Question Problems with Lenovo Yoga 500 14IBD

Nov 29, 2022
Hi guys, you are my last chance. It's been a few months since my Lenovo Yoga 500 14IBD is running very slow. For each activity I have to wait several seconds (3-4 seconds to open Chrome). No real difference between internet and system usage. I've added a kingston ssd + 8gb ram + 2 clean installs of windows in the last month, but almost nothing has changed. I have updated the BIOS and all other drivers both through Windows Update and manually. I suspended all the activities I could on startup. I have noticed that sometimes for about 10-15 minutes it runs very smooth (very rare) but then goes back to the same slowness. I didn't notice any difference in task manager during these two different phases: cpu 1%, memory 30% if I do nothing (antimalware service executable seems to use most of the memory), if I open chrome it goes up to CPU 25-30%, memory 40-45% .
What am I missing?
If I don't solve it, I abandon the PC, it took me too much time.
Thanks in advance