2 svchost.exe Processes Without Names Using Up Most of My CPU


Aug 8, 2017
I managed to get a few trojans a couple days ago which were easily removed by malwarebytes, but since then I've had these two processes in task manager with no names, that are supposedly svchost.exe when I click go to details. Presumably Malwarebytes didn't manage to get rid of everything and still can't so I'd like some help.
My task manager
I have ran CCleaner and Malwarebytes numerous times, but they are still there. I'm almost certain they are viruses of some kind but can't find solutions anywhere. There are two of them, one which usually takes up around 10-20% of my CPU and another which is around 50%. It makes it so I hardly even have enough CPU power to watch YouTube, and even somehow seems to have made my internet connection worse. Any help would be amazing because I'm starting to really get worried that I'll have to factory reset my PC. Thanks.