i5 7300HQ with GTX 1060 6GB Bottleneck?

Jan 1, 2019
Okay so I have an i5 7300hq cpu and a gtx 1060 6gb, laptop is ASUS ROG GL503VM..

When I play fortnite I reach around 120 fps in 1920x1080 when im not around players,

However when I'm around big areas with alot of people my fps goes down to like 50 minimum and 80-90 fps average.

When playing fortnite:
CPU Usage - 100% (stuck at 3.09Mhz and not boosting to 3.50)

GPU usage - 40%-60%

My question is, is this a cpu bottleneck and why is cpu stuck 3.09mhz when it is 100% being used? If so how can I reduce it without upgrading cpu obviously and if adding 8GB more so 16GB all together help? Exact same RAM.

Thanks :p


Nov 29, 2018
i guess not,
the reason ur CPU not 3.5 is either the game wont support this function or its hrat problem! so use a cool pad and try again
i'm having such issue on E580 lenovo, and ita BC of heat! if i cool it down, it goes to 3.7 Ghz