Upon reboot, my browser appears to be hijacked, any/all Chrome extensions are removed and the home page + search bar are both changed to
  60. J

    trojan dectected on clean system

    I recently did a clean install of windows 10 from a usb drive. After installing Vipre Security Suite it detects a trojan, trojan.downloader.JQUA. How do I get rid of this. Reinstalling windows isn't helping.