Solved! Lenovo Yoga S730 overheating

Nov 22, 2019
Hello everyone. I have recently purchased a Yoga S730 (or IdeaPad 730S) and it keeps overheating so I apply ceramic thermal paste to the CPU. I notice that after applying the thermal paste, if I get my ear close to the keyboard, I can hear a electric-y, almost like a sizzling noise. Is this a problem? I examine everything inside but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I encounter the following issues:
  • The fan sometimes seems to be running even though the CPU temperature is only about 40 to 50°C and the CPU utilization is only under 10%.
  • On start-up, the CPU utilization would be at 30 to 40% and the clock speed at 3.xx GHz, the laptop would also get very hot, the CPU would be at about 90°C but then decreases down to 40 to 50°C.
  • The laptop gets very hot when plugged in and I run a slightly heavy task like installing applications, the CPU temperature would get up to 92°C. When I create a new and empty file in Photoshop CC 2018, the CPU would get up to 90°C.
  • Sometimes when the CPU temperature is at only nearly 60°C, the fan would also run pretty loud (I don't how many RPM because the HWMonitor or SpeedFan doesn't display fan speed).
I have tried everything from reinstalling Windows to editting power plan in the Control Panel. What can I do about these issues? Thanks a lot
If you just go this new and it is overheating, there is a problem. A new device should not give you problems. I would suggest either returning it and having them exchange it for another, or if past that point, contact the manufacturer.