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    Question Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH Slow Performance Trouble

    Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH, i7-2675QM @2.2GHz, 8GB RAM. System in great condition, largely unused over last several years. Several years ago this laptop began giving me trouble by randomly freezing, so it went into storage. Tried at one point to clean it and found some possibly-related issues...
  2. C

    Dell Precision M6800 very slow and ran out of ideas.

    I got a refurbished computer around two weeks ago and it is an Dell Precision M6800. It was working fine the first few days and then after a while it started getting slower and slower. Now it takes around two minutes for the file manager to open up and it takes like five minutes for chrome to...
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    Solved! Need a light, sleek, high performance Laptop. SSD+HDD or Optane (not a fan of gaming laptops)

    Hey! I'm a Civil engineer and have a need to run at least 2 different designing software simultaneously, as in AutoCAD, Revit, StaadPRO, Primavera, Photoshop. I currently have an 8GB ram with 2Gb graphics and im suffering lags from time to time. The boot time is too long and programs take too...
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    Another New laptop scoring dismally low on novabench. at wits end. need help

    Hello, I know there's a thousand threads with essentially the same title on here, but i spent some ample time reading thru them without finding the right answers. So i'm hoping this community might be generous enough to help me here. I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 710-11ikb in control...
  5. A

    Startup beeps, 200 approx

    Help!!! My Lenovo G50 laptop beeps at full sound on startup and stops after approx 200 beeps or by pressing power button. I don't know why this happens.
  6. I

    Solved! Laptop at a crawl

    Bought my laptop just over a year ago new, and it's already slowed to a crawl when starting up and keeps crashing applications for around 10-15 minutes after turning on. It's an Acer aspire e-15 i5, windows 10. I don't have anything on the laptop that I don't need, it only has office for...
  7. P

    Abnormally Slow Lenovo B50

    So my parents just gave me this B50 because it was too slow and they wanted me to "fix it up". It wasn't too slow oh no... I haven't used a laptop this slow since those mini laptops from 2008's. So I thought it probably was full of viruses and malware and installed a fresh Windows 10. It really...
  8. J

    Inexplicably sluggish laptop out of nowhere?

    So recently I've been having an issue with my Lenovo laptop when trying to do basically anything with my computer. My laptop has done just as fine in the past as you would expect from an HDD. Reasonable load times, nothing noticeable. However, I went away for a week or so and came back to...
  9. B

    Sony VAIO Laptop Boots to the Windows 10 symbol but then Beeps continuously

    Product name: vpceh2n1e I've had the laptop for 6 years and only recently have had an issue trying to fully boot into windows 10. Sometimes when i turn it on it will beep for about 2 minutes before loading very slowly to the windows 10 login screen I've tried these thing and still no luck...
  10. R

    Laptop boot time query

    Hello, My laptop HP-BS145TU bought on Amazon is one month old. The specs are: Windows 10 Pro (UEFI Mode), Intel Core i5 8250U Processor, HP 832A Motherboard, 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM, 120GB Kingston A400 SSD (SATA 3), 1TB Toshiba 5400rpm HDD (in optical drive bay). I've upgraded to the latest BIOS...
  11. N

    Windows 10 x64 Very Slow on new Acer Aspire 3 A315-15 laptop.

    I bought this laptop two days ago. It came with Endless OS (Linux). I installed Windows 10 Home OEM because i can't install Windows 7 or 8.1 (drivers not working). Specifications: Intel Celeron(R) N3350 1,1ghz - 2,4ghz. I clocked it to 2,4ghz. 4gb ddr 1333mhz ram. Hard Disk seagate 500gb 100mb/s...
  12. R

    Pc slows down after downloading torrents

    Hello, I was downloading torrents, next day I noticed pc slow down, pages load longer, YouTube video lags etc, all day I were scanning computer with 5 antivirus like Malwarebytes, Avast avg, bit... All deep test but nothing found, pc also started giving me blue screen
  13. O

    Lenovo Y700-15ISK Phantom Disks when connecting SSD to M.2 slot.

    *Update 02/22/2018* I found a site that i was able to download 3 version of drivers that should work with my SSD, but I am unable to install the drivers, for now, this is the site: win-raid drivers. *update* 02/20/2018 - Specification of the boot timings: Windows is installed on the the WD...
  14. J

    Very slow boot on Dell vostro 5470 machine

    Hey all. What could happen with it? It should load bios and system in 30sec. But nowadays it take to load up whole system in 2 mins. I use the same hardware and software. Nothing modified. Look the tape i recorded how it boot. Hope to hear you soon. Julianas.
  15. I

    Freezing PC with 100% Disk Usage Spikes **READ ALL**

    Please help and read it all!!! :( I am having an issue with my Asus Aspire 3 2017 laptop, here are the specifications: AMD A-Series Dual-Core Processor A9-9420 3 GHz (Up to 3.6GHz) , 6GB DDR4 Memory, 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive, AMD Radeon R5 Graphics. This occurred right after my PC shut off...
  16. T

    Very, very slow after bios, but when Windows loads, it's rapid

    Hi there, Having a bit of an issue. Just installed am SSD in an HP Probook 4730s laptop (old HDD failed). I have flashed the BIOS to the most recent version, and disabled all the boot methods that don't apply, but for some reason, I get an odd issue. The BIOS screen loads, then goes to a battery...
  17. A

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 - incredibly slow startup/general performance

    My father has a Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 (~2012?) that is unusably slow. I am not sure when it began slowing down but he has not used it for several months and this weekend I picked the machine up to take a look at it. It has an i7 2 core chip + 8G RAM with 1T drive (5200rpm), running Windows 10...
  18. J

    How likely that it is the HDD that is slowing my laptop down?

    Hi guys, I have a Lenovo Z400 Ideapad (non-Touch), which is around 5 years old. I can still use it to run simulations and games that its graphics card is suppose to handle. But in terms of browsing, launching anything, or using file explorer. It comes to almost a dead halt. In other words...
  19. M

    NVME SSD drive showing 4 times in disk management

    Hi, I just added a Toshiba NVME M.2 512 gb drive, I've made a clean windows 10 install on it but my laptop sees it 4 times in disk management and in diskpart. I've got disk 0-1-2-3... 4 times the same disk. 3 of them have 0 bytes capacity. The laptop works fine but my boot up time is...
  20. T

    youtube is running slowly

    Hello guys, i have a problem with youtube page lately, everytime i click on something its just loading slowly, all other web pages run smoothly and great, i have a 100/100 internet,
  21. J

    Extremely slow after shutdown

    Hello all! So I have an asus rog laptop with windows 10, I’m not quite sure of the exact model as it’s too slow right now to check. But basically the battery is staying at a constant 0%. That’s not really the issue I think because it seems as long as I keep the charger in it works just fine...
  22. H

    What to look for when your computer starts to slow down

    This is less of a hardware question and more of a.... general.... question. But I'd like to know what you guys think is the best procedure to diagnose what's wrong when your pc starts to slow down in certain situations, be it immediately after startup, launching a program, or even at a seemingly...
  23. W

    Solved! Brand new laptop extremely slow!

    So I bought a new laptop literally just for when I am home from University for things like working on word documents etc, there's hardly anything at all on it. However, it is very slow and crashes a lot with programs such as word just for pressing save, however I spotted this was at 100% usage...
  24. S

    Laptop freezing, slow and 100% Disk usage?

    Hello, i have been years reading in this forum, but i have never been a member, now i need your help! I have a laptop (Asus Q304u) (Bought 6 months ago) Specs: Intel core i5 7200U 2.5GHz - 2.71GHz RAM: 6 GB 64 bit windows 10 home 1000 gb Hard disk (Model: ST1000LM035-1RK172) Asus page...
  25. D

    Asus GL552VM Slow boot SSD

    So I have had my Asus GL552VM for about 6 months now and I am really frustrated about my boot time. It is about 30 seconds and I have a friend who has the Asus GL752(the 17 inch version) and his boot time is like 15 seconds. On my previous laptop, a really old Lenovo it took 15 seconds from the...
  26. G

    need help with the slow PC!

    Hello, Tom's guide experts! I bought a Pavilion with i5-4210u CPU and 8GB of RAM (screenshot linked) around 2 years ago. This laptop is running windows 10 now and I use it for my university purposes. I am an IT student and already have built a PC at home for using the high-end IT and designing...
  27. A

    My laptop is very laggy

    I'm using lenovo laptop with this specs : intel core i3 M380 CPU 2 GB RAM DDR3 intel HD Graphics windows 7 x32 The laptop have to lag in all situations, it's lag while windows is running, lag on the windows loading boot screen, lag on bios setup screen.. the lag still happens after I...
  28. theRTT

    Very slow laptop, even in normal tasks! How to fix it? Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1EH

    Hello, My laptop is very slow, it sometimes takes even 10 seconds to finally open the start menu.. I've re-installed windows 10, clean version, but that didn't help. Here is a link to the specs: Does anyone know...
  29. K

    Laptop screen delay in lighting up

    Since after accidentally dropping my Dell laptop, there has been delay in the showing of Dell logo after turning the power on. Before the incident, the screen usually lighted up with the brand logo immediately after pressing the power button. Now it takes a minimum of 5 seconds to wake. I'm sure...
  30. M

    Slow boot and HDD failure

    I have a Dell Insipiron 3125, which it battery died, so it had to be always plugged in. One day after finishing college I was packing my things and Shut Down the laptop, but since i was in a hurry while it was turning off I disconnected the power cord. When I arrived home the laptop wouldnt...
  31. P

    key board and touch pad and slow computer starting up

    i used to move my computer a lot while its on and many people told me not to do so because it may harm it and my computer recently started going slow. starting up slowly and after some time my keyboard and touch pad stopped working..... most people say that this cant be fixed what shall i do...
  32. F

    After removing virus, laptop runs very slow

    I've just recently bought a new laptop and the next day I was installing some apps and one of them came with a virus. It made my computer 'unusable' to browse the web as the virus keeps popping up a lot of ads and keeps redirecting me to the a website called " InitialSite123". I got really...
  33. A

    Lenovo y5070 upgrades

    I have lenovo y5070 for a year now The problem I am having is when I play MMORPG like blade & soul in crowded area, the fps drop to 15 and in normal areas or alone it back to 60-90 I Lowe's the resolution to 720p graphic setting and allot of other option like nividia inspector and overclocking...
  34. J

    Lenovo Ideapad 500... ruined?

    I'm sorry if there's any grammar mistake. English isn't my first language. Got this laptop on Dec 2016, Windows 10, core i7, and I've been using it a lot since then. I used KMS Pico for Office, because that's how my school's computer got Office too, and I was the one who installed it on a lot...
  35. T

    Worth investing in a laptop right now since or wait for new AMD APU?

    Dear Tom's Hardware users, My current laptop is starting to give up on me slowly but surely. Slow startup times, weird screen flickers, battery only goes for like an hour even with light use etc etc. It still works and I do think it will be good enough for a couple years for office/watching...
  36. M

    Computer is very slow recently, tried virus scan, reinstalling, checking disk and CCleaner

    Hello. Recently my PC started to slow down pretty much. when I'm turning on the PC. it takes few very long minutes to startup and then laggs in attempts to do anything. (it delays anything I type, for example it takes some time to show the password or username i'm writing when attempting to...
  37. J

    Slow boot up (High-end PC): HP logo shows, black screen, HP logo again [20 minutes loading time].

    I have a relatively good PC but I do not think it is a hardware problem. So when I turn on my computer the HP logo shows up in normal timing (so is this not a BIOS problem), it sits on the HP logo for about 3-5 minutes, screen goes black for about 15 minutes, HP logo comes back for about 2...
  38. I

    fast startup issue

    With "Fast Startup" enable my laptop shutdown normally , If I press power button, then Windows logo appear, the computer turn off by itself . I have to press power button again and Windows boot slowly. My laptop model is Asus X555LA Windows 10
  39. L

    Solved! Speeding up an old laptop?

    I currently have a HP Compaq 8510w. It's a pretty old laptop, but it has really good specs for it's age. But, for some reason (probably because it's just getting older) it's reeeally slow. Like opening "My Computer" on it makes it lag for about half a minute, and it opens just about 2 minutes...
  40. M

    Brand new windows 10 lenovo laptop is slow and laggy

    My brand new lenovo ideapad 710s (256GB SSD, 8GB ram) was quite slow and laggy. I had some trouble logging in - had to force shut down at the time. Later chrome and abode crashed and were unresponsive for a while. I ran Malwarebytes and then Avast scans and no viruses were detected. Laptop was...
  41. E

    HP Laptop Running Slow / Can't play Videos / More

    Okay. So this is a lot and here goes. Last night I was streaming a TV show off a website. ( All of a sudden the little triangle of yellowness popped up on my network icon and my video froze. I reconnected and I had internet, but the video wouldn't play. It was just black. I restarted...
  42. I

    How to restart

    My toshiba laptop takes too long to start up
  43. A

    iPad Mini Extremely Slow

    As title says, my iPad Mini from 4 years ago has started to become very very slow. I mean slow like when I turn it on and try to swipe to enter my passcode, it takes a few seconds before a key is entered. Also, when loading apps and just generally, it's just really slow. I mainly use this iPad...
  44. M

    Slow running i3 new laptop

    Hello I have problem, so I got new laptop and it running really slow, I have done defrag, cleanup, registeries, rebuild search index, checked disk, my teacher said for this laptop program should run flawles, well at least not as they run now CPU: Intel Core I3 5010U 2.1GHz Graphic: Nvidia...
  45. Y

    Why is my laptop slow?

    I thought I knew what I was doing in looking for computer laptop specifications, here are mine: i7-7420HQ CPU 16GB DDR3 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 1TB 5400 RPM. So could the Hard drive be slowing down my system? Like bottlenecking, or what? It's sad that I still lag on Medium settings on...
  46. S

    Sony Vaio F Series Slow on battery

    Hello all, Without babbling around the forest too much, I will get straight to my problem. I own a Sony VAIO VPCF235FA that I purchased for $2,100 AUD back in 2012. I spent a premium price on a machine that will serve me for a long time, and remain future proof. Ever since I upgraded the...
  47. Y

    Lenovo Y50-70 slow boot despite SSD

    Hello All, I recently bought the Y50-70 (i5, 8 GB RAM). I installed my the Samsung SSD, which I used in my old laptop. I performed a clean install, and optimized the SSD with the samsung software. However, the boot up speed is very disappointing, sometimes up to 45s. On my previous laptop...
  48. F

    Installing Windows 10 on a new Hectron 240GB SSD

    HI there, I recently bought an Asus E402SA which comes with 4GB RAM and a 32 GB Eemc disk. I also bought a 240GB SSD and installed it in the bay provided for the purpose. I then used Disk Management to initialise/format and give the new SSD a Volume serial number/drive name, label etc. Using...
  49. Goodgalz

    Bitdefender 2016 Causing Slow Boot Time

    After I installed Bitdefender Total Security 2016, I experienced a significant increase in boot time (slow startup). No guarantee, but this fix worked wonders for me. Go to C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2016 and find the executables: bdwtxag.exe and bdagent.exe. Then, make shortcuts...
  50. M

    SSD Error with Samsung Chronos 7

    Hey, I recently bought a used Samsung NP700z5a-S02, And I've had noticed that my computer is kind of slow sometimes, I'm currently on Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (64bits) and here's the issue. When the computer is powered off for hours and I just turn it on, The 8GB SSD is detected within few...
  51. Thealchemistx

    Laptop drastically slowed down

    Long story short,have a laptop specifically acer aspire 5750g,been with me for about 5 years now and boy has the poor thing been trough a lot.Everything from turning on the laptop ,loading the basic programs to turning on complex software has become a task that takes ages to compete. -Is there...
  52. T

    My PC has all the sudden become slow

    I have a pretty decent computer and it has become slow within a matter of minutes. I was watching Youtube and then the screen dimmed to the point I could barely see it. It froze for awhile so I hard rebooted it. After the computer restarted it has been extremely slow. Youtube videos are almost...
  53. chris_shadez

    2 minute Power-On to Desktop - with new SSD Win10

    Gotten used to the speed of SSD boot to desktop and loading times so upgrading laptops HDD to SSD but experiencing such long delay compared to my PC's 3-5sec boot to desktop... Windows 8.1 on original HDD had approx. 3min boot, upgrade to Win10 approx 4.5min to desktop. Laptop - HP Pavilion...
  54. Nabeel Farooqui

    Bought New Acer E15 E5-574G. Super Slow Boot and Overall General Hiccups

    So a friend bought an Acer Aspire E-15, E5-574g. Here are the specs: i5 6200u 6GB RAM 1TB HDD Nvidia 920m 2GB 720p Display, 15" Windows 10 SN So the laptop takes well over a 1.5 minutes to boot, along with having few hiccups here and there while browsing the web or using Windows Explorer...
  55. S

    Laptop very slow after waking up from sleep/hibernate - Ive tried all the usual suggestions

    Hi guys, thought I would try here, hope its the right section. Recently, like a week to now, my laptop has been struggling a lot. Its maybe 2 weeks ago I noticed it but the past few days its been worse. Heres the problem: When I wake the laptop from sleep or hibernate, window loads but nothing...
  56. V

    Laptop boots slow.i need fix asap please

    It says dell and it usually takes it takes over 50secs and it doesnt boot into the OS.
  57. N

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 14-ISK RAM Upgrade Bootup Slow

    RAM Upgrade Bootup Slow I bought a new Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 14-ISK Laptop 2 days ago. Configuration: Intel Core i7 6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 MHz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors Samsung 8GB RAM DD4-2133 (1066 Mhz) (Serial # M471A1G43DB0-CPB) 1TB HDD 2GB AMD Radeon R9 M375 Windows 10 64-bit OS...
  58. FrozenToothpaste

    How to clean laptop fan?

    My laptop runs very slow, it also makes sound so I'm pretty sure this means it's dirty. I unscrewed everything, unplugged battery but can't still open it. How do I open it to access the fan? Also I don't have a compressed air can, can I just clean it with only a toothbrush? Or a paintbrush?
  59. I

    Lenovo Z500 laptop taking forever to start

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I bought my Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 in Oct 2013 pre-loaded with Win 8, which I upgraded to 8.1 and then Win 10, all without problem. It is used in a clean atmosphere and treated with care and has worked flawlessly until a couple of weeks ago. The problem is that it is...
  60. K

    New HP Notebook Stuck "Loading Necessary Files"

    After performing the initial setup steps, my brand new HP Notebook with Windows 10 pre-loaded has been stuck at about 5% "Loading necessary files" for 6 hours. Is this normal, or should I be doing something?