Question Windows Memory Usage

Dec 17, 2021
I got an 8 Gigs RAM on my Windows 10 laptop running on Intel i5 - 11th generation processor,
Lately I have been noticing extra RAM usage at startup without even any applications
Also the figures /resource values are not matching in the task manager

The entire memory value of my user in windows is displaying around 690MB at startup, but on the memory column it shows as 40-50% memory usage(4GB out of 8GB)

Is this normal, or is it any hidden virus, please let me know
Any help will be greatly appreciated

Here attaching the Users Page in Task Manager for reference

Image Link

I doubt it is a virus. Even if you aren't "running any applications" there is a ton of Windows stuff that runs all the time. If you look at the details tab you will see 100+ running processes. I also have 8GB and at startup about 70% is used. That doesn't mean there is not room for many apps. Read about Windows memory paging to see why. The indicator that you need more memory is not the used % but something called page swaps (PF Delta).