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    Solved! Video editor for my low end pc

    I have 1.90 GHz i3 3rd gen cpu(the problem) with 1GB GeForce GT 740M and 12 gigs ram. Shotcut really pushes my cpu. Are there any video editing alternatives for my pc?
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    Can run GTA 5

    Can I run GTA 5 with Intel graphics 4400 and CPU clock speed 1.70ghz And ram 8gb
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    Solved! My laptop thinks its temperatures are too high than they actually are

    Hi! So, i was watching YouTube when my laptop sudently started to lag and my cpu fan started to spin faster. I noticed that the CPU temperatures went too high for no reason. I use this laptop only to play League of Legens and watch YT. The problem is that when I touch the laptop it doesn't feel...
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    Solved! have a slow netbook how can i speed it up?

    hi, I know its a weird question to ask but I got a netbook from my uncle as a gift..... but the problem is that it is really slow and it is running on windows 10 (which I kinda like....) see I'm a power user I have high end gaming pc with nvme m.2 ssds ..... but I really need a laptop / netbook...
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    Over-boost the CPU fan of a non-gaming laptop

    For some time now, I have noticed my laptop acting sluggish compared to when this was still brand new and after tinkering around with sensors, I found out that my laptop is thermal throttling. Tried changing the thermal paste and cleaning the fan but it does not work my CPU is still hitting...
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    Solved! Bad CPU and Good GPU, Why am I getting such low usage? (Bottleneck Questions)

    Specs are: GTX 1070 sc 8gb Core i7-3630qm 16gb ram 500gb SSD I know my CPU is bad, I don't want to hear how I need to buy a new cpu, I get it, I'm working on it. These things are expensive. Anyway I know it should be mega bottlenecking the 1070, so I'm just wondering why the usage is so low...
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    Solved! Can I upgrade my laptop CPU In any way? (and upgrading the keyboard)

    Hello everyone, i bought a HP Pavilion Sleek book for 100$ (its really old and i had to replace the battery but its ok now), the model number is 15-b119wm. It has an A8-4555M APU and i dont think you can upgrade it, because is soldiered, is it possible at all to upgrade it even if its soldiered...
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    Solved! New laptop underwhelming performance

    Hi, I have recently purchased the MSI GP63 leopard gaming laptop with i7 8750h and gtx 1070. I have undervolted the cpu and both the cpu and gpu does not overheat while gaming. unfortunatley, the laptop does not perform up to what it supposed to. I have checked online benchmarks and people seem...
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    My pc does not run good fps what would you reccomend me upgrade it can only run 100 on low settings

    cpu:AMD AD340XOKHJBOX Athlon X2 340 gpu:Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB LP Graphics Card - Black ram:16gb disk: 1tb of memory with 930gb left motherboard:Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-HD2 Motherboard (Socket FM2+, A78, DDR3, S-ATA 600, M-ATX, PCI Express 3.0, HDMI, DVI-D, USB 3.0)
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    Solved! Can i change my laptop CPU

    i have a aspire e15 e5 575g and i was wondering if i can replace my i5-7200U with other CPU?
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    Solved! Can I Upgrade the cpu? from i7 8550u to i3 8350k?

    I Dont know if i can upgrade my insprion 5379. i know i will upgrade it to 16 gb of ram, 1 tb hard drive. but i dont know if i can upgrade the cpu. i just want to replace it. i nees a answer urgently
  12. D

    Solved! Which laptop out of these 2 should I get?

    Hi guys Which laptop config should I get for casual gaming, Lightroom & Photoshop, and occasional video editing? I tend to multitask quite a bit (happy when I can at least keep 10 tabs open in Chrome when I'm doing video editing for instance). Choice 1: GTX 1060 MAX-Q 6GB / 16GB DDR4...
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    Solved! Stupid Question that I can't find an answer to, hoping someone can help.

    I also am not sure if it should be under here or CPU's considering my concern. I use my TV as a monitor and decided I wanted to use something else on the same TV. If I switched sources on the TV to use the other device while my CPU is running on the same device would it cause a problem? This...
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    Solved! Small Form Factor PC for VR Development?

    Hello, I am trying to choose parts for a small form factor PC I want to make. It needs to be somewhat portable, but I will have a lot of peripherals. I am unsure what CPU to go with, how much wattage I need from PSU, and how to sort out airflow in a small case. RAM: 2x16gb DDR4 GPU: Asus GTX...
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    Solved! HP ProBook 6555b overheating after switching mainboard

    Recently my HP ProBook 6555b just turned of with a black screen. Due to the backlight still working, I thought, it might be a motherboard-failure. So I bought a cheap replacement-board from E-Bay and replaced it. And the ProBook started as normal. But now, the CPU is getting overloaded very...
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    Solved! Which specs are important to run Android Studio smoothly?

    I am trying to understand on which parts I can save money if I only want to use my laptop for Android programming (and use the Android Studio emulator). I could already figure out that an SSD and good RAM are mandatory. What about the CPU? Can Android Studio / Gradle leverage quad-core in a way...
  17. A

    Processor upgrade for Sony VAIO VPCEH1J1E?

    I've found my old laptop again. I love it. It still runs Windows 7 great (and to be honest, I think I prefer Windows 7 over Windows 10, I don't even know what extra features I'll get, or what'll be faster on Windows 10 but that's not the point of the question). However, I'd still like to upgrade...
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    Solved! Need HELP Please wrong cpu and graphic errors

    Hi all Laptop : Hp pavilion g6 2291ex so i'm getting this weird problem in my laptop (Video_tdr_failed intel.....) and can't fix it i tired reinstalling my windows still not working and most importantly my cpu model number changed and thats when the problems started in went from i3110u to...
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    Solved! Upgrading MSI CR620

    I'm thinking of upgrading my MSI CR620 - CPU, RAM, SSD. I don't know if I can upgrade the GPU but if I can, I will. But I'm on a budget of $100. I think I already found RAM and SSD but I will take suggestions. However, I do need suggestions for the CPU.
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    Alienware 18 cpu heatsink removal

    So I took apart my alienware 18 for a repaste but Im struggling to get the CPU heatsink off. The 4 screws are the issue, no matter what I do the heatsink doesn't come off. The screws turn but I have no idea if they're coming out or going in when i try to re tighten them. Attempting to remove it...
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    Solved! Gaming Laptop CPUs i7-7700HQ vs i7-7820HK vs i7-8750H

    Hi, I am looking for a new gaming laptop to play Total War games: Empire (must), Napoleon (must), Shogun 2 (must), Rome 2 (must), Attila (maybe if performance is good enough) and Thrones of Britannia (maybe if performance is good enough). I do not have much idea about Gaming Laptops CPUs so I...
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    Don't know which laptop to pick (School + gaming)

    Hello I'm going into grade 10 this year and I've been browsing for cheap laptops on the internet. I found 2 that I'm very interested in buying but not sure which ones more better. I'm going to do my school work on it and plus a bit of gaming (I only play fortnite) and a bit of after effects...
  23. K

    Solved! Best laptop for 1000 dollars

    im looking for a laptop that has a very nice cpu because im gonna need it for school projects mostly and i also want to play some games (overwatch :p) what is the best bang for bucks laptop i can get for 1000 dollars?
  24. R

    Solved! Best cpu for a dell latitude e6520 laptop

    What is the best cpu I can put in my dell latitude e6520 laptop??? They’re all fairly inexpensive for me to get a hold of so it’s worth while to get one. I have an i3 2330m now
  25. W

    Where to buy at least somewhat legit mobile CPUs

    My friends and I have a need to upgrade our 2010s laptops with some new CPUs -- but all we can find are some alixpress or newegg deals for less than $10, and wholesale nonetheless, for CPUs that have long been discontinued. Ours are not soldered, we know which ones we need, and we're ready to...
  26. dantemajin

    Solved! 8750hq + 1050ti vs 7700hq + 1060

    Should I get the 1060 variant with a capture card or should I stick with the latest CPU for the laptop?
  27. S

    Discord stuttering and lagging with relatively high cpu usage

    So im having this very annoying issue where discord uses 30-40% of my cpu (an i5 8400) and whenever i turn hardware acceleration on i get 20-30% gpu (1060 3gb) usage and games lag and stutter, and discord is almost impossible to navigate without hardware acceleration, could anyone help me with...
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    Cpu Upgrade On a Laptop

    hey guys,i having some trouble figuring out wether i can upgrade my laptop's cpu.Its a acer v5 471g with a intel core i3-3217U 1.8ghz,If i can,what cpu should i upgrade to?Any suggestion would help. Also I looked up userbenchmark and they say this are the compatibles upgrade but im not sure...
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    Another New laptop scoring dismally low on novabench. at wits end. need help

    Hello, I know there's a thousand threads with essentially the same title on here, but i spent some ample time reading thru them without finding the right answers. So i'm hoping this community might be generous enough to help me here. I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 710-11ikb in control...
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    Solved! I need the best priced laptop with RTX 2080 (non Q-Max)and i9 CPU

    Hi to all, I would like to know which is the best priced gaming laptop with the following specs: i9 CPU RTX 2080 GPU (non Q -Max) 32-64 DDR4 RAM At least 512 GB SSD + big HDD for storage Please help me. Thanks to all in advance.
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    Solved! Alienware to sell

    Hi! I hava an Alienware i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50 GHz 8.00 GB. What is the best price to sell it?
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    Solved! Laptop cpu upgrade

    I own a Fujitsu Lifebook a514 and it comes with an i3 but the thing is I play games on my laptop and with an i3 I cannot really play a lot of newer games so I wanted to upgrade, but I know that a lot of laptops have their cpu’s Soldered in place but not all so does anyone know if it is possible...
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    Solved! HWINFO giving weird readings when starting up Warframe

    I use HWINFO to monitor temps for my CPU and GPU. For some reason, whenever I start Warframe the GPU temps just up extemely high (80-90C), but as soon as I long in GPU temps read in the 60s. Is this just an error from HWINFO or is it something I should worry about?
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    Solved! CPU Upgrade Combatability for Laptop

    My Inspiron 13 5378, Intel I3 Core 7100U is running at 2.40 gigahertz. I would like to know if I could upgrade this to fit my needs- which should be at least a hyperthreaded i5 module. Can I upgrade the CPU as many others have had before?
  35. R

    Laptop extreme overheat 99 C heelp

    Hi everyone. I have a serious overheating issue with my PackardBell TS11 HR laptop. My specs are : Intel core i7-2630Q 2.9 gHz Dual graphic - Intel HD 3000 and NVidia 540M DDR3 1GB Ram 8 GB HDD 640 GB OS: Win 10 Pro x64 with latest updates installed When I gaming temp reaches 99 C and...
  36. Y

    Solved! 3 pin CPU fan not working on 4 pin socket (LAPTOP)

    Hey folks, My laptops CPU fan died recently and I ordered new ones and replaced it. I had no idea what a 4 pin or a 3 pin was until today. I had no problem pluging the new 3 pin to 4 pin socket on motherboard but the fan is not spinning, no movement at all. Now before writing the specs I will...
  37. J

    Cpu upgrade toshiba satelite

    I have a toshiba satelite c655-s5049 running an itel celeron 900 i want to upgrade to an intel core 2 duo t9550 1066 can it be Done ? Seeing as how the memory is 1066 ...My email is <Removed by moderator>.
  38. T

    Solved! Laptop CPU or motherboard issue?

    Hello so I have a dell vostro 1520 and I was wondering what was wrong with it because when I turn it on the lights come on but no display so I looked at the manual and it says that its a system board error, but I am unsure if its a mobo or CPU issue as on the manual it says both. So how do I...
  39. M

    PC wont start up after reapplying thermal paste.

    As the title says, I cleaned my old thermal paste from my cpu and applied a new one, after i did that, i connected everything the way it should be connected, my power supply works, the cpu fan works as well, gpu works, but im still getting blackscreen, i tried unplugging ram/gpu and all that...
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    Solved! CPU 100c while gaming, 70c on idle

    My problem is my cpu temprature. While gaming temprature is 100c, on idle (on desktop chrome etc) its around 60c. My laptop is Lenovo Legion y520 i7 configuration. SPECS : i7 7700HQ GTX 1050TI 4 GB GDDR5 RAM 8 GB DDR4 RAM 256 GB SSD And i think its the problem of my fps drops ( 80 fps to 30fps...
  41. S

    Solved! BIOS and cpu compatibility

    Can i replace my laptops i5 2410m cpu with i7 2860qm? Even if the socket matches, i have heard that BIOS also needs to support the new cpu, but i have trouble finding information about which cpu`s my BIOS supports. If it isn`t compatible - which is the best cpu i can upgrade my laptop to? Its...
  42. A

    MSI GT683R Upgrade - CPU, Fan and thermal Compound

    Hi, I have a MSI GT683R and I´d like to upgrade the CPU and the Fan if possible! Mi notebook details are: 1.- Replacing the CPU The goal is to replace the CPU without changing anything else, so starting from this web page: - http://www.cpu-world.com/Sockets/Socket%20G2%20%28rPGA988B%29.html...
  43. R

    X4 845 or i5 3470 for gaming

    Which CPU is better for gaming ?
  44. A

    i5 7300HQ with GTX 1060 6GB Bottleneck?

    Okay so I have an i5 7300hq cpu and a gtx 1060 6gb, laptop is ASUS ROG GL503VM.. When I play fortnite I reach around 120 fps in 1920x1080 when im not around players, However when I'm around big areas with alot of people my fps goes down to like 50 minimum and 80-90 fps average. When playing...
  45. N

    Solved! Games Stuttering Whilst Gaming

    Hello all, any help on this would be much appreciated! So i had a virus a couple of days ago, it messed with all my files and i had to reinstall my games and other stuff. I ran R.Kill > Malware Bytes > Hitman Pro > Zemana Anti Malware. This seems to have got ridden of the virus, i also did...
  46. D

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad 330 HIGH TEMP

    I got my Lenovo laptop yesterday and i think it has some heat issues,as idle temp is arund 40-50C which i think is ok but could be better but when i start CS:GO temps go up to 96 C while having cooling pad under laptop.... and lets be honest i think cs go aint that much of a game to push cpu...
  47. W

    My cameras keep freezing

    I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. I recently added the logitech brio 4k 60fps webcam to my setup for creating content on Youtube. I also have an Elgato CamLink for my Canon SL2. The problem I'm having is when I try to run the cameras at max settings, meaning 4k, my camera...
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    Solved! Acer Predator Temp issues

    Hey guys! I have an Acer Predator 17 laptop that has served me few a few years now but recently has been having some serious issues with game crashes and hitching. I've tracked it back to the fact that its internals run WAY to hot at a fairly regular 80-100c when gaming. This goes for both CPU...
  49. P

    Why is my cpu running slow

    So 2 months ago my laptop started acting weird. I start up my laptop and find it being super slow. I go to task manager and click performance and what do i see. My cpu is running at speed of a snail (0.39Ghz) , but the base speed of cpu is 2.6Ghz. I found out that it can be fixed if i shut down...
  50. D

    Solved! Laptop CPU problems...

    Hello everyone, so I recently purchased a HP Envy x360 through a meetup. Specs are AMD A12-9700 Radeon P @ 2.5 GHZ 8GB Ram 64 Bit OS 120 Gb ssd w 1tb Harddrive At idle my laptop sits around 50-70% with Antimalware service executable and other programs While loading things in such as a new...
  51. F

    Laptop fans (sometimes) do not work.

    Not sure if this laptop runs ACPI causing the fans to work when temps run up high, but- Laptop fans only kick in when CPU temps go up, and no more than 2-3 seconds and it shuts off again. Average temp idle: 34C Laptop's 4 months old. CPU: i7-7700HQ GPU: GTX 1060
  52. G

    Is the core i5 960k good for smooth vr?

    Is the intel core i5 9600k good for smooth vr? I’m planning to urn it with a 6gb gtx 1060. Is this setup good for vr I’ve never found many trusty results for vr so I want to ask for a result from a person who is well into this stuff.
  53. D

    Solved! Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $800AUD - Lenovo i5 or Acer A9? Help!

    Hi, I need to choose a laptop for some video editing - mainly 1080p, some 4K - and I need to choose between these laptops. This laptop will also be my day-to-day laptop and I hope it should last all the way thru high school (yr7-yr12) This one...
  54. R

    HWMonitor not updating new pc parts

    I just replaced my mobo and cpu and I opened HWMonitor to check my temps and its showing my old hardware while CPU-Z is showing the right one (Picture showing my system info along side HWMonitor and CPU-Z) I tried to reinstall HWMonitor but its still showing the old hardware...
  55. D

    Solved! Buying laptop for my nephew. Which one of these is best bang for the buck?

    This will be my nephews first computer. Ive been looking for one for around $350. Ive narrowed it down to these 5. I originally planned on purchasing something with a SSD drive and 8 Gb of RAM and wasn't really concerned with CPU or GPU. But now ive been doing some more research and im not sure...
  56. K

    Solved! I want to design cpu circuit for laptop

    i want to design laptop motherboard with high-performance. i can't get any datasheet and reference design for cpu and asked to many companies but they don't reply to me. Can i get open source for cpu data?
  57. K

    laptop cpu upgrade

    Hello, i have an hp 655 g1 laptop with a4-4300m(dual core) processor. The presence of a very weak cpu is very noticable as this laptop is laggy as hell even with clean windows 10 and an added SSD. I want to ask if i would be able to upgrade the cpu to a quad core a8-5550m...
  58. R

    intel (r) pentium (r) D CPU 2.80GHz how much ram can I install?

    how much ram does intel (r) pentium (r) D CPU 2.80GHz support. I actually have only 2 gb and would like to increase to 4 gb
  59. N

    Solved! Is my Cinebench R15 Score Low / Why

    I recently checked my cinebench score on Cinebench R15 and I want to know if my score is low for my gear? I'm not a tech guy and this was my first build and I might sounds super stupid ubt bare with me. I have an Intel Core i5-7600K CPU (4 Cores, 4 Threads @ 3.80 GHz) Windows 10 64 bit (it...
  60. R

    Solved! Overheating when 90% to 100% cpu

    My toshiba laptop exceed to 70+ Celsius while balanced power plan, it turning 90 to 100% cpu load in task manager when the following task(system, service hosts, cortana, etc...) is still in operation(even i'm not playing games, using browser, etc..). So i turn my power plan to eco/power saver...