Question why does my lenovo ideapad 320 keyboard stops laptop from posting?

Sep 9, 2023
i have an somewhat older lenovo ideapad 320 14 inch.
the laptop wont post and just had this 1 continuous beep. i was told it was the keyboard so what i did was press the power button and then remove the keyboard flex connection and it would post. i used it for a few weeks with a usb keyboard without shutting it down then finally got to replacing the keyboard.
after replacing the old keyboard it worked fine. i havent used the laptop for about a month and now that i turn it on the old problem is back. so i turned it on disconnected the keyboard and waited for it to post then connected it again and the keyboard works fine. is there anyway to solve this? preferably without having to replace the keyboard again
Aug 19, 2023
Its not easy to diagnose it on internet. most likely there is some kind of short happening. keep using the usb keyboard or take it to somoene who can repair mother boards.
or you can try cleaning everything with electonics cleaner.