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  1. J

    Acer aspire s3-391 ultra book with windows 10 startup problems

    On restarting all that appears on the screen is one white horizontal line in the middle. It is about half cm wide and goes all the way across. After forcing the computer to reboot by holding down the start button a few times it usually works. But it is frustrating. Is there a solution for this?
  2. J

    acer aspire sw3-013 hangs in the bios

    I have an acer aspire sw3-013 hangs in the bios. I want to reinstall windows 8 in it. when I access the bios setup to make some configurations, it accesses but nothing responds while I’m in the bios. I mean when you tap on an option nothing responds. Could you please help me out?
  3. A

    Acer laptop won't boot or go in to advanced setup options

    I've tried doing it with a USB. I'm sure I've done what I am required to do in order to launch from the USB that is. It will enter the Acer loading screen and start loading, then go to a black screen. I'm not sure what to do.
  4. M

    New Acer Aspire F 15 laptop very slow to start

    I just bought this new laptop about a month ago, and went to start it up this morning, it took forever and I can't even get the start menu up, nor can I do anything. Any suggestions?
  5. L

    Asus x553s Laptop has booting issues

    Hi, I bought a new Asus x553s. It worked fine till today. Now, it won't turn it on correctly - the desktop does not light up. I have tried to hold the power button for 30+ seconds over and over, but it did not help. I can't take out the battery because it is internal. The notebook does turn...
  6. J

    Start Up Issues - Dell XPs 130 Laptop - Windows

    I can't see the dell logo at startup. The processor fan spins for 3 seconds and stops. There is a LED indicator on front indicating MB is good in my dell xps 130 laptop. If there is gpu issue my cpu fan has to spin and if i connect to external display it has no display. so i think there is no...
  7. F

    Acer Aspire R11 won't respond

    Hello, When I turn my laptop on, it turns on as normal and everything runs fine until I've signed in. Once I'm passed the sign in page, it all goes downhill. The mouse moves fine without any lag but everytime I try to open something nothing happens on the mouse and timer sign appears. I've tried...
  8. K

    15 minute black screen after POST

    As soon as I power on my ASUS UX32A Zenbook, I am prompted with the ASUS logo, followed by the POST sound. The wait time for the Windows logo is generally 10-15 minutes, and no longer. However, I have found that by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL immediately after hearing POST, this eliminates the problem...
  9. A

    Computer freezing, tried resetting it before .. worked then a day later is slow.. freezes for 3-4 seconds ever minute or two

    Computer freezing, tried resetting it before .. worked then a day later is slow.. freezes for 3-4 seconds ever minute or two is hp notebook, brand new got it at christmas
  10. V

    "Again hope some one help" Slow boot time windows 8.1

    Hi all, My laptop takes along time to boot its taking between 3 or 4 mins to to boot, i also switched the fast start up ON but it does not help , i did Defragment using windows and with Smart Defrag but Nothing ;( The thing that will make me mad is the mouth cursor always move to the same place...
  11. S

    New Lenovo Laptop is Slow

    From the first day of my experienced with my new lenovo g50 with good specs windows 8.1, it is experiencing slow, just clicking the folder takes more than 8-10 secs to open and load, even when my im trying to click other apps such as photoshop, google, minutes past and it is still loading to...
  12. R

    MSI GE60 2PL-420XES very slow!! Need help fast! VERY IMPORTANT

    Hi all, i bought the MSI GE60 2PL-420XES last year. It has a Intel Core-i5 4210H @ 3.50 GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M with 2 GB of memory DDR3 (Maxwell), 4 GB of memory RAM @ 1600 MHz (1x 4GB) and 500 GB (HDD @ 5400 RPM). I installed a few games, like LOL, CSGo, San andreas. It goes very slow...
  13. TheTemest

    Word 2007 .docx files slow to load

    I installed Word 2007 approx 5 years ago on Windows 7. HDD is 451GB/281GB free. When I now click on a .docx file it will take upwards of 15-20 seconds for the file to open. If I simply launch Word it takes approx 10 seconds to load. I'm very aware that programs in general may be slower to load...
  14. J

    New everyday laptop

    I've been given the task of choosing a laptop for my dad, I have a decent knowledge of parts and such but struggle with what's worth the money and what's not He uses his current laptop mainly for Internet browsing and other basic programmes, he's fed up with slow loading times and slow boot up...
  15. P


    HI GUYS I NEED SOME HELP T.T Ive been having some issues with my HP laptop. It takes forever for it to boot up, i even took the time...20 min. And once it got in, loading anything takes another LOTS OF MINUTES. Ive tried everything, all the HP forums "fixes" but nothing :S I even tried to...
  16. Man1ac123

    I need help with system files?

    Hello guys. Lately my laptop (PC Notebook HP ENVY dv6-7280sp ) takes a lot of time when booting but yesterday something happened. On the task bar on the right side(dont know the name) there are less programs then before. On startup some programs dont start like avg for example. My sound icon...
  17. J

    PC beeps on start up

    so i built my pc about 1 week ago and everything works great except it still beeps 1 time when i turn it on , it takes a few seconds to start up then it goes to windows start up and everything is normal. Is there something wrong? do i need to install a driver or something? ( Its a short beep)
  18. A

    Laptop still runs sluggish even after clean installation of Win7

    Hello, I've been having some problems with my laptop: it was running too slow for it's hardware specs, Win7 starting with difficulties(after signing in on my Win7 user it would lead to a black screen and after a phew seconds it would load my Desktop), FPS drops in video games that were quite...
  19. foolishcreature

    Ipad Running Laggy Fix?

    I have an Ipad 2 32GB jailbroken device. Recently it started running very slowing and it is very irritating is there anything I can do to fix this. I have alot of free GB space so what could be the problem. I close my apps too ,so does anyone know a fix for it?
  20. K

    Laptop slow boot time

    Hey, guys. I have a problem with my old Dell Studio laptop. It is now 6 years old and a few weeks ago my boot times became awful! Around 10 minutes are needed for the laptop to be usable. Even when I open google Chrome, it take around 1-2 minutes for chrome to be usable. I ran speedfan and...
  21. C

    Slow startup and usage.

    Windows 8.1 8GB of Ram I7 I'm troubleshooting a friends laptop and I'm having a hard time finding what the problem is. He reported a slow usage experience and slow boot up, at first I figured it might be start up services, then he sent me a screenshot of his "AV" detecting numerous malicious...
  22. C

    my laptop uso be very fast before 3 years when i brought it, bt nw it is very slow as a snail , its horrible to handle please

    hello there, my laptops config is win 7 home basic, 320gb rom, 3gb ram, 512 mb ATI radon, i3 1st gen and finally sonyvaio make E series. so i brought it before 3 years it used to be good and i used to ply a lot of games like COD, far cry and all , bt jus before a year it get slow down a lot i...
  23. K

    How can I spruce up this laptop and make it run faster?

    I just got a crappy laptop from a friend and I want to fix it up a bit so I can give it to my mom. Its a Sony Vaio, heres the specs 65gb HDD 1gb ram dxdiag wont show the processor intel graphics chip I dont need it to do anything special, I just want it to browse the web efficiently. Right now...
  24. V

    Slow boot lenovo y50

    i need some help plz i have lenovo y50 but when i start my laptop it takes up to 40-60 sec. need help
  25. ps2791

    CRITICAL Laptop start up problem!!!!

    LAPTOP: Lenovo G505s [one and half years old] THE PROBLEM: Every time I start the laptop it takes near about 15 minutes sometimes more to get to the welcome screen and during that 15 minutes of time the cooling fan doesn't rotate and the processor side gets hot (means processor keeps running...
  26. D

    Very Slow Boot. (Lenovo Win 8.1 SSD)

    Hi all, I've got a Lenovo G500s laptop (15.6", i3, 8gb HyperX Impact, Seagate 500gb 5400rpm, Kingston kc300 120GB SSD) and recently it has been very slow to start up after shut down. It can take between 90s up to even 150s to boot. (This is an estimate, I've not timed it properly) I recently...
  27. S

    HP EliteBook 6930p Slow Boot with Flashing Diag Lights

    Hardware: HP Elitebook 6930p, 1x 2gb RAM, 160gb HDD recently wiped, no OS. I have a couple, and have seen several laptops come through my work with this "Condition" and I have no idea what it is, as Google hasn't given me a direct answer... The laptop boots. Pauses, then the Caps Lock and Num...
  28. A

    Just bought a new laptop and it's slow?

    Basically just bought a Lenovo Z50-70 [Link here - ] and was wondering whether the laptop was good or not. Honestly I don't know what to ask, it's not a bad cpu, I checked via...
  29. Z

    Laptop slowed down

    Hey guys, I have a laptop that i bought like 2 years ago and lately my system has been lagging quite alot. It doesnt respond as smooth as how it used to. Like when I open another tab takes longer than usual and it doesnt open smooth. My system freezes frequently, it makes more noise and gets...
  30. G

    Laptop Slowing down

    I purchased my laptop just over 2 years ago now and I have noticed it slowing down quite a bit over time. Some files (eg. Msconfig) take 10-15 second just to open, and things like my browser take ~5 seconds to open when it previously would open instantly, and it often stops responding or slows...
  31. V

    Windows 7 running somewhat slow, mostly in browser, with audio and video latency as well as two other issues.

    I've currently been having issues with a newly built computer, it's my first build. Main issues have been: 1. Windows has been booting somewhat slowly, I have a SSD as my boot drive, and running somewhat slow as well. 2. Video and audio have latency and distortion, some skipping of audio, mostly...
  32. C

    HP notebook is suddenly slow

    Hi I have a HP Pavillion dv6 2193el notebook that worked fine and dandy until yesterday. Today, sincebooting, it's just immensely slow. The cursor appears when I login but the screen stays black for another minute before loading the icons, trying to open a folder or anything takes another minute...
  33. I

    Hp 840 g1 slow boot up time

    I have an HP 840 G1 (4300U - 8go - 180go SSD ) and my problem is the boot up time. Since it has an SSD it should boot up under 15seconds but it takes around 35s to boot up. I notice that it takes way too long for the HP logo to appear (around 15s). I think that's what is slowing down the start...
  34. I

    Is it worth saving? (Toshiba Satellite P755-S5120)

    Hi everyone, My sister owns a Toshiba laptop (model mentioned above) with what seems to be great specs (i7 processor @ 2.2 GHz, 8 GB ram, 750 GB hard drive, runs Windows 7 Home Premium). However, the laptop is not performing up to what we expect from it - it is slow to boot, slow to run, etc. A...
  35. V

    LAPTOP still slow after cleaning laptop

    My laptop is still slow after gave it to a computer expert for cleaning.:( Any solutions would be very helpful. :)
  36. B

    Slow Startup Windows 7

    Does all of this look normal?
  37. Q

    Chrome slow on SSD

    I have Google Chrome installed on my SSD and it has been working really well, opens up really fast and all. Now it takes about 5 seconds for it to open, why? I have tried reinstalling Chrome, still 5 seconds to open.