I'm in urgent need for help. A weird virus has affected my pc

Nov 11, 2018
Hi. I wasn't careful enough while browsing the internet and got my pc infected. First it disabled my task manager but I fixed that with Gpedit. Now, every time I boot my pc, i have to troubleshoot for internet problems, before being able to access the internet. I scanned with Malwarebytes and it found some suspicious files. I deleted them, but here's the other weird thing. Whichever folder i try to open, it takes more time than usual to open it, and when it does when i look at the folder's path it says that the folder is IN ANOTHER folder called "System" I atached a pic. Also my folder icons look weird af and there is a folder called "RECYCLER" in every partition. Please help me, Malwarebytes seems to not be doing anything which Im surprised about. Thanks!!




Not with any certainty. You'll never really know.
Antivirus is meant to prevent, not to undo.

If a family member came to me with this, I'd recommend the same thing.
Recover from a known good backup, or full wipe and reinstall.
Nov 17, 2018
This is how to solve your problem
1) Save or backup whichever documents you wish to retain to another hard drive or external storage device
2) Click this link and download it https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10
3) Run the program and when prompted, select the USB device you would like to set up as a boot device
4) Plug it in to your computer and restart your pc
5) When your pc is restarting open the BIOS, it should show which key to press on the loading screen
6) Select the USB as your boot device from the menu (you can search up how to do this for the different brands of motherboard)
7) Once you are on the windows install screen, click on the drive/s that are infected and select format, this will delete everything on the drive
8) Install windows on the formatted drive