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    Solved! In the long run, which Macbook would perform consistently?

    Years ago, I bought a late 2013 iMac. A few years later, I bought an early 2015 Macbook Air. I found that the Macbook Air quickly performed worse than the iMac, as the startup time and processing time was far more unbearable. The Geekbench Score I ran for the iMac earlier this year was 777 -...
  2. T

    Solved! Msi laptop feels sluggish + fps drops while gaming

    So, these are my pc specs: And this is my latest benchmark : I'll use GTA 5 for an example. Everything on low (wich in GTA settings equals to Normal), after restart i get about 120 fps, rather constant, after 3/4 i start getting drops to 40's...
  3. S

    Another New laptop scoring dismally low on novabench. at wits end. need help

    Hello, I know there's a thousand threads with essentially the same title on here, but i spent some ample time reading thru them without finding the right answers. So i'm hoping this community might be generous enough to help me here. I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 710-11ikb in control...
  4. A

    WARNING: skipping Radeon 520 - unable to locate attached display

    any idea why is it so?
  5. M

    Laptop UserBenchmark difference

    Today I received my new laptop and I thought I would execute a benchmark on UserBenchmark before installing any apps. The results were great at first, but when I unplug the power adapter the results change drastically. I am already using the same power plan (high performance) in both occasions...
  6. J

    Dell G7 overheating?

    Hello, I'm not sure what to do with my Laptop. I have a Dell G7 with i7 8750 and 1060 Q-max. I've had it for about 3 months.It has been running pretty good until about a week ago. It started shutting off randomly. It would then not turn back on. After a few hours it will turn back on. It does...
  7. P

    Solved! Battery Life and Performance

    I read reviews all the time about the Battery life, or the lack thereof on laptops, but what about the performance of the CPU and graphics, or even the WiFi when on battery? Is the expectation that the system will performance just as well when on DC or is the expectation that there needs to be...
  8. H

    Solved! Unigine Heaven Score, is this good?

    i tried unigine engine with these settings: -DX11 -1920x1080 -8xAA -Fullscreen -Everything else maxed out and i got 35.9 fps average with 905 score. the laptops has a GTX 1050 ti 4GB, i5 7300hq, 8GB 2133hz RAM could anyone tell me if it's good, maybe even send their score? thanks in advance
  9. Mark Spoonauer

    iPhone Xs and Xs Max Benchmarked: World's Fastest Phones (Again)

    The A12 Bionic processor inside the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs isn't the leap that the A11 was, but it still helps Apple keep the performance crown. iPhone Xs and Xs Max Benchmarked: World's Fastest Phones (Again) : Read more
  10. A

    Solved! cpu clock question

    hello. i had a question about cpu clock and i wanted to know which of these cpus are better. intel 8550u 1.8-4 gHz intel 7700hq 2.8-3.8 gHz i checked the and found that these 2 cpu s are almost equal in benchmark.
  11. DanKem06

    1080 MAX Q VS Core v2 1080 ti or Titan XP

    I modified this to make things easier. Has anyone seen benchmarks for a 1080 Max Q vs a laptop using a thunderbolt external GPU dock like the Razor Core v2 or Alienware Graphics amplifier ect ect. Paired with a Titan XP or a 1080 ti. Once releasted I will hope the Core v2 might support the 2080...
  12. S

    Very low FPS on heaven benchmark, GeForce 970m

    Hello, Here are my laptops specs, http:// The HD was replaced with a sandisk ultra II SSD 512 gb. When I run heaven benchmark, I always get very low FPS. The range is usually between 4-12 on extreme. When I put it on medium setting, the FPS is between 14-20. When I first downloaded heaven...
  13. J

    Solved! Lenovo yoga 530 Help me decide

    I want a new all in one laptop for school. I often draw diagrams so I really liked the Lenovo yoga 530 with the yoga active pen. I have a spending limit of about €750. Now there are two versions which fall within my price range. 1. I3 7130U 4GB ram 128GB SSD price €650 2. I3 7020U 8GB ram 256GB...
  14. N

    PC Veteran Desires for Tune-up / Virus Removal / Diagnostic software

    I'm reposting this because it was recommended to me that I would get more traffic in this forum for the idea. Hello all! I've been using this site for years, yet have never made an account due to the fact I've been selfish and only wanted questions answered rather than giving back. I've been...
  15. V

    New Laptop is Under-performing

    I just bought the following laptop: After some testing I was disappointed with the laptops performance, I ran a benchmark and saw that the video memory was only running at 810Mhz and according to the gtx...
  16. C

    Solved! Is this benchmark good for brand new computer?

    I recently got an Asus ROG Gl703VM Scar edition, and this is the benchmark from userbenchmark that i ran for it. UserBenchmarks: Game 53%, Desk 62%, Work 44% CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ - 48.9% GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 (Mobile) - 62.5% SSD: Samsung PM961 NVMe PCIe M.2 256GB - 189.4% HDD: Seagate...
  17. T

    I need a laptop for autocad

    This isn't for me and I'm not all that familiar with cad, but i downloaded autocad 2018 and ran the cadalyst benchmark test on my desktop (6600k/1060 6gb/16gb ram) and it seems to breeze right through with no problems even with a dozen background programs running. here's a picture of it, is...
  18. P

    90% Performance drop in games and benchmarks

    Hi, Over the past month the performance in all games has went from a stable 50-60fps, to a maximum of 6-7fps. The games became increasingly worse in fps with more frame rate drops occurring. Now all games are unplayable and I still only get 6-7fps in the lobby of games such as overwatch or...
  19. C

    I need a hash rate benchmark program

    Hello , I have some problems with my Mining Rig and I want to ask if someone knows a hash rate benchmark program ! Thanks for your time .
  20. D

    poor benchmarks and performance on laptop i'm constantly getting poor performance on my msi pe60 through benchmarking and i dont really know why this is the case. ive tried updating all of my drivers, getting rid of apps i dont use, setting my power settings to max performance etc, but...
  21. R

    help looking for cinebench 32 bit ....

    an1 know if there is a cinebench 32 bit? cant find anything on official site
  22. D

    Same SPECs laptop with different benchmark results...

    Hello everyone., Even though I've been a long time visitor, this is my very first post. So if i apologize if there are any mistakes in this but I'm in need of help from you guys. I know sometimes this doesn't sound much of a big deal, but it's really difficult for me to move on. So this is the...
  23. M

    Memory kit performing at 4 percent of expectations?

    Hello, I just got a new HP Pavilion laptop and decided to run an user benchmark test. I am pleased with the results (not going for a supercomputer here), but I have a couple of issues 1) My memory kit is performing way below expectations (4th percentile among all PCs with the exact same...
  24. A

    Ideapad 310 max cpu freq never goes above 2.08ghz

    I am doing some benchmark test on lenovo ideapad 310 and acer e5 575 both of them has 7200u, mine says max freq is 2.7ghz but never goes above 2.08 ghz, whereas acer one it stays at 2.7.ghz
  25. V

    Asus GL753 Benchmark

    Hello, Ok, so I got the Asus GL753 and I wanted to know what you think about this laptop's performance: I have these benchmark results here: I noticed something strange. During...
  26. M

    Benchmark drop 50pt each year, is my computer aging? What's your experience?

    Hey there, wasn't sure where to place this question but here we go: Why is my notebook loosing around 50pt in benchmark test every year?? The Story: I try to keep my gaming notebook in good shape, meaning I'm cleaning my notebook once a year. 1) I dismantle it nearly complete replace heat...
  27. T

    possible laptop upgrade help

    ok so i currently have this laptop from walmart : http:// HP Silver 17.3" Pavilion 17-g121wm Laptop AMD quad-core A10-9700P processor 1.8GHz (with Max Turbo Speed of 3.2GHz), 2MB L2 Cache 8GB DDR3L SDRAM system memory AMD Radeon R6 graphics with 4352MB total graphics memory and here is the new...
  28. 1

    Gtx 1060 i5 6300hq uniengine heaven score

    recently got a laptop and ran the uniengine heaven benchmark wondering if this score is good and whether i should run any other tests, thanks in advance FPS: 56.6 Score: 1427 Min FPS: 21.4 Max FPS: 124.8 Platform: Windows NT 6.2 (build 9200) 64bit CPU model: Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  29. A

    Gtx 1070 laptop getting extremely low benchmark scores

    Hi guys, I recently bought the Asus gl502vs with a gtx 1070 inside of it. I used for the first month or so and it was great and it still is but I thought it didn't really seem on par with a mobile gtx 1070. So i download 3dmark and I ran firestrike and I got a score somewhere around 3360. I...
  30. S

    New Dell Inspirion 7567 4K bad performance

    Hi all, I just got the new inspirion 7000, the model with 4K IPS screen and 512Gb PCIe SSD. I ran sam benchmarks and got following: PCMark8 Home Accelerated v2 - 3097 points PCMark8 Work Accelerated v3.0 - 4080 points 3DMark11 - 1280x720 test - 8888 points When reffereing to this review that...
  31. B

    Looking for an AMD powered laptop with the best possible graphics for under $500

    I'm having a heck of a time finding much information on just how the various laptops compare. Used to be, I could just find whatever the GPU identified as, then compare on Passmark or something. Now, though, they're all just like A9-9400 R5 series, or A12-9700P R7 series. How do I know if the...
  32. J

    GTX 1070 Valley benchmarks, whats yours?

    Here is my score for Unigine Valley 1.0 Wanted to know if my pc is running fine so if you have the same specs, be sure to drop you score This benchmark was preformed at ExtremeHD 1920x1080 8xAA Fullscreen Specs MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB i7 6700k Patriot Viper 4 16GB DDR4 2800mhz...
  33. M

    Solved! Is this laptop's benchmark OK?

    I am thinking of buying a Clevo gaming laptop off eBay. It looks good, and seems quite capable. The owner of the laptop says it seems to have slowed down recently. He sent me images of the benchmark, and it seems to be performing ok, but I am not sure about some of the results... Can anyone tell...
  34. S

    Laptop CPU (i7 6700HQ) reaching 100 degrees! What should i do

    I own a Dell Inspiron 7559 i7. Recently i decided to bench it. I noticed that it reachces 100 degrees. It doent even thermal throttle.
  35. G

    PC benchmarking software

    Does the intensity of the software being used in PC benchmarks changed? For example, if i benchmark a PC in 2000 and again in 2020, will the score vary?
  36. S

    Game FPS is lower than benchmark

    I got my fancy new XPS 15 with an i5 6300HQ and a 960M. But my CSGO framerates were lower than what the benchmark said. The benchmarks for the same game and same hardware is 120 fps high, 1080p. But I was getting around 50 fps at that setting. Why is this happening
  37. M

    Is my laptop (HP Envy) underperforming

    I have an HP envy and I noticed it wasn't as snappy as it usually was. Decided to do a Benchmark and got these results: Are these normal results for an i7 4700MQ?
  38. G

    Asus G752-DH72 VS selected Sager/Clevo laptops w/G-Sync,purchase based on data gathered via Human Benchmark Reaction Time Test

    Hi all, So I'm choosing between the Asus G752-DH72 VS certain Sager/Clevo laptops with G-Sync I will list the Sager/Clevo laptop models later I will explain my objectives in a bit, but I will explain what I've been doing, when it comes to laptop selection. This explanation will justify my...
  39. Khimari

    Unigine Valley - ±130FPS not more

    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask, why is it that when I run Unigine Valley benchmark, I run everything at lowest settings yet when benchmark runs I get only around 130FPS? Yes, it jumps between 40 to 160, but the average is still around 120-130. When I run old 3DMark03, I can get around...
  40. M

    sound benchmark is there any

    sound benchmark? i mean not to test a 'sound better'. i need a program that can test a cpu load with and without some effects on sound cards. in games for examples. more or less fps with 'gamer' sound card ... is there any benchmark for that?
  41. B

    looking for a good benchmark for my cpu

    i want to check my cpu preformance in a benchmark but i cant find any other then geekbench (i got 3000 on the multi thread and the averge of cpu on there site is 8000...i know it sad) is there any free benchmark that check only my cpu?
  42. euphoria4949

    [Help Request] Unigine Valley & Heaven Error On Startup

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this please. I get the: [Cannot find 'browser_x86' please try again], error on startup with both Valley and Heaven. Does anyone know a way to run Unigine Valley or Heaven 'without' having Internet Explorer installed??? Is there something in a Unigine...
  43. Andrew Neil

    MSI GT72S Comparison

    To sum up, #MSI #GT72S performs better in either actual gaming or benchmark tests. GT72S’s overall performance score is 54.19% higher than ASUS GX700VO. Check review details here, #MSI #No1inGaming #Benchmark
  44. ZeusGamer

    Asus RealBench App

    Hi, I was wondering if I could use this to benchmark my CPU while doing an overclock? I heard that Prime95 is bad for Haswell chips just because there's things that it does that can damage it.
  45. A

    Need some help with buying a second-hand laptop

    So I want to buy a MSI GS60 Ghost Pro, i7-4720HQ, GTX 970m, 1TB HDD + 128 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM, FHD screen. Now the thing is that I am buying it second hand. It's about 9 months old I guess. Within the warranty period. The price for a new one seems to be around $1800 or so while I'm getting it for...
  46. X

    Looking for benchmark software that allows you to compare computers.

    Hello all, I just got several new servers to add to my collection (as well as sell some of the lower end ones if possible, since I only really want/will be able to make use of one or two more), and of course, benchmarking will help me decide what to keep. However, going through the reports to...
  47. E

    Intel HD 5500 Slower On Other Laptop??

    So I just upgraded laptops from an Acer Aspire E5-571-53s1 to a Dell Latitude E5450. They both have Core i5-5200u's with HD 5500. The only differences between the two are the acer had a 768p screen, 4gb ram and a 500gb hard drive, while the Dell has 1080p screen, 8gb ram and a 128gb SSD I am...
  48. D

    Which one is better ?!?!?!?!?

    I am going to order a laptop, I have a budget off £630. i want a gaming laptop that is good for gaming and programming as im a student!! i have come to these 2 laptops, but not sure which is better This one I get £70...
  49. T

    gtx 960m running poorly help.

    i bought a new msi gaming laptop and it has pretty decent gaming specs, but when i ran heaven benchmark 4.0 it was super laggy. it was going around 8fps on normal settings. i expected much more like 25fps high. is there an issue with it? am i using my intel hd 4600 instead? this is really weird...
  50. G

    laptop gpu temperature reached 230 C?!?!

    helllo there , recently i bought gta 4 hoping that it would run on my laptop without any issues but during gta 4 benchmark i saw my laptop gpu temps reaching 230 C !! ( recorded using gpu z ) . Frightened , i shut down my laptop . my laptops mobo plastic should have melted by then , was this a...
  51. Cooler Master

    Please help identify this benchmark/stress test.

    I'm doing some benchmarking before I upgrade. And saw this test in a video but cannot find the damn video... Its basically skyscrapers running horizontally and there is one set at the top and one at the bottom and I think the test is terminated when the fps drops below certain mark. Anyone know?
  52. J

    Benchmarking Software the Requires No Admin Rights?

    I work for a government organization, so by definition our IT policies are atrocious. My office has a mix of computer hardware, purchased over many years, rarely upgraded, etc. My boss has asked me to help prioritize people for tech refresh. The most objective way I could think of was to have...
  53. K

    Laptop performs below average

    Good day, a few days ago (wednesday 29th july, 2015) I bought myself an MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 606. For some reason it came with a drivers disk although the laptop doesn't carry an optical drive, so I had to download the drivers from their website. One of the problems was that not all drivers...
  54. X

    GL551JW max temperature, should be happy?

    I have stress tested my laptop with FutureMark FireStrike (Demo), Intel XTU, and Heaven Benchmark. Monitored with hwinfo64. I'm new to stress and Benchmarking and wasn't sure if all this was needed. I undervolted my i7-4720HQ by -25mV and reached 68-75c in Heaven Benchmark (extreme preset)...
  55. T

    Usefulness of Ackermann-based benchmark?

    Hello, In addition to my interests in all manner of computers, I also am quite interested in mathematics, and I recently discovered a highly recursive mathematical function called the Ackermann function. As you can see in the article, there is a brief mention of this function being a useful...
  56. D

    Unigine Heaven Bench

    I've tried several times in the past few days to install Unigine Heaven benchmark on a new Win7 install and keep getting a "Missing MSVCP100.dll" error. I've uninstalled and re-installed, checked my MSFT Windows repair file for this and still no luck. I've used this in the past on other Win7...
  57. ZeusGamer

    Good OSD Software

    Hi guys, like the title says, I want to download a software that I can see the actual usage of my CPU and GPU while playing games. Are there any good software that can do this? I used to have an AMD card and used RadeonPro. Now I've upgraded to GTX 980 SLI and I'm not sure which one is good...
  58. N

    CPU Benchmarks Wanted

    So I am planning on buying a very cheap laptop so I can use it temporarily, and I was wondering if I would be able to run games like Garry's Mod and other source games in 720p. The laptop I was interested in had these specs: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz 6gb ram not sure what graphics, but I know its...
  59. Rocko1976

    Small and Light Benchmark?

    Are there any small and light benchmarking programs for a laptop? Thanks.
  60. Jdogz427

    How much of an OC do you think i can get

    I was planning on OCing my CPU, and was wondering with my setup how far you think i can push it. i know it depends on the silicon lottery a little, but with my MOBO, cooler, and PSU, how do you think i can do. Also i cannot see the core specific temps on HW monitor, just the package temps, is...