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  1. onedropsync

    Question Windows Memory Usage

    Hi, I got an 8 Gigs RAM on my Windows 10 laptop running on Intel i5 - 11th generation processor, Lately I have been noticing extra RAM usage at startup without even any applications Also the figures /resource values are not matching in the task manager The entire memory value of my user in...
  2. A

    Question Retrieve iPhone 7 plus storage of a dead iPhone

    Hi all, So my iPhone 7 Plus recently died. And I was too late to make a back up of it. The Iphone wont turn on no matter what I try. Even Apple support has given up on me. So I was wondering if it's possible to remove the storage from the iphone and plug it into something so I can retrieve my...
  3. J

    Solved! Acer A315-51-34V8 Storage and Memory upgrade

    I have an Acer A315-51-34V8 laptop and want to upgrade the storage and memory. It currently has a 128GB SSD I am planning to leave that there and use the upgrade bay for the secondary drive. I am not sure what would be the best way to upgrade the storage (I'm open to both SSD and HDD) given the...
  4. C

    Solved! No Display on HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-Ab292nr, Three Long Caps Lock Blinks, Two Short

    My laptop turns on but has no display and gives the error code indicated in the title. I tried a hard reset, reseating the memory module, connecting an external display, and the whole Windows plus B startup key press, all to no avail. The code seems to indicate the memory is bad (according to...
  5. 1

    Solved! I can see images on "playback" on the camera, but they are missing when I download!

    I can see images on "playback" on the camera, but they are missing when I download! Plenty of memory left on the 32 GB card. Most of the images are downloaded, but none after a point. Tried erasing some images in the camera and then downloading but all later images still missing.
  6. J

    Solved! samsung smart tv memory problem

    can't run speedtest on samsung smart tv due to lack of memory. Can i increase memory by deleting something
  7. J

    Solved! I have LG K7 android v 5.1.1 HOW DO I SET SD CARD AS MEMORY??

  8. kdsdata

    Solved! SM-T350 Increase Internal Memory

    I know I can add a larger SD card, and I know that I could even make the SD card behave as "internal" memory. But there are performance issues. Access to the SD card is slower. My question is, can I install a larger internal memory chip? I suppose the biggest hassle would be transferring the...
  9. P

    Solved! How to set SD Card into internal memory

    My phone is SAMSUNG J2 Prime i have searched some forums and websites to look for solutions on how to make my SD card into internal memory. Since it is android 6.0 marshmallow i follow some steps and there's no options "format sd card into internal". Can someone help me to resolve this problem??
  10. G

    Solved! Using USB memory stick to record tv

    Hi everyone! I have a LG 55uj634v TV and I am trying to use an ordinary USB memory stick to record video. What happens is that most recordings end abruptly after a few minutes (5 to 10 mins) even if the tv is on. LG tech support say that PVR recording works reliably only if the destination...
  11. M

    Solved! Move apps on T 5 Huawei memorycard

    How do i expand interna memory or move apps to memory card on T 5 Huawei pad.
  12. D

    Solved! How to start stopped memory saver

    My zipped apps not opening it described as unfortunately memory saver has stopped. How can I start memory saver
  13. N

    Adding discrete GPU to Dell 7586 w/ Intel shared graphics?

    I am a complete noob so I hope I can explain myself: Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 7586 comes with two versions. 1. One with Intel® UHD Graphics 620 with shared graphics memory 2. The...
  14. R

    How to Use the ‘Memories’ Option in the Photos App on a MacBook Pro

    The Photos application on your MacBook Pro lets you do much more than simply view your collection of photos. Aside from a host of editing tools, one of its coolest features is the memories. What this feature does is it clubs together all the photos from a particular date or occasion and creates...
  15. S

    Solved! HP - AU620TX RAM Upgrade.

    I'm Having A HP AU620TX (8 GB RAM) Having Intel I5 7200U Processor, the Processor Supports Max 32 GB of Memory but on the Manufacturers Site (HP) They Say Max Memory Support is 16 GB So Should I Install Only 8 GB or Should I Exceed 16 Gigs Capacity?
  16. M

    Will the GTA V play on a laptop with 8th gen intel i3 and intel uhd graphics 620?

    My laptop description says: Intel Core i3-8130U 2.2Ghz with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz Intel UHD graphics 1000 GB HDD 20GB Memory: 16GB Intel Optane Memory+ 4GB DDR4 Memory Thank you! :D
  17. A

    memory saver stopped unfortunately

    my mobile showing an alert box like unfortunately memory saver has been stopped. And having internal storage issues
  18. N

    Solved! How do i move the internal memory to an sd card on my zte grand x4?

    Im trying to free up my phone memory to an sd card but I can't figure out how. The phone is a zte max x4
  19. R

    Can you try these little performance apps and evaluate them for me?

    The official site: Please install and evaluate DiskMax and Memory Cleaner. PS: THIS IS NOT SPAM!!! These programs were developed by a Microsoft programmer. See for his professional credentials first if you wish. My...
  20. R

    Solved! the cover of the tablet there write 8GB memory but it shows in setting 4GBmomery

    HI ,Iam Shahzeb i have hipstreet pilot tablet .the fault is the momery writen on the tablet cover is 8GB in setting is 4GB
  21. M

    Solved! How to designate usage of sd card on S7+ phone

    I installed an sd card in my s7+ , how can I designate it to general memory?
  22. Y

    Memory of system apps

    Memory of system apps
  23. A

    Solved! Can this laptop support dual channel memory?

    I have Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop, cant find any info about it supporting dual channel memory.
  24. P

    Solved! Overfilled phone memory

    My phone has 8 Gb of memory and it tels me it is filled with 462 Gb of aplications + 524 Gb cache + a few Mb other stuff It dousn't allow me to move apps to a sd card or let me remove any. It dousn't save any photo's becouse it is full. Id like be able to use the camera again. Can anyone help...
  25. A

    Solved! Is it possible that my ssd is about to die, or virus?

    Hey, recently my PC started acting really weird. So i decided to investigate this and scan my PC. I started getting blue screenvof death with error code memory_management. Later i noticed that i cant open/run any antivirus programs, they started crashing instantly. So i decided to format my...
  26. D

    Solved! kodak internal memory full want to delete all pictures

    kodal camera easysharem583 will not delete the internal pictures how can i delete them
  27. R

    Optane memory driver bug

    Hi! I tried to install the optane memory driver , but it immediately pops up an error that my cpu is unsupported and it needs 7th gen or newer. I have a 9th gen cpu , and the bios was updated yesterday , so i dont know why im getting that error. Please if you have any idea , share it with me :)...
  28. I

    Solved! ASUS X556UA don't recognize new RAM

    Hello, I have a laptop ASUS X556UA. Exactly: i5-6200U, Intel graphics 520, W10 Home 64bits. Memory RAM is DDR3 and it has 4GB non-removable. I wanted a little RAM upgrade so I bought this: Hynix 4GB DDR3 1333MHz...
  29. T

    3000mhz ram on i5 7300hq

    Im upgrading ram from 1x8gb 2400mhz ddr4 so dimm to 2x8 in order to increase bf5 performance(that is not the debate or qustuion here). (Acer laptop) Model Name: A717-71G-53HR Part Number: NX.GPFED.001 I scaned my laptop with crucials scanprogram: Your scanner ID:42F4F16E31D926C3 It suggests...
  30. O

    Solved! What kind of ram should I buy to upgrade this laptop I'm looking to buy this above laptop but it only has 8 gigs of memory. I just wanted to know if I am able to buy a seperate stick of ram and upgrade it to 16 gigs of ram, and which stick of ram to buy for the best compatability.
  31. P

    Less RAM than there should be

    I have an ASUS f555l i5 variant which is suppose to have 8gb of ram but I check it the other days and my computers saying I only have .9 of a gb of ram. Sorry if any of this doesn’t make sense I’m not really very good with computers Thanks
  32. S

    Fastest quick charge download for iPhones

    Battery keeps dying due to this charge and keep your memory bank battery power bank download for free
  33. M

    Solved! can i use 64gb sd card to oppo a3s?

    i am planning to buy 64gb memory for my oppo a3s is it possible to use it?
  34. A

    Solved! How to set my sd card as internal memory in my samsung galaxy tab j

    How can i set my sd card as internal storage on my samsung galaxy tab j,,please help me
  35. E

    Solved! Nokia 3 memory is full and don't turn on how to save my files?

    Retrieve files from Nokia 3 not turning on
  36. R

    How Do I Increase Memory with a Micro SD Card

    Increasing the memory through a micro SD Card will enable you to access more of the internet streamed video and audios and in a rapid manner. You can also download games to the micro SD card for usage. After the insertion of the micro SD card, you will see faster loading of the channels Some...
  37. F

    Solved! About make faster loptop

    Hello ! I need talk about How to make Faster loptop Why i quescion it ? Pretty Understandable :) I got very old, slow loptop Hawleet Packward (Hp) or Compaq Presario C500 So please help me how to speed my loptop (Very Low Budget) : D
  38. S

    Solved! My jio 4g sim is not work in my Xiaomi Redmi 4, 3gb ram ,32 internal memory but the sim is work in any other mobile.

    My jio 4g sim is not work in my Xiaomi Redmi 4, 3gb ram ,32 internal memory but the sim is work in any other mobile what can I do for this problem.
  39. D

    Solved! Is there a camcorder that can record DIRECTLY to a USB flask memory stick?

    I'm looking for a camcorder that can record video directly to a USB flash memory stick. I would like than to detach the stick and give it to customers as a present. Is there such a camcorder? Thank you!
  40. A

    Solved! Ram upgradation advice

    I need small advice. I have an HP laptop with i3 6 generation and 4GB drr4 ram. If I upgrade 4 GB Ram more with the same frequency then it will really improve my laptop performance?
  41. E

    How can I free up memory ? (i already deleted cache & apps, and I moved apps to SD)

    It seems that my Samsung J2 (android 5.1.1) phone just gobbles up memory (even when I dont do so much). I have 8GB internal memory. * Half is used by the system. * Almost half is used by me; even though I dont have that many 'apps' installed. * 450mb used up on miscellaneous files. (but...
  42. N

    Sony cybershot camera ..file error issue

    A blue screen read file error. I took memory stick out and turned camera back on. I only had 4 pics left on internal memory. I put stick back in camera and it still showed blue screen with file error. How or can I fix this?
  43. D

    Solved! My cell suggest to (clean SD card. Will that erase info on it?

    My phone says to clean up sd card on my ZTE android. Will this erase my memory? help, keep receiving this message
  44. A

    Solved! New Windows laptop - memory, speed, SSD- what is needed?

    Hi, I am actually looking to buy 2 new laptops. The ones I have are "Ancient" and not worth, time, money aggravation to try and upgrade. I have been on all the major brands websites trying to compare, contrast, build, the memory, speed cores, ssd, ddr, dedicated/not card, How many usb ports...
  45. J

    How to fix black screen on Micromax a74 and screen saver do

    Screensaver does not on the screen only black screen .... says no external memory on Micromax a76
  46. B

    Solved! Does a jogger core/memory clock decrease life span

    Hello, I just got my GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 2070 GAMING OC 8G As my title says: Does increasing the core and the memory clock decrease the life span. Not overvolting or increasing power target. Is it worth it tot overclock? Thanks
  47. J

    Solved! Ares 8A is too slow

    My Ares 8A is so slow and sometimes won't even do anything. I am trying to use the Micro SD as memory backup but I can't find where to do that. This thing is getting on my nerves and I am about to return it.
  48. D

    Solved! How to find 'hidden' used memory.

    How can I find 'hidden' section of memory that is still being used? When I open the phone (attached to my PC), I only get one folder labeled 'Internal Storage' . I went into the 'DCIM' and 'Pictures' folders and transferred all my pics and vids, but the phone still says only 3.75gb out of 8.15gb...
  49. M

    Solved! Upgrade CPU or Memory to make laptop run faster?

    I have a TOSHIBA Laptop Satellite C675-S7200 that needs to run Windows 7 and software like and chrome web browser. It runs but it's pretty slow, even after wiping it clean and starting fresh. Can I upgrade the memory or CPU in this laptop to make it run faster? If so, what should I...
  50. K

    Solved! WinRAR error - The instruction at 0x80024785 referenced memory at 0x25c61000. The memory could not be written.

    Hi, recently I have encountered a problem with WinRAR, everytime I try to open it, it comes up with the message "The instruction at 0x80024785 referenced memory at 0x25c61000. The memory could not be written." and my only option is to just exit out of the message window. I've updated winrar...
  51. Zekarul

    Solved! Audio crackling/ popping then desync from video

    Processor Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 4.2 GHz Number of Cores 4 CPU ID BFEBFBFF000906E9 Family 06 Model 9E Stepping 9 Revision Memory RAM 16 GB Video Card Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Manufacturer Chipset GeForce GTX 1070 Dedicated Memory 8.0...
  52. C

    Upgrade RAM on ASUS E502N

    memory integrated on motherboard. any experience upgrading? would i need to solder off old memory and replace? or is there some kind of second slot? per the task manager performance tab i appear to be using only 1 of 2 slots.. (i'm too lazy and prefer not to open up just to check under the...
  53. T

    Restore contacts an photos

    I lost my old phone an got a new one all my contacts an photos were backed up to the internal memory. My new phone has the same number how do I recover my stuff
  54. T

    Solved! How i move all my ad info to phone?

    How can I move everything off as card to phones internal memory so u can reboot my ad card
  55. V

    Solved! My Pantech flip phone was stolen and I have photos that I want to retrieve how do I do this without the phone

    My Pantech flip phone was stolen and I need the photos from its internal memory. What do I do.
  56. M

    Solved! My phone is asus z01kda

    Im having a problem on my phone memory and sd card storage so i tried copying all of my videos and photos to the pc. First Icopied the files on my sd card to my pc and it works well after that i go to my phone storage and tried to copy all my videos to my sd card that is currently empty but...
  57. F

    Solved! WHen I see a phone stating 16gb internal memory and 1 gb RAM.

    Is the 1 gb ram the SD memory which I can replace to a higher sd card?
  58. R

    How to Increase Memory of Your Roku Device

    You can increase your Roku player’s memory up to 32 GB using a microSD card. The extra storage space cannot be used to store videos and streamed content. It can only store extra channels and related info. Follow these simple steps to learn how to increase your Roku’s memory. 1. Insert microSD...
  59. G

    upgrade my memory

    I have an ASUS X53E core i3. Is it possible to upgrade the memory and hard drive to accept windows 10 professional? I have a Hitachi 5.2 hard drive.
  60. F

    How to clean memory

    How to clean memory in smart hub it's always full even after reset TV model TV eu50mu7000 samsung