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  1. onedropsync

    Question Windows Memory Usage

    Hi, I got an 8 Gigs RAM on my Windows 10 laptop running on Intel i5 - 11th generation processor, Lately I have been noticing extra RAM usage at startup without even any applications Also the figures /resource values are not matching in the task manager The entire memory value of my user in...
  2. The KiWeeD

    Question Virus that turns itself off when task manager is opened

    Ok something weird is going on. I recorded a video that somewhat sums up my problem, but if you can't watch it I'll explain it here: So I noticed I was not getting usual performance while gaming so I opened up the task manager and couldn't notice anything strange so I just switched back to my...
  3. D

    Question Desktop in task manager??????

    Ive had my PC for like 5 years now and under startup it has never shows DESKTOP.I disabled it but it is under C:\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup soIdk i would normally brush by it and not think twice but its never been there before.I just worry that its a virus...
  4. A

    Solved! Help updating Rivatuner???

    I'm trying to update Rivatuner, which I think is linked to my msi afterburner? I keep getting and update notice at launch, but when I try to update it says it can't because it is running. When I go to task manager I don't see anything called rivatuner. Any help? Thanks.
  5. R

    Solved! Unnamed suspended process (svchost) in Task manager

    Its been about 2-3 months since my built my new computer for hosting some VMs and for running some resource heavy applications. A couple of weeks ago I've noticed that I have an unnamed process in my task manager which is always suspended (or at least it shows up as suspended when I view it in...
  6. A

    When was the last time you looked at your task manager?

    Do you trust your security software to police your PC? Do you just not worry about checking your task manager for mysterious processes? Recommended security software I should use? Malwarebytes, Ghostery, No Script, Windows', Glasswire....... P.S. Have you changed your password(s) within the...
  7. R

    Solved! Chrome freezes every 5-10 seconds apon startup

    Every time I launch Google Chrome it works fine for about 5 -10 seconds before everything freezes and im forced to shut it down from task manager. Nothing I've seen helped, I've reinstalled Chrome and restarted my computer but it still wont work.
  8. L

    Solved! How to increase ram

    i have dell inspiron 5567 i3 4gb ram. In task manager it shows slots 1 out of 2 used and it also shows slot 1 empty. Can i increase ram to atleast (8+4)GB or (2*8)GB. thanks in advance
  9. P

    Why is my cpu running slow

    So 2 months ago my laptop started acting weird. I start up my laptop and find it being super slow. I go to task manager and click performance and what do i see. My cpu is running at speed of a snail (0.39Ghz) , but the base speed of cpu is 2.6Ghz. I found out that it can be fixed if i shut down...
  10. D

    Solved! how to remove jvahts virus

    in my task manager there is listed 3 items i cannot remove that are causing ads and pop ups. they are jvahts, jvahts, jvahttm. what are these and how can i remove them
  11. B

    2 svchost.exe Processes Without Names Using Up Most of My CPU

    I managed to get a few trojans a couple days ago which were easily removed by malwarebytes, but since then I've had these two processes in task manager with no names, that are supposedly svchost.exe when I click go to details. Presumably Malwarebytes didn't manage to get rid of everything and...
  12. K

    CPU behaving strange, running at 100%, unless Task manager is open? plz help me

    CPU behaving strange, running at 100%, unless Task manager is open? plz help me
  13. H

    I'm in urgent need for help. A weird virus has affected my pc

    Hi. I wasn't careful enough while browsing the internet and got my pc infected. First it disabled my task manager but I fixed that with Gpedit. Now, every time I boot my pc, i have to troubleshoot for internet problems, before being able to access the internet. I scanned with Malwarebytes and it...
  14. C

    Solved! How can i remove Bitcoin miner ?

    i try using adw cleaner + malwarebytes ( it did show me the files of bitcoin trojan and removed after that restart it still back) and if its bitcoin miner is ON adw cleaner and malwarebyte freeze up + when i try to go use task manager the CPU 50% it go back to cpu: 2-5% , its like hiding from it...
  15. C

    Svchost.exe in Task Manager causing high CPU usage

    Recently I have gotten this unnamed process in Task Manager that when I open its file location, it takes me to my sysWOW64 folder to the svchost.exe file. I get high CPU usage only when Task Manager is closed, and normal CPU usage when it is opened. I am sure that this isn't a igfxupdate.exe...
  16. R

    Net Protector Anti-Virus has dubious processes

    I have bought Net Protector Anti-Virus for my Windows 7 system. The task manager often gets filled with multiple instances (often 30-40) of Net Protector processes such as MAILGEN.exe and GZIP.exe and other non-antivirus processes such as PROCDISP.exe and conhost.exe. The issue is that sometimes...
  17. D

    Task bar and windows start screen not working..

    I cannot access windows settings and task manager . Not even start screen is working . I cannot access notification bar also. But i can access pinned application in the task bar. But some inbuilt apps like photos and groove are not working. Please provide a solution for this. Recently i have...
  18. C

    Google Chrome using 60% of CPU without opening it ? (HELP)

    Hi, after i turn on my laptop, without opening any program, i check task manager and every time there are alot of chrome processes opened, i always have 2 at 30% Cpu usage. Can someone help me fix this, i have reinstalled chrome and its still happening. i7-6700HQ Processor
  19. R

    Memory Confusion on Task Manager - Windows 10

    Hello, everyone hope your doing well. I'm having a kind of confusion with my laptop RAM. So, when ever i go on task manager my memory from yesterday (sept 8, 2018 ) is showing 25% - 28%. But, before i used to show 18%-19% with noting ruuning on the desktop. but it ranges from 25% - 28%. Please...
  20. T

    webcam not showing in my task manager

    I have a satellite toshiba but there is no web cam in task manager. how do get it back went on toshiba support and its asking me questions i cant answer in the drop down bars. I know part/serial number etc but not other questions
  21. N

    Unknown programs in task manager getting BSOD possibly

    So I've been getting the BSOD for about 3 days now and it's one of two possibilities. GPU drivers. (already tried switching cards) Or these programs that i can't find out what they are CUS-gui CUS-mw CUS-mw-helper whenever I've deleted these programs i have not had a crash so i believe that it...
  22. M

    "I am sorry !!!!" and Trojan.Renamer

    Hello everyone. i have this issue which i think my computer is infected. my DFX Sound Enhancer's user interface has "i am sorry!!!" written on it. i've looked up about this and there's not much information about this. Here's link to the picture. https://imgur.com/YW1ave8 I found a suspicious...
  23. T

    toshiba flash cards are keeping my laptop from shutting down/restarting. I did the 'msconfig'/'start tab'/...

    toshiba flash cards are keeping my laptop from shutting down/restarting. I did the 'msconfig'/'start tab'/....when i got to this point, under the start tab said for me to go to the TASK MANAGER to manage startup items. When I get to the task manager, there is no 'Toshiba Flash Cards' listed at...
  24. A

    Possible virus that automatically stop when task manager is open

    CPU usage spikes up immediately after i closed the task manager and vice versa Ran a quickscan with malwarebytes and found nothing, currently running a full system scan which while take long time right now I'm just wondering if anyone ever had a similar problem like this and maybe can be of help
  25. S

    Comm surrogate virus

    I’m getting 3 or 4 com surrogate tasks running in my task manager Ik it’s a virus I need to fix it right now plz help me
  26. minikolaj

    How to stop Bitdefender from running or prevent it from using RAM?

    I got Bitdefender a while ago. It uses a lot of RAM (Around 500 MB) and I want to be able to free up that RAM while gaming. How do I do it? I don't mind if I need to close any Bitdefender processes even though I'd prefer not to have to. I have tried closing them myself from process explorer...
  27. S

    Programs running multiple times in task manager

    Hi there, I have programs running multiples times, and next some of the program I see *32 ,so am not sure whether this is a malware or virus. This started 3 days ago and I have malwarebytes and superanti spyware, but still the issue exists, can I get solution for this please? thank you...
  28. Z

    services.exe rootkit malware?

    Does anyone know what services.exe CPU usage should be looking like in task manager, also what is the normal files size for this program in the system32 folder? I am getting around 10% CPU usage max (mostly around 5%ish), with the usage fluctuating up and down. Any ideas?
  29. H

    things on task manager startup

    Need help removing the reidel.exe and sicken.exe also need help figuring out what the 2 program things are and what protectionism is. I know the sicken.exe and reidel.exe are old regenerating viruses I removed using Malwarebytes. I set all those to disabled so they dont start up.
  30. L

    Laptop AMD Dedicated Graphics is supposed to have 2GB but only shows 512MB in task manager

    Not sure if this is the right category to ask this in but it's (laptop) GPU related so hopefully it's correct :/ Anyways, as the title reads, my laptop's AMD GPU is supposed to have 2GB of dedicated VRAM (as it's labelled) but task manager and my games only see 512MB (however GPU-Z says there's...
  31. J

    high disc usage making my laptop run like crap

    can anyone help with my laptop running like total crap? (high disc usage) Very slow to open any program, cortana literally just loads if i say tried to search for paint or something. I've tried disabling superfetch since it was taking up a decent amount of resources but am curious if anyone can...
  32. P

    Cant uninstall chrome,not in task manager,or p&f.

    My google chrome wont uninstall. Its not in Programs and Features or Task Manager, but the problem to me seems to be that the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. If anyone can help me, id be grateful.
  33. K

    Chrome is taking too much cpu. Mining?

    Whenever i turn on my computer, chrome shows up in task manager taking 30% cpu! I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, but the problem is still there. I have also tried running malware check and other antivirus, but nothing helped. Can you help? Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Gtx 1060 8gb...
  34. G

    Task Manager config app

    Hey there. Not so recently I realized I have an unknown app in Task Managers Startup tab, called config.. It doesn't have an icon and if I open the file location it locates a VB script file. Does anyone know whats this? I can post the script if it helps.
  35. J

    Why won't my computer bring up the task manager when I click on alt control delete also I have clicked the window key with p

    How can I get rid of a black screen with curser on my Asus laptop and bring up task manager? when I click alt control delete it wont open it. I have also clicked the window key p and down button twice as instructed and it still don't open.
  36. T

    Brand new laptop is slow and has 100% disk [usage] in task manager

    So I purchased a new laptop 1 day ago and when I finished the windows update and it started glitching a lot so I checked Task Manager and the disk column was at 100%, at this point i only had Google chrome and the programs from Acer and it takes 3-4 mins to boot to windows and when you open a...
  37. L

    How much memory should be used when idle?

    HI there, I have noticed whenever I open my task manager I have about 30% of the memory being used when no apps/windows are open. I was first wondering if "memory" is the same thing as RAM, and also if this is a normal amount to be used when nothing is running on my computer. I understand that...
  38. M

    Unnamed process running in task manager

    Following my recent BSODs (which i thought to have fixed in the last thread i made) i started to get quite dissapointed at my computing skills. I just can't fix these BSODs (critical process died, ntoskrnl.exe). I updated and reinstalled all my drivers (no dice), i ran memtest, driver verifier...
  39. K

    High CPU usage with closed task manager, igfxupdate.exe-like virus?

    Whenever I use my laptop I noticed the fan starts running on full speed even when not running any applications. When I open task manager to look for the culprit i see my CPU running on 100% for a fraction of a second and then shooting down to under 10%. It was too fast to see what application it...
  40. R

    Strange Google Chrome process in background

    For about a month i have been having a problem where a separate google chrome process starts in the background whenever i turn on my PC, it constantly uses about 30% of my cpu but if i end it google chrome itself doesn't stop, i can't figure out what is causing this issue. I checked the...
  41. J

    Can't get rid of suspected malware: rtdvgbk.exe

    On 3/14/17, I installed ImgBurn freeware on a Win7 PC and picked up a ton of malware. I think I've removed or crippled most of it via various removal and monitoring tools, but I am uneasy because it seems something is still lingering. The machine seems to run fine, but in Task Manager I see...
  42. D

    How do I find the location of something? Im looking for COM surrogate.

    Well, I don't know anything about computers, and I reset my computer because people told me that COM surrogate was a virus. Every time I open up the task manager there are 2, sometimes 3 open, but then they disappear shortly after. I saw another thread that said It wasn't, as long as it was...
  43. K

    Solved! 4 Ram Slots According to TM but can only find 2

    So my Laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 300-15ISK, i got it back 2016, on task manager it says it is got 4 ram slots but when i open the panel on the back i visibly only see 2 ram slots, no they don't stack and would they be deeper on motherboard or under more panels? and second question i am not sure...
  44. G

    Avast disk usage.

    Well seems this thread was 2016 and guess what,it's now 2018 March and i just installed and having same issues. My system was running at a crawl so i figured right away had to be Avast.So my system was at such a crawl 10o% usage as mentioned by other poster that i had to goto cntr/alt/del to...
  45. C

    rundll32.exe high network usage, should I get worried?

    I was playing games with a friend online and I started lagging heavily. We started the usual routine of alt-tabbing and checking our task manager to see whose fault it was and I noticed rundll32 (location: /Windows/system32, on W8.1) was at high disk and network usage. Things stabilized after a...
  46. F

    Solved! Will SDD save my laptop?

    I have a 5-6 year old Dell Inspiron 14R (N4110) that I use for light tasks. Task manager often shows my disk at 100% and performance grinds to a halt. Is it worth updating to a SDD? My specs are as follows: Intel HM67 chipset Intel Core i3 2310M 2.1Ghz 4GB RAM DDR3 (2x2) 500 GB HDD @5400RPM...
  47. H

    i7 laptop extremely slow

    Hey guys, I was given a laptop in its box (brand new) last year (Toshiba Satellite L50-B) running an intel i7 and AMD Radeon R7 M260, considering the specs, it gets extremely slow at times. I've attached a picture of the task manager with Firefox Quantum (latest update) with two tabs opened as...
  48. R

    Possible virus shows up everytime i start my PC

    Whenever i start my pc a task called brhost.exe runs everytime and uses around 30% of my cpu , and i have to use task manager to close the task everytime i start my pc.It is not detected by windows defender as a virus so im not sure exactly what this is , but im pretty sure its not supposed to...
  49. Bscull12

    MalwareBytes is using all of my RAM? It keeps climbing up rapidly.

    So today I was playing some games and I realized that I was dipping in frames quite a lot. I went in to task manager only to find that MalwareBytes was using all of my RAM. I closed it and re-opened it and it just starts climbing up with RAM usage. Here is a video: I have uninstalled it for...
  50. S

    My windows xp startup perfectly.but my desktop is blank.taskmanager disabled by adminstrator.

    In windows xp task manager disabled by adminstrator.the desktop is blank.the mouse point is available. 1 years ago when i install a windows activator.the problem is started
  51. F

    CPU 100% usage everytime I enter a particular site?

    So, today, I realize whenever I enter this torrent site, my cpu usage will increase to 100% (Im using Task Manager and Speccy to monitoring it) and when I leave the site, it will back to normal usage. I always go to that site to download things and just realized this problem today. So, what is...
  52. B

    Alot of recent problems with avast.

    So recently i reinstalled avast free antivirus (i uninstalled it because of some problems) and when it was installed i was greated with worse problems that i had before uninstalling it. Before i uninstalled it i usually ran a scan one a week and completely disabled it when i wasn't using it...
  53. V

    niikbxa causing CPU spikes

    Over the past few weeks I've noticed by CPU usage spiking to 100% for about a minute several times a day and it's never done that before. Under task manager > processes I have these items called "niikbxa.exe *32". Sometimes there's only 1, sometimes there's 6 of them. Whenever CPU spikes, one...
  54. M

    lenovo black screen problem

    my lenovo ideapad 110 can login but in the desktop the screen is black with a responsive cursor . what should i do? help anyone help? i already tried the ctrl+alt+del and the task manager is working but no app is running. i also tried connecting it to a tv using hdmi but still the screen is black.
  55. A

    CPU and DISK runinning at 100%

    Hi, i bought this laptop yesterday and it has been over running without doing anything, when i open the task manager it shows that disk is being used at 100% which sometimes drops to 50% but goes up fast at 100% and keeps staying like that, also i noticed that CPU mostly is running at 100% which...
  56. A

    svchost.exe (netsvcs) keeps downloading something

    So, my internet is so slow lately and when I checked the task manager it shows that svchost.exe keeps downloading something. And I've tried everything that internet told me like disabling BITS and Windows Update and it doesnt solve anything. And one more problem, everytime I reboot my laptop the...
  57. C

    is pwobumg.exe a virus?

    I had noticed recently in task manager that a process that is called Windows Process Manager (32 bit) (AKA pwobumg.exe) and it is taking up a lot of RAM and sometimes CPU and it is getting annoying and I'm 99% sure it's set to start up but there is nothing and when I go to the startup program...
  58. R

    Solved! Can't delete a background process that's actually a virus

    I have a background process (virus?) that will not go away. Tried all of the malware/adware/virus programs to no avail. Also tried a lot of unlock/delete programs with no luck. The exe is called psezhlwsvc.exe. All online search sites find nothing on the exe. Upon further digging, using Process...
  59. Spexels

    COM Surrogate/dllhost virus?

    I noticed a process in task manager called COM Surrogate, after googling it seems like its a virus, I cant delete the file either, but Norton and Malware bytes don't pick anything up. It was taking up almost 50% cpu usage and I have a gaming cpu so no ordinary process should do that. It seems to...
  60. N

    Acer aspire 5315-2698 stuck after boots

    Boots but gets stuck. Goes black. Only thing I can get it to do is control at delete(task manager)