Another New laptop scoring dismally low on novabench. at wits end. need help

Jan 12, 2019
Hello, I know there's a thousand threads with essentially the same title on here, but i spent some ample time reading thru them without finding the right answers. So i'm hoping this community might be generous enough to help me here.

I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 710-11ikb
in control panel>system, my specs are as follows:
cpu: intel core i5-7Y54 @ 1.20GHz 1.61GHz
RAM: 8gb
system: 64 bit os, x64-based processor
And i will include my saved Cpu-z report at the end of this post as well.

Now when i say "dismally low" scores on nova, i mean my scores are crap even relative to the "budget laptop" comparison scores that nova provides. Here's my scores:

Novabench score: 673
os: win10 home
cpu:intel core i5-7y54 @ 1.91GHz(which is higher than listed on the system page)
gpu: intel HD graphics 615

Cpu score: 287
float ops: 81333902
integer ops: 262018337
hash ops: 535659

Ram score 8gb: 178
Ram speed: 12167 mb/s

gpu score: 123
direct3d11: 6 fps
openCL: 191 GFLOPS

disk score: 85
write speed: 513 mb/s
read speed: 438 mb/s

I have installed a few relatively heavy programs, i.e. adobe suite and flstudio, but nothing totally crazy, and i don't think i've noticed it slow down more since those installations.

Now i find it hard to believe(tho i understand it could be possible) that this is the speed my new mid-grade laptop should be running at. I really hope not, at any rate. I greatly appreciate any help or info on this topic. thanks in advance.

Here's a link to my cpu-z specs:

here's another link to my cpu-z info. this one doesn't require an email to d/l (sorry about that on the previous link):

If more info is needed, pls ask. Thanks!
That CPU has a 3.2ghz turbo frequency, it may be that due to BIOS or Windows performance settings it is not reaching that. Check BIOS and power manager to see if things are set to high performance. Since this is a new system you can also check with Lenovo support.
Jan 12, 2019

I wish I was getting 3.2 out of the cpu! Not even close. So the bios I can access doesn't have any real useful controls or tweeks. More like just setting clocks and boot order. Unless there's another way to access bios and find a setting like that. I will scour windows for anything that might have an effect on the cpu, gpu, power, temp, and just maybe I'll find something. I have looked before, I'm keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for you help.

Unfortunately I don't think I can get free lenovo support since I don't have a warranty. The laptop was a floor model at best buy, but only for a week. It's not a busy store and I don't believe the laptop was damaged in any way, but I did get a really good price which made the purchase possible. I formatted and reinstalled win 10 from its partition and it just never ran as quickly as is should. If I'm using 2 or 3 simple programs, I get real lag. Occasionally for 30 seconds - a minute. I have to figure this out. That benchmark is sad.

Jan 12, 2019

Ok, so i uninstalled some stuff, i went thru all the windows settings and set them to the best of my knowledge, i changed my antivirus from defender to clam sentinel. Then a ran a couple cleaners and ran nova again... and got some noticable improvement.

Im not sure exactly what helped, but its an improvement. but i still dont think its running at the speeds that it should. I'll post my most recent nova results. if anyone has any advice for me, to figure out why my new laptop is laggingso badly and benchmarking so low, I'd be very grateful!

nova: 773

cpu; 383
float ops: 89410428
integer ops: 409765900
hash ops: 738274

Ram - 8gb: 178
ram speed: 12081 mb/s

gpu: 131
direct3df11: 7fps
opencl: 168 GFLOPS

Disk score: 81
write speed: 482 mb/s
read speed: 416 mb/s

definite improvment. thanks. how do you think this stacks up to the speeds it should be running at considering its specs?